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RE: @tipU Voting Service Update: STEEM MONSTERS Lottery Added!

in #steem6 years ago

I don't know why post value is so low :) Have you tried using more SBD for the @tipu upvote? Can you give me an example?

Also are you aware that post value is also determined by STEEM price, which is low at the moment and it's really not @tipu fault ;)


I sent 0.7 to tipu but vote value is 0.80

Have you noticed that the vote was done at around 1 minute mark so 97% of @tipU curation reward will also go to the post author? I'm sorry that @tipU does not give huge upvotes for little SBD but this is how STEEM the economy currently works.

Also @tipU upvotes with 10% profit which is stated everywhere and it also applies to this upvote.

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