Steem experiment: Burn post #93

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Burn post for April 18. Rules

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Still not sure what this is all about.


The point is post rewards are meant to be burnt from this post, reducing the supply of steem. However, they are actually delegated away to other accounts. You can read the rules provided but to me I don't see it as burning rewards at all.


The burning will occur upon power down as explained in the rules.


nice to look at...bravo


good greetings steem community I am new to this. It looks interesting but I do not really understand what it is about I would like to help


The principle is that you when you burn the supply of a coin the price will go up since there less coins availlable in the market ( Marketcap is the price of the coin multiplied by the circulating supply ) so if the circulating supply is a bit smaller but the demand is still the same so that drives the price up.
but here is good article I found explaining it more in detail.

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Correct. Also in this case the SBD from the post is used to literally buy STEEM, so it is directly acting to increase the price (in addition to the indirect effect from fewer coins)

Great post! ;) lol

Are we supposed to upvote this? Burning rewards sounds bad. Could you donate them to some newbies?

Proof of burn

Author reward 336.935 SBD and 95.423 STEEM POWER for burnpost/steem-experiment-burn-post-93

Sold 336.935 SBD for 269.549 STEEM on internal market (+0.424 comment reward)

Power up of 269.549 STEEM since SBD > $1

Hello, good publication, I am new on the platform, regards.

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Sorry. Am I the only one didn't get this?


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It takes a smart person to decode this. Nice one.

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your great burn post sir.

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Sometimes you have to bring Artistic eye to understand an image

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I wish I could burn one.


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Stay strong.

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I am surprised how you are earning hundreds on such a simple picture. I would love to be your student..

How can i participate to this? sorry i don't understand it. can anyone explain? thanks

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A great power will make global change, I believe that steem will dominate the global market, and we will be the winners later, thanks @bormpost for what has taught me to continue to burn the spirit to be great.
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Just started using steemit i saw this in the main page it emediately caught my attention it is so good

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Did you read rules?

Why not make these posts decline rewards and have a comment for votes so they don't take over the trending page

Oh my God, That's tooooo hot.


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