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RE: HF20 Update: Hardfork Complete

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What the heck steemit inc.??
The network is basically dead, only empty blocks for like 17 hours now:

And you re like "great success" ???

1 mln SP is not enough to make any transaction. Why are you keep saying "small SP holders" when the problem is clearly not related to the amount of SP? 99.99% of users cant use the network now, no mater how much SP they have.

And then the voting power bug. Lots of dapps and investors will lose money and you re like "well, yeah, wait 5 days - fixed, lol"

I can understand a fuck up but calling it a success? You should clreatly state that the bug with negative RC affects basically every user and is not related to any "equilibration" but a fucked up code.


I could not agree more. I upvoted onece in 3 days because I was out of town. I come back to no power to do anything. I am now waiting for my SP to disapear as well. Looks like these clowns did not do much testing before they went live. I cannot upvote your comment because they took away all my voting power. Normall I never let it get below 80% . Now I am in the 20%.

I agree. This wasn't a little error, this was an order of magnitude error.

As an example, yesterday i was at NEGATVE 16 quadrillion
today i am at postive 400 billion.

And, although i have 1.5 MVests (not big / not small) i am draining my mana too fast from my replies.
I manually vote, and manually reply after reading the post. I should have no problem.
I should be above 90% mana at all times.
But, my mana is only going down. It should be replenishing faster than i use it.

(and then the voting disaster... i don't know what to do there. Not vote for 4 days?)

At least your RC max_mana is “correctly” (as apparently designed) a million times your Vests. Some accounts being lower (than designed?) such as for example only1 13347 times Vests thus making the site entirely unusable. I do not think the devs[tinker-tots] are aware of this bug.

1 I.e. million ÷ 13347 = 75 times less RC than potentially designed!

EDIT: see the reply from @smooth. WTF?! Yeah I figured that might be the case (the pattern is obvious across numerous accounts). Yet I was hoping they’re not that conniving, i.e. that it would be a bug. Alas they’ve decided to enslave pending power down STEEM POWER (SP) in 13 weeks (6.5 weighted average) of inactive purgatory w.r.t resource credits (RC) before it’s actually powered down![note second clarifying reply from @smooth]

Tinker-tots are more incompetent than Murdoch and Marissa Mayer combined (shudder).

FYI only one week of power down (1/13) is inactive. The reason for this is to preserve consistency of RC mana status between SP and STEEM. Liquid STEEM is considered fully-charged so that when you power up you get RC mana credit immediately. SP by contrast is in a variable state of charge depending on recent usage. In order to ensure that liquid STEEM is fully charged when it powers down (and avoid double spend exploits), it has to remain inactive for a period of time prior to power down. Fixing this period at 7 days is an implementation convenience.

Can hardly post....

You have to subtract the pending vesting withdraw installment before calculating RCs, which takes the account down to almost nothing, so the very low max RC is correct.

Vesting withdraw rate 1,785,191.628750 VESTS
Next vesting withdrawal "in 6 days"

Considering the size and scope of the upgrade it was a relative success. (post updated to remove "success")

We are only having troubles doing actions using the public facing websites like The decentralized part of the network is working fine in the back.

Working good for me

Right, after 24 hours not being able to do anything you are now here with 30% Voting Power. Great that you like how it went.

Not perfect yet I will stay positive and hope for quick solutions.

Crazy, why would they think to start RC and voting power at 0?? Why not start it at the previous value (convert to percent).