Changing your Steem recovery account and creating new accounts

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So this is quite a hot topic now, considering Steemit Inc had most of it's technical staff resign and slowly services are dropping out that were part of it. I will say this has been covered in far more technical detail with additional references here

For me the first rule of account recovery is...don't need account recovery. Look after your keys, use only your posting key unless the active key is absolutely required. Where possible use the Keychain plugin for Chrome browser.

Keeping your keys safe is crucial, but so is being able to access them if needed - so you need to store them somewhere where hackers can't find them but you can. Being old and a bit potty I prefer to print out all my keys on a piece of paper..and then store it under the squeaky floorboard behind the kitchen dresser. Now obviously if a hacker manages to geolocate my house, fly to the UK from whatever part of the world they live in, break into my house which is occupied 24/7 by my family who are far more fierce then a pack of Pit Bull's forced to listen to the Ketchup Song for 12 hours straight (Friday night it's party time
Feeling ready looking fine,
Viene diego rumbeando,
With the magic in his eyes)
They could actually steal my keys from under the squeaky floorboard - but that is a risk I'm willing to take.

There are many ways to securely store these keys so you can get at them when needed, but relying on them being in your Steem Account isn't one of them - because once you accidentally leak a key and someone takes over your account - you can't get at any of the other ones you need. So while you are thinking about it now, extract all those keys and store them somewhere safe, or if you are Mensa material just memorise each one.

But what to do if the unthinkable happens and you loses your keys and someone hacks your account? Then you need recovery - and if like me you left that at default it's @steem which is no help at all anymore -_-

Thankfully you can change your recovery account to anyone, so think of a friend, who you can rely on because you need to be able to get in touch with them within 30 days of loosing your account.

Screenshot 20200311 at 22.32.08.png

Here you can see using that my account recovery is still @steem - oh no I'm actually just giving my Steem away to hackers. Fortunately also makes it super easy to change this account.

Screenshot 20200311 at 22.35.42.png

By clicking Change Recovery Account I can choose someone I trust and I know I can regularly contact

Screenshot 20200311 at 22.35.50.png

Here you need to give either your private owner key or use steemconnect. As a rule pasting your keys into things is not a great idea - unless you are 100% sure the site you are pasting then into is legitimate - there are way too many phishing scams. Ideally Steem Keychain is the best way to safely store and use your keys, but it will take a while for all dapps and sites to make use of it fully.

Once you successfully change your account recovery, it will take some time to show up on - if you want to confirm it went through go to and enter your account

Screenshot 20200311 at 22.39.52.png

It will then show up in your transaction list.

This will ensure that if you need to recover your account, you can be in touch with someone that can help you. There is still a lot of work to do after that - but hopefully you won't ever need to do that - because you take good care of your keys don't you...

On Boarding Accounts

The other question I am seeing a lot is about creating accounts, there are actually many ways you can create accounts including again using if you have enough resource credits

Screenshot 20200311 at 23.31.14.png

Once you claim an account you do not need to create it, you can just store claimed accounts and create new ones when someone needs one

Screenshot 20200311 at 23.31.36.png

If you do it this way, the account will have 0 Steem Power and so will not be able to do anything on the Steem Blockchain - so the new owner either needs to be happy to pay for some steem to Power Up or you would need to delegate some of your Steem Power to them so they can start making transactions.

@steemmonsters will sign up accounts and you can pay for the account in various ways including Pay Pal, allows account sign ups and also

It's easy to change your account recovery and have piece of mind, and we have more then enough ways to open new accounts on the Steem Blockchain. All you need to do is look for the alternatives. And one of the easiest is which is coded and entirely funded by @steemchiller - it costs way more to keep his website running then he get's back in post rewards - and I'm happy to support him by setting 50% of this post rewards to go to him and his work on

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Thanks for this guide. But I still have one question. Can I put the recovery account on a second account of mine?

Yes, you can certainly recover to another of your own accounts. In fact I thought I’d doing that myself originally. There is also a very good theory you should have one account you just use to hold your powered up Steem - and just delegate to your day to day accounts from it. That account you would hardly use so you can keep the keys super safe and it’s adds an extra layer of protection.

Thats an awesome idea!

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Awesome thank you both 👍🏽

Sorry if my question sounds silly, but I don't understand fully what would the recovery account do..? What would be the action of Saffisara to help you recover your account ? Do you give her your keys...?

Recovering account is quite complicated the full information is in the post by ausbitbank I linked. Basically if your account is hacked and someone changes your keys do you can not get in, the recovery account you set can use your previous key that did work to reset that most recent key change and give you a new set of keys to get back into your account. But it has to be done within 30 day’s of you last using your keys - so you need the recovery account to be someone you know you can get hold it quickly when needed.

Ooh ...but why could a recovery account do what we could not do ..? I mean, if they get a new set with our old keys, why can we not do it instead or having someone making that for us..? I confess I'm lost 😉

Well you give the recovery of that account to that person....

I don't know about you but... I ain't giving anybody my recovery keys. Even steemit inc. As you see you can't thrust company's either... I just changed the recovery keys to No one so it can't get hacked or taken away.. never ever use your owner key only just to change your keys. Don't store them on any cloud or internet connected device. Double store them make a backup. If your house burned down. (You could etch it in metal or stone)

Money, women and secrets you can't trust that with anyone.

Great advice here. I once had to recover my account. Courtesy of a phisher. Hopefully never again. Recovery account updated.

Yes hopefully never needed, but better safe then sorry and having an working recovery account is always going to be a big help!

Thanks for the info, @c0ff33a! Take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Thank you for calling by and leaving a lovely comment 🤗

I hope I never have to recover my account. 😊

Me too, but better have it set to recover to someone that can do it instead of a now defunct account!

Outstanding information! I am resteeming this, putting it on Twitter as well! Thanks, @c0ff33a! You are a real mensch!

Awesome thank you Dan

Thanks for the heads up on all this @c0ff33a. Very helpful !!

Thank you very much, hopefully recovery account is never needed


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