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RE: Changing your Steem recovery account and creating new accounts

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Sorry if my question sounds silly, but I don't understand fully what would the recovery account do..? What would be the action of Saffisara to help you recover your account ? Do you give her your keys...?


Recovering account is quite complicated the full information is in the post by ausbitbank I linked. Basically if your account is hacked and someone changes your keys do you can not get in, the recovery account you set can use your previous key that did work to reset that most recent key change and give you a new set of keys to get back into your account. But it has to be done within 30 day’s of you last using your keys - so you need the recovery account to be someone you know you can get hold it quickly when needed.

Ooh ...but why could a recovery account do what we could not do ..? I mean, if they get a new set with our old keys, why can we not do it instead or having someone making that for us..? I confess I'm lost 😉

Well you give the recovery of that account to that person....

I don't know about you but... I ain't giving anybody my recovery keys. Even steemit inc. As you see you can't thrust company's either... I just changed the recovery keys to No one so it can't get hacked or taken away.. never ever use your owner key only just to change your keys. Don't store them on any cloud or internet connected device. Double store them make a backup. If your house burned down. (You could etch it in metal or stone)

Money, women and secrets you can't trust that with anyone.