Steem has Achieved the First B+ Grade on Weiss Cryptocurrency Rating

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This is amazing news that Steem is now the highest graded cryptocurrency on Weiss Ratings!


The world is getting to know which crypto is the best :)
Kudos to our community!

Other small details:
ADA went up to B
EOS and NEO went down to B-
BTS went up to B-
ETH kept B-

More details from Weiss

STEEM performs 1.5 mil on-chain transaction per day, which is good. Moreover,

STEEM is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s also a social media platform.

Also, STEEM has no fees, virtually, and user-friendly account name system.
Existence of other applications, such as DTube, is a good side too.

But "whale" issue drags the grade.

Bonus: about ETH

Another issue reflected in our Technology Index is a lack of adequate governance protocols, which are a staple of third-generation blockchains. Instead, the community is reliant on the leadership of one individual, Vitalik Buterin.
Ethereum currently has no such features, as evidenced by a $50 million hack that took place in June 2016 (the DAO hack).



All cryptos are taking a beating as of late, but Steem is weathering the storm much better than most!

The market's reaction is somehow shitty... hopefully they wake up soon... Someone has a link to the complete currency list?

This only shows one thing: that the whole crypto currency business is still dependent on Bitcoin. We're just entering the early stages though, hopefully things will change for the better soon.

Yeah I hope that BTC looses the leader position soon to Ethereum, than to Steem...

I don't like Ethereum either. The only reason Ether's price is somehow stable than BTC is because of the ERC20 token and being one of the main trading pairs. This creates the illusion of value, not to mention the ridiculous Gas fee.

I prefer no leader in this space and let the best tech wins from time to time!

Ridiculous gas fee? It's around 1 gwei atm, should cost you couple cents.

The last time I bought 1 Etherum cost me around 30 cents.

Yes, it was clogged few weeks ago.

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Maybe it's just a couple cents for you but when you convert that couple cents into our local currency, you will begin to notice the significant difference when you compare the Ethereum's ancient tech to today's next-generation and fee-less protocol.

But let us forget about that for a moment. I had a very bad experience with the Ethereum network during the first time I interacted with the EOS smart contract.

Long story short, I lost not only a couple cents but a few bucks already because every time I send an insufficient Gas amount, my transaction will not be processed and there was no refund whatsoever!

I mean, really? It's that easy to grab my money? I was shaking my ass when I heard the news that Kik's CEO has revealed their decision to ditch Ethereum being the dial-up era of blockchain.

Yes, when you use faster cryptos like steem other seem outdated :D

cant see that happening anytime soon. nice thought though

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Yeah, if bitcoin actually gets unseated as the standard, it's going to be a painful process for everyone.

It's going to be a bitter pill to swallow but a necessary event for the whole crypto market to evolve and gets matured. I believe it is only a phenomenon that every one involved has to deal with for us to move forward. It's part of crypto evolution. I don't like the idea of having one currency to dominate the entire market.

Yes .i think bitcoin is still king.and always be king.this is my thinking and can be wrong.

Yep I agree bitcoin will always be king. Most of the time you have to exchange bitcoin to buy the alt coins.

yes i understand , that also mean bitcoin is mother currency,without bitcoin alt is nothing,

I appreciate the part when you say most of the time. It means not all the time!

We have the attention, we have the adoption, we're ahead of the curve!

small pond, big fish makes big waves.

plus news is manipulated beyond comprehension and there are big players striving to crush the market down while they load up.

I follow you ...I hope you also follow me...thank you

The entire crypto is in the shitter right now. It will take time for the dust to settle. Just because STEEM received the highest rating of all cryptos, it's still crypto, and the crypto world is still dependent on BTC.

I know that right now everything is been hammered... but as well I think it takes a few days until this news reaches the majority of investors.

Either Bitcoin is going to recover, or it'll die. Either way, new trading pairs are being added to exchanges, and bitcoin is not going to continue to dictate the market like this.

I think it will not recover this time if it looses the number one spot... The tech of its competitors is much more advanced...

However I feel that Steem is slowly setting itself apart. If Steem followed the same trajectory as Bitcoin's dive it would be worth less than one dollar today. I believe the fact that we're still able to produce this kind of cashflow in such shitty conditions proves the stability that the Steem network is experiencing. Just hold on @schattenjaeger. I believe that there are coming times when Steem will rise while BTC tumbles

Your word in gods ear! We are seeing this effect right now since December...

Agreed. Mexbit, do you think the price of Steem will soon diverge from the price of BTC and the greater cryptocurrency cap? It seems to me that Steem is more than just a crypto, it comes with a community and an amazing website and Dtube and so much more. I feel the value of Steemit and Steem will soon take on a power of their own, and not trade directly along with BTC. : )

In the shitter = Buy Buy Buy! 😉

Sounds like McAfee! Lol

He's still sticking to his bet

I bought some yesterday, is going up now!!!

You think McAfee is gonna eat his ancient piece of dick?

