SCAM ALERT !!! Scammers Tricking you to Hijack your Steemit Accounts | Be Aware Be Safe

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Hey Steemians,

This is something, I have encountered yesterday. I was amazed to see what is going on and how few people are tricking Steemians to Hi-Jack their accounts.

Our Steemit accounts are not just something that holds money for us but It's also an asset, We put a lot of hard work to get it grow to make potential followers and not to mention the hard work done behind the reputation.

Loosing your steemit account means you are losing your whole identity on the network at least in my personal opinion.

My cousin @honeychum, he loves to write stories and I must say he's pretty good at it. Just yesterday, he finished writing an episode of a story he's writing from past month named "JIHAD". I was sitting right next to him when all of this happened.

Someone left a comment that he has copied all the content from a source and provided the following link:

This link leads us to the following page:

It looks exactly like, you are on steemit but if you look closely on the link it's ""
Since, is technically just HTML files linked to steem blockchain and anyone can actually create a site like on let's say and it would run exactly like it's on

Strangest thing was, this page was asking for login details of steemit account in order to read the full post. Which looked scammy to me.

To make ourself sure. First, We looked up the username @felixjaspr on steemit but that doesn't exist. So, i removed the post URL and try to open the profile on "". which led us to the following page:

It became clear to us that this is a scam. Trick was to tease him with his own content by challenging that he copied his content from a source by providing a link. And when he visits that link, It asks for steemit account details. One you put your username and password. Your account is gone forever. As there is no password recovery options on steemit.

We need to stay alert from the scams happening these days. People will find new ways to hack/steal your money. But on steem they are not just stealing your money they are also stealing your identity on the network.

Person, who commented on the post, removed the comment after a couple of hours. I am sorry to say, but I was not able to take a note of the username for now.

I made this post to let other people know about, how some scammers on steemit are trying to take away your accounts. If you guys face similar issues in near future. I request you to make a post about it and let others be aware.

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Thanks for sharing the world about the ongoing scams. I've got us browser extensions made to prevent this kind of attacks. Steemed Phish works 10/10 and I got a warning as soon as I opened the phish.

[ Powered by Steem ] Browser extension to prevent phishing scam attempts

Help us spread the word as far as you can!


@runicar Thank you for this input, I believe this would be really very helpful.


it is, as it's almost impossible to get scammed when using it :)

Thank you for the heads up. I have gotten to the point where I don’t click any links. Unless from one of my few trusted comrades.


I have come to understand that there is no place in the face of the earth that scamers would no like to sneak in. Just imagine even in Steemit some people are still trying to steal from their fellow steemians. This is very annoying to hear.


@meritigbunu This happens all the time, we just need to be aware and stay alert.

Ohhh that was so weird that people using phising site to hack steemit account . I agree with and people should always careful about the link address while they are going to put there password.
Thanks for creating awareness !!!
Supporting you and resteemed your post.


Thank you for your support @jayed007 I really appreciate this.


You're always welcome for your great job. @bunnychum Keep it up.

Thanks for the heads up!
Everyone must be very aware that steemit accounts are a valuable thing, so they are a target for theives. ALWAYS check before entering your account keys...or you could lose everything (as many have).
Always look for the HTTPS (meaning secure) and of course steemit is ONLY One other point their are scammers out there using fake (non HTTPS) Steemconnect too. BE VIGILANT everyone.


@pqlenator thank you, that was the whole point of making this post, to make people aware whats going on. This can happen to anyone out there.

Yeah many people are out there trying to steal or hijack accounts and want to steal money. Thats not a good sign. These type of things should not happened here. Its so good of you to alert all of us from that . Thankyou so much


@tulhachouhdry thank you for your support.


No problem

@bunnyChum... Thanks for the awareness... The link looks insecure at first glance... People are just too selfless to have thought about that kind of concept in stealing people's account.


I think you meant to say selfish, not selfless...but I got what you meant.


Yh.. Thanks

We have to be super aware at the moment
Sadly I am allready seeing reports of people I follow that fell into this trap, I hope this will all blow over in due time, or it could be the downfall of Steemit in the making
Sad sad greed is everywhere these days!
Thanks for the headsup 👍


@cryptocatz It's not just steem but, this is happening with most of cryptos out there. People know that crypto knows no chargeback. Once it's gone it's gone. Since we are in the beginning era of this technology, we need to be extra cautious.

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thank you for this post , @bunnychum . People like me know nothing of technology and easy prey for scammers.
I did not know @honeychum is your cousin. Although the "chum" connected you both in my head :D . Honeychum is an awesome writer. I hope his money is safe.
Thank you for alerting :)


Thank you @nehab for appreciation, This is a sad truth, people find new ways to scam you or steal your money. It's just we need to be alert all the time while using our login details by clicking on a link.
and Yes, @honeychum is my cousin. :)


Very true 😊

thanks for sharing this info..we should be vigilant and alert to scrupulous elements who wanna steal from innocent people.. we gonna stay safe.. @bunnychum


@empopson this is the major reason I requested everyone to make a post is this happens. We need to point these scammers to everyone.

Thanks for letting us know...


you're welcome @khanaasim

ALWAYS check the address when you log ANYWHERE.

Thank You @bunnychum

Thanks for the alert


@jacksonoskele you're welcome

Thanks for sharing this every post..

WARNING! A link in this post by @bunnychum leