Steemit the #2 Most Popular Crypto Site In The World (Jan 2019)

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Hey Steemians

I happened to come across this interesting graphic from the peeps at data light stating that in January 2019 Steemit was the second most popular cryptocurrency site in the world with 5.5 million visits.

I assume this doesn't include people who use dApps like @esteemapp, or @partiko so it makes it all the more impressive that we're beating out the likes of exchanges like Binance and Kucoin in a bear market.

If the site is so popular in a downturn how popular will it be if we can continue to show steady growth going forward? Just thought id share this to give steemians a little bit of good news for the week! Don't be so hard on yourself this Valentine's day, let someone be hard on you!

Check out their insights on steemit here -

Source: datalight

Where the hell does come from?

My reason for this post is to ask how is more popular than steemit? It seems to be a sort of dTube alternative. How did this video sharing platform become so big? Have you ever heard of it? Do you use it? What are the rewards like?

What is data light?

DataLight is a web-portal that offers a wide range of data on assets, where the user can configure the visualize blockchain data according to the data they need and find relevant insights for studies and improved tactical approaches.

Datalight offers users:

  • complete and relevant data in an aggregated form;
  • asset valuation model with more than 250 parameters;
  • a regular release of analytic materials;
  • assets and market ratings

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