Steem experiment: Burn post #95

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Burn post for April 20. Rules

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I'm not understanding the purpose of this, other than to run up rewards.

So much money and no value... that is real shame


Did you read rules?


Now I have, where is the value?


All rewards will be burned to @null. This will reduce STEEM supply.

SBD: sent to @null if SBD is trading at or below 1 USD. Otherwise, traded on internal market for STEEM, which is powered up and treated as SP above.

This will also help SBD price back to $ 1.

Proof of burn

Author reward 328.120 SBD and 87.361 STEEM POWER for burnpost/steem-experiment-burn-post-95

Sold 328.120 SBD for 269.340 STEEM on internal market

Power up of 269.340 STEEM since SBD > $1 (+0.001 donation)

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @burnpost , thank you for sharing.

Why do people send permlinks to the @null account? What does it do?

very steady

Post steem brun is good👍

You got a 6.67% upvote from @cabbage-dealer courtesy of @crassus!
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What is this?

Burn post (WTF)

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Congratulations @burnpost!
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Congratulations @burnpost!

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