That's the spirit ;) Buy and hodl!

the Whale thing is an issue all over crypto. Right now prices are beimg driven down to a point where the institutional investors are comfy buying in then they will pump the market to their next take profit point. because you know once a real upward reversal hits the FOMO is going to be nuts and we will be reaching new highs.

Hopefully they pump this to 500 USD when they are done... Everybody should sell BTC for Steem and not USD... But the majority of investors today still does not know about Steem and is potential... There are so many cryptos that they get stuck at learning the top ten...

If it went to 500 it would be just about the best thing that ever happened to me!

For sure. That's the beauty of holding. Better yet, the beauty of continuing to invest whenever there's a drop.

The market reaction was positive, 11 days ago, when the information was released.

Steem Jumps on News of Weiss Rating

I think bitcoin is still king .and always be a king.its my thinking and its can be wrong .

Yaay! :)

B+⭐️ It’s just a matter of time before the world catches on to what we are doing here in the STEEM community.

I haven’t been involved that long but all of my crypto attention span is on Steemit!!!!

See you on the moon!💪🏼🌝📈🚀

Yeah brother--see yah there!

yes sir now I am.

I'll remember that. lol.

Moon juice is on me. No doubt! Lol

All I need is the location. Until then I'll stock up on Steempower. lol.

Here's hoping!

never saw as many comments as under this post! all strongly like the news about the fact that STEEM best!

steem B in weiss ratings ......... okyyy
steem add in binance exange ................. okyyyyy
steem to the moon ................... soon ^^

when lambo?

Im actually reading this, while in a steem spaceship, that is on the way, to. the. moon."

hehe yeah right

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Apparently the lunar trip has commenced
Steem is heading for the top
Lets pray it goes smoothly

It can keep getting better man.. up Steemians

STEEM has been number 1 for me for more then a year.

Cardano (ADA) is a cheap copy of @dan 's work, they cannot compete, other then they have more nice clothes and fancy words in their presentation... Dan's creations are the best till date in the whole market, as fare as I know!

I love how steem just keeps rising from the ashes as the underdog like the Eagles win!

Interesting :D

Steem to the moon 🚀 🌝

Is there a publicly available link you can provide?

I am paying for subscription so... No :(

Weiss Rating is part of their paid access report so no.. Unless someone who paid for it is willing to divulge the info, we as freeloaders wont gonna get any info on it.

Did the report specifically say "token distribution inequality"? We do knwo that it's a part of Steem's history that Ned and Dan wont like to talk about.

Steem is the Future...
Newq Agrees...

Nobody got an A+ They're quite strict with their grading.

What are the metrics this actually is graded on?

I think Steemit has "huge potential" and I can see it flying, but there are a lot of issues with it that I see that may deter others from persevering on here. They need addressing for the benefit of everyone.

Now I've been on Steemit a week now and immediately I realised that hitting the right time to put up a post is crucial, and secondly the amount of new posts coming on here give you little chance of getting rewarded - it's too much down to luck and chance and not down to the quality of the post.

That frustrates me, especially in the field I work in, Astrology, as it sometimes takes a few hours of intense concentration to come up with a decent piece of work, which can be posted and swamped on here in minutes, so that nobody discovers it. I want people to read my work, not look and ignore it because the devil is in the detail of what I write, it takes time to read and digest. This platform is great for those who put up a good photo or a quirky GIF, not yet convincing me that it helps serious writers too. Long term, if Steemit really wants to reward those who do good work, the system has to be adapted and the influence of the whales, those who decide who wins on here I think has to be adapted long term. Why not have whales for each subject or topic so that the best in every field of interest has a chance??

Id recommend measuring your efforts in the beginning. Its a good idea to make chapters and keep posts shorts in the beginning in order to maximize exposure without losing content reward.

In Astrology that's difficult, certainly as it is such a technical subject. I don't want to look cheap. I do quality writing and that's what I am known for elsewhere...

Did they changed the previous ratings??? Whats going on do you have any links to your information?

Glad to see they have so much confidence with Steem

Thats great, steem will soon be on top 10 again!

Huh? You might want to say top 1? :D

You are very interactive in the post, I am amazed at your skills ... I hope for your conscience can support me a little thanks.

That's great, very good news for the steem and all the community !

That's great news although I wish it wasn't released in this early feb bloodbath so we'd all get to see the pop from it. I's a buying opportunity.

The way I read this: I we did not have the "whale issues" as they call it, we would be number 1 on their list!

That's great. Make sense that it's the highest since it's been running multiple platforms successfully.

thats very good news for steemians hope price will stable

That's an awesome news. This can't happen without this amazing community. Next to the moon 🌑

Definitely Not

A+ please :D

Well, it's just the truth....i'm not shocked - steem has the best blockchain. Period. It makes Ether drink water.

This is great news for STEEM! I'm currently investing in Ethereum, Monero and Steem! :)

Gonna be green more and more

holy crap, that is huge! next week we shoot for A !! (-:

With this amazing news as well as with the airport taking steem, steem being listed and everything else.

Steem is going to KILL IT!

Thanks for sharing this!

