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Ned is Now on Space Force 1 - New Contest 1k Steem in Prizes !

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Boss @dimimp please kindly review my comment from the link below. Am a new member of the steemje tech team under the leadership of @gutzygwin.

Even as am not happy with the new situation of the community, I humbly request for the liquid steem as long as I remain a member of the steemjet development team under @gutzygwin. Thanks as I await your response.

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I will hire you!

Good day sir @dimimp... I really want to appreciate you for your love and generosity which is indeed second to none. Thank you so much for the STEEM and my promotion to sf2.... I am really and sincerely honored sir @dimimp.
Concerning the assignment you gave me, that is integrating music and dance into a movie.
I wish to inform you that i have been able to come up with a production that carries music and dance all in one movie. With this project I will be working with steemjet music and steemjet dance crew to achieve a music and dance blockbuster movie...CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR THE STORY LINE OF THE MOVIE...
The script is not ready yet due to funds becauses I intend to have a script workshop(bring professionals together to help write the script) and it's part of the 10,000steem budget
This project is going to be on a large scale as singers, rappers and dancers will be trained to become actors.... The project is also aimed to help bring Stem jet talents to limelight....

Budget: the budget for this production is 10,000steem or more if you wish to add due to your benevolence.



Hello Dimimp! I finally got a reason to be active on Steemit. I was sad I got to know you late and I hope it's not too late.

I met two contests and that's good news for me. @dimimp please check my designs out, I hope you love it.

Cool on paper.

This looks dope too.

And here is the plain one.

Dimimp, please let me know if my entry deserves a spot up there.

My meme entry.

Mrs Meflin and Ned on a date.

Ned with the bass guitar.

Dimimp, please I'll like a spot in the space force. I haven't made anything on Steemit since I registered. I'll like to work with you. This logo entries are proofs that I work when there's a zeal to work. You are giving people that zeal.

I await your response Dimimp. Let me know how dope my entries are.

Good day steemjet community.
I want to present to the steemjet community my group of talented dancers.
I want to use this opportunity to showcase our talents to the boss here @dimimp and every member of this community.
I don't think there's any better way to express ones message than through dancing.
That's why we took the name Dancing STEEMIANS
We're here to work for steemjet by dropping more dance videos with any song that is released here on the steemjet community.
For this video we used the steemjet anthem released by the steem CROONERS
For this video there were expenditures incurred though.
An estimate of 500steem were used in getting

  • matching costumes
  • in paying for video coverage
    -we also used up money for video editing (which we'll be dropping the new video soon)
    -we also used up money in paying for dance tutorials
    I must say we had to get the best dance Teachers available, because we have to be our best to give the best to steemjet.
    Thanks dimimp if you can support us in anyway you can.

Thank you @dimimp. I will do just hats best for the growth of the community.

SteemJet Records 1.png

Hello kind sir @dimimp. As promised, here is my entry for the SteemJet Records contest.

Thank you for this opportunity. Hope you like it!!


hello dimimp, these are my entries for the steemjet records logo contest, I hope I'm not coming in late. I have been busy working on my other project for steemjet,

That is ; the @Steemjetcartoons





Hello steemjet and hello dimimp
It is a known fact that the steemjet in flying in the direction where it is in search of talented dancers.
Here is a video I made for steemjet, dancing to the steemjet anthem by the STEEMCROONERS.
I'm starting small, but I know steemjet is a land of opportunity.

And I hope to make it big here.

I may have ran into some costs during the production of this video but I know every penny is for the best.

And I Would be glad to work for you sir on the space force.


. @dimimp, probably, you might have missed it but I had to present the case of @chri5h , an active member of the steemjet spaceforce technical team and he is yet to receive a spot on the ranks. I do ask on his behalf to add him on d ranks and the payroll as a steemjet member.. He has been incredible and amazing.... Thanks for listening boss.

SF Project/Dev Manager - @Gutzygwin