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DISCLAIMER: I am not a trading professional and you could get absolutely rekt by following my advice, please do so at your own risk.

Like @kevinwong righfully stated on his post, today is the end of the first big wave of 3 month power downs.

I took a quick look at the current rich list and I found that most of the big dumpers have gone or their stash has been greatly reduced.

Apart from the fact that most non-believers have gone, we also have hardfork 17 coming up and a lot of positive changes will be introduced.

To top it all off, I have seen a lot of support in the $0,085 – $0,09 cents range.

I am however cautious about other big holders starting their power downs now as there should be less selling pressure, so keep an eye open and your trigger orders ready.


Another crypto trading tip: Buy Litecoin & Vertcoin and ride the segwit speculation wave

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I hope Steem has bottomed out now. I'm not cashing out, but a better price would help confidence in it. Steemit will keep working anyway


Free market should find its way!


The free market has a tendency to go its own way. That may not be the way you would like :)

The coming weeks will be volatile for Crypto.
Dash may pop, or continue to go up, Bitcoin could go either way too, Steemit has been depressed but I hope it will turn around soon. A flood of cash out of bitcoin could end up in STEEM.


I think Dash will Pop, I admit I did not see that pump coming.

Bitcoin will be very volatile, it could go down depending the ETF result, but I do not expect it to go lower than previous lows ($800).

I would stay away from lifecoin and vertcoin due to bad wealth distribution.


I decided to get absolutely rekt and got me some steem.