All this shows is that weiss clearly doesn't know what they are doing. Anyone who comprehends the EOS and Cardano blockchains, but gives a higher rating to Cardano is just plain stupid.

I agree. I think all the Larimer chains (eos, bts, steem) will start increasing in ratings, adoption, and price here very shortly. Most investors have no clue what they're doing in this space yet. Whatever. It just gives us more time for us to accumulate, right?

Anyone who comprehends the EOS and Cardano blockchains, but gives a higher rating to Cardano is just plain stupid.

I agree! Even Raiblocks should instead be included somewhere on the list.

Is there any way to see why they've exactly given Steemit a B+ rating? I'd be interested in seeing for what they add or deduct grades.

The rating itself without any explanation doesn't do much for me.

All I had to do was look at their website, see the grades they give to some stocks graded, and know that the grades are essentially meaningless. Bank of America gets a B? Ridiculous. Their B rating won't mean shit when the economy collapses.

Nobody Got an A+ they're quite strict with their grading

thanks @clayop for you information 👍

Do you want to become successful in your life?Don't worry because Steemit is the right place.Am I right guys?

Nice to know they are looking at things carefully!

It's a good sign....

So we cash in the more the word gets

bitcoin is one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itself.... great times to be around....upvote follow resteem.gif

Thats actually a good thing as far off as those ratings may be, they are an indicator of the main stream wall street awareness. Steem is attractive to others outside the crypto realm and will draw them in. This will be their introduction of a functioning blockchain platform. Good reporting!

I hope steemit gets better with feature over time, but this is area news.
Keep steeming!

On what are the grades based on?

Amazing, good post.

I really liked your post but how did you mean the whale issue

Great blogging steemit news excellent post frnd

Steem is going to blow up.

Steem all the way

This makes me feel so good for discovering and being a part of this community. It makes me want to begin to put even MORE effort into being part of the STEEMIT community!

This is very awesome news. People will learn that we have value behind what we do.

Didn't they get my memo that STEEM is not crypto currency it is a GAME?


It's a good game but it sure is not crypto currency

1 Player controls the entire game

Read the article and look at the accounts used to manipulate STEEM

It's a 1 player game


Sure some make crumbs but it's ONE WHALE

Well, I´m quite new here and my main intention/motive was and still is the social media aspect. But it´s interesting to learn - gradually - also about these financial things about it. Thank you for keeping us informed. I´m going to follow you right away! Rolf from the Czech republic

The market will "wake up soon" but not too not want to burst any bubbles. :)

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im glad to hear..i just got started and am banking on this being the new some love

Thats a very good news for steemians.Party is on keep your faith on steem.upvoted is goodnews for steemit

great work and im glad for you,but i cat undearstand how some posts get all that upvotes, best one i had 0.04 maybe, we started we need encouragments from u guys dont be selfish, again im glad for u

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tell those weiss guys to pump a bit.

Steem is the future

Good Post :)

Hey now! Pretty awesome start!

Nyc Post Bro

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Congrats steemit community!!!!

Up voted and followed.
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The community that holds steem is a community of talented and creative minds working tireleesly to achieve one goal"succeed in"The more they put in their indiviuldual creativities and ideas,the better the community and ofcourse the more ROBUST the crypto coin "steem" You succeed ,I succeed and the coin grow rapidly to success.The world is yet to know the potentials of STEEM

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That is awesome. That is so awesome. Steeming to the moon. No, steeming to Mars. No, steeming out of the MILKY WAY. OHHHHHH YEAHHHHH.

this is cool I want to see !!!!A+!!!!

Once the blockchain industry matures, only the coins with good fundamentals and actual usage will be left standing. It's good to see Weiss recognise this - Steem and Bitcoin are the only blockchains actually being used by real people for real utility.

True but there are lot promising coming up. Like ripple and cardano Litcoin etc

Ripple and Litecoin have been around for years, very few are actually using them. Ripple has got some deals going, but very few are using the XRP token. I don't know about Cardano, but I'm willing to bet no one is using it.

I understand speculative value, but the speculation on those vastly outstrips actual value.

If you see coinmarketcap website is above LTC.

There should be some reason xrp and cardano is on number 3 and 4 postion out of all 1400 diff currency.

Cant write everything here but the link of their website show thier projects and goals.

I am willing to invest a little and take a chance.

post to read and understand in

Good post.

congratulation for steem's superiority...i'am just happy when i read this article thanks for it ....i will follow you

Thank you very much for the beautiful and gratifying news.

Amazing and I agree With you

OoOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEE This is such sweet news @clayop. This is going to switch up the game bigtime. This is a very valuable post stunner. Thank you very much..

Do we really need ratings??? I feel this can be manipulated in the wild west!!!

@clayop i hope btc will defeted by ethereum the price is up downing more than i think. from @nasimmd #Rahat

Let's party.... hehehe...

Steem to the 🌙 woow but i have a question tho. Why is the currency not stable yet. I mean why does it go high and low

Steem add in binance exange..... amaging