Thursday Throwdown #4 | All SBD earned on this post goes to advertise Steemit!

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Hi everyone!  This is the 4th episode of the #thursdaythrowdown.  I will show you the results of the advertising campaign and our current CoinMarketCap advertisement fund! 

What is the Thursday Throwdown?

The Thursday Throwdown is a weekly post where I take all of the Steem Dollars and spend them to help Steemit grow!  I spend half of the Steem Dollars on a Google Adwords or CoinAd campaign,  and the other half go into an Ethereum account I own until we reach the minimum amount to advertise on CoinMarketCap ($20,000).

Last week's results:

Last week's post payed out about 8 Steem Dollars which would have put about $20  into the CoinMarketCap ad fund and $20 to the Google Adwords advertisement.

I overspent on both as my own personal contribution to this initiative.

We received over 1200 clicks to Steemit and over 26,000 people saw the advertisement!  Here are some screenshots of the Google Adwords stats:

I also forgot to post last Thursday,  but I was still running the ad all of last week too.  I just spent out of pocket to do this!  Here is a look at the stats for the last 14 days:

Here is a look at the Ethereum holding address balance:

As you can see,  this project is going well,  and it is just getting started!  Make sure to upvote all that you can to help more people reach Steem!  Spread this project around because the more this post makes each week,  the more people will learn about Steem! 

Donate to the CoinMarketCap Advertisement fund by sending Ethereum to this address:


To the moon,


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What does the ad say? Are you trying to get them to sign up? Is it more of a branding campaign? What keywords are you optimizing for? Thanks for the hard work!! I appreciate what you’re doing for Steemit!!


Wish you best of luck to reach your goal..

anything that helps to advertise steemit more power to you, keep up the good work, cheers!

This is selfless @bwells. Your commitment and result shows that you are doing a great job. I just added my support by voting for your post.


Thanks @stojay007! I appreciate the kind words, and hope to see you back every Thursday to help promote Steem!


It's really great man! I'm interested and shaking from excitement! lol
can't wait to see what you gonna do next :)


Sure. I'll be on the lookout for your posts. I just followed you so that I won't miss any of your posts in the future.

Upvoted. Let's keep growing!

You are actually doing a lot of positive things to the platform, the fact that you used your personal money in setting some things up, that's very noble of you...we need more users like you on the platform ... I wish I could do more 🐟🐟😩....But I'm just a minnow ... hopefully , very soon I will be able to support you better !!!
To the moon,


Thanks @kay1. I am glad to have you as a follower, and I appreciate the support.

Keep working hard and you can do anything that you can put your mind to!


Wow ""I am glad to have you as a follower"" this is probably the best sentence anyone have said to me since I came on the platform , even the reply I had from jerrybanfield wasn't this great 😁😁😁😁 hahahah ... no offense jerry!!!!..... thanks for the kind words @bwells

You are amazing because like to give something to others ,,, hopefully your day is always happy
I am happy to know you.

Facebook will die soon!

that's really great post @bwells . thanks for sharing good post. i like your post to much

what an excellent and interesting initiative, although I am new to this crypto, I am interested in knowing much more about this topic, how do you invest what you earn and where can I find information regarding this topic?

I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

I think what you're doing is very right. in fact not wrong at all.

This post has received a 17.78 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @bwells.

This is a great idea! Did you come up with it yourself?

wow more awesome work once again this is really great effort by you :)

I have little time in steemit. It's a challenge to live in steemit. Especially when I have to locate in different populations and languages ​​and crenecias and many indicators

Thats a pretty awesome idea! Are you able to get stats from clicks and all that from the google ads movement too?

Bro, thanks so much for helping Steem and new users of Steem grow!

This and your Weekly Wednesday Feature are a couple of the best projects on Steem!

Keep up the good work bro!

With this generosity you had, I could not resist upvote for your post. I appreciate the efforts you always inject in promoting steemit. Thanks so very much.

Extraordinary work and the results of this are superb :)

Always great to see your work buddy the result and the cpc is great :)

I appreciate your work , well done mate .

Nice results you got bro amazing mind genius :)

@bwells - great job in the Steemit advertising project! This is a good example of Steemians giving back to the community! Keep up the awesome work... upvoted!


I'm coming up with a strategy to use STEEM to fund my non profit initiative (Resurrect Africa Initiative).

The target on this platform will be $150,000 or more if possible.

The mission of the initiative includes:
-Funding Start up.
-Helping the economy by boosting local content production/consumption.
-Providing basic amenities such as water, electricity, clothes, food/SME for less privileged.
-Helping with scholarships for poor families, etc.

These projects will be taken gradually, starting from South-eastern Nigeria and spreading to other regions (because we have limited support and finances).

Steemit will be listed as a sponsor of this initiative thereby making it very easy to register thousands of people in a few months and millions in the near future as part of the projects of Resurrect Africa Initiative.

I need ideas on how to make it a success @bwells ; any tips?

Keep up the good work Sir.

Grateful for all your hard work on this

it was very nice to read this information, thanks

Love this! Please check my account also. Thank you in advance!😍😘💕✈️💙

Congratulations, good job, we stay in touch

Upvote and follow you!

this is what i need great post lets keep growing together by upvoted :D

Upvoting with my minnow steem power. :D

You are doing a great job advertising Steemit. Keep it up.


very good ad

Wow, what a generosity.

a great initiative on your part, I already put my two cents with my vote

To the moon and beyond !