Thunder Curator spreads the wealth

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It’s no mystery that crypto currency remains a new concept for many people so spreading the knowledge in this fragile stage is vital to its success.

@entrepreneur916 also known as @thundercurator is extremely passionate about spreading the knowledge and wealth. He’s a firm believer in the idea that EVERYONE can have a peice of the pie but more importantly, EVERYONE can be heard.

We are the most intelligent species in the world and it’s vital that we share our knowledge with each other. There are SO MANY things on so many different topics that we can learn by sharing it with others.

Today we had a meeting with a representative for our time share here in Las Vegas and rather then spending our breakfast speaking about our ownership we’re educating her in how Steemit works and how much everyone could benefit from her knowledge. She’s a professor that teaches development and programming and also holistic health.


As Thunder’s wife I am extremely grateful to be married to a man that works so hard to help and educate others to help them succeed!


It was great to meet you and ThunderCurator this weekend! So much fun! I hope to work on your photos soon...

Yeah, most of us are part of the "most intelligent species in the world", except for maybe that "Alaska is a country" girl you talked about, hahahaha! I'm still laughing about that. Cheers!

Hi Scott! Oh my gosh, I can’t expresss to you how grateful I am to have met you. You are such a happy and genuine person, I feel honored to call you our friend. I know Jake got the photos so once we make it home from the long drive we’ll take a look! I can’t wait!!!

Honored to call you guys friends as well! If your travels ever bring you to Tahoe be sure to hit me up. Glad you got the photo link. Have a save trip home!

rob chen 50px.png Hi Angela!!!!

It was fun meeting you and Jacob! :D Looking forward to spending more time together in the future!!

P.S. What kind of bees like milk? LOL

I had such an amazing time meeting you guys!!! I can’t wait to see your project explode! You guys deserve every ounce of success you have coming to you and I can’t wait to be a part of it and cheer you on!! Boobies!!! 🤣 Best.Joke.Ever!

rob chen 50px.png Aww thank you Angela! You and Jacob are awesome! :D

So awesome that your guys shared you time and knowledge to spread the word!

Absolutely! Thank for bringing us all some amazing relaxation and positive manifestation. I’m so excited to see more of your work!

I love seeing your passion and your genuine support for each other. It's really profound!

I don’t know how I missed this comment! Yes I love him to pieces! How’s your hand feeling??

a great place to hang out with friends.
may we succeed in steemit

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