Steem needs you to help

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Hello Steemians, hope everyone is doing well.

Some of you may know this already, but this short post is for those who have not participated yet of this amazing opportunity. As I type this, STEEM is in #2 position to win a contest and get listed on a company who is a leader in the cryptocurrency space.

All you need is an email

Registering is quick and painless and the whole thing should take a couple of minutes. You can vote once every 24 hours, so remind yourself to do so, set a timer, set a reminder of your phone, but don't let this opportunity slip through your hands.

If you are wondering why you should care, it's very simple: The more exchanges STEEM is on, the more valuable STEEM becomes. This means that this blockchain can have more users, and more use cases, which both are important for the long term success of STEEM.

I got wind of this last night, and have done my part of course. But I hope that all the readers of this blog feel empowered and inspired to participate of this too. Long story short, if we make this a reality we all win.

So go here:


As you can see we are very close to taking over the first place, so this is the time to get excited and inspired.

Wishing you all the best



I'll see what I can do to participate. It would be great for all of us if that happened, if the value of Steem increased due to the increase in the exchange of this cryptocurrency.

Everything that can be done to make that happen must be done.

And it will be. Regards

Yes brother @chbartist! I have voted yesterday. I wrote an steamblog about it yesterday and oracle-d voted me. I got 1$ from his vote.
1 question. Can I vote after 24 hours? and write steem blog and get vote like yesterday?

I believe that yes, I have done many tests after the changes but the most important friend is not to forget what I am always trying to transmit to all of you. Vote among you if you give the effort to make comments that do not look like spam .... LOL .... Spirit of community remember that. I always support everyone who gives this effort in this blog is only you look at my upvotes in the comments. Some people criticize me that I am generous or that I am buying people. That is a small thought of these people and I do not care because what is important is the truth that is inside of me. They continue to support each other

Hi @chbartist i have voted in the morning today. I have been voting since last 4 days daily. I resteemed this post so that more people vote steem. Hv a grt day.

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Done voting! Will continue to support. Thanks

The gap is getting narrower
Well done all who voted and continue to vote every 24 hrs

I'm voting daily for Steem, we are on top sir, hope that we will win this battle. Thank you sir for alarming

Thank you for your words! Regards!

Thanks for walking with us in struggle of listing steem on netcoin. I really appreciate. I have done my vote 3 times and will put my 4th vote after 3 hours.

Thanks @chbartist, You can visit me here @coolguy222 ,it will be appreciated.

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It's a time for we to prove to steem we love steem.
Voted and we presently need 295 votes to be in line with PAC coin.

I'm trying to vote for Steem every day. This is evidence for today. Steem has a very strong community. Wishing Steem to lead on Netcoins !!! Love Steem !!!


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Count me in as always. Thanks for the update.

Nice one, I'am gonna vote today after back from work

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I voted for steem. We are at the one position!

Probably my last vote for the contest before it ends tonight. I hope STEEM stays in pole position and none of the competing tokens cheat to surge past at the last minute. Cheers!Screenshot_2018-10-20 Coin Listing Contest.png
Voted, Steem is leading now
5926 Votes
5886 Votes

done voting for the fifth time! Let's win this together Steemians!

great post to show support to steem.. I never missed a day to vote :)

@chbartist sir, here is my first vote

this is my 2nd vote !
vote 2.jpg
and here is my 3rd one !

and going to vote my 4th one soon ! haha!

I love steem so much and I can do anything for its success!
Steem to moon!

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My 5th vote for steem.

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