I bought a new Mobile Phone..

in #steem5 years ago

Vivo v15 Pro which has approximately 8 GB of ram and 128 ROM like wtf man....

To be completely honest this cell phone is a machine in itself.

It has every feature that makes it a great mobile phone .

Also, it was the only reason I was not active here on steemit for the last 3 days..
Like my daily schedule has become very hectic along with short mornings and much more..

Also, this is the first ever time that I am writing on E-Steem .

But I am experiencing crashes in my first attempt itself lol...
Maybe Partiko was better than this ..

If anyone from esteem team is reading this then please Take note that whenever I press this .


The app crashes
. which means I can't use lists while drafting a post :)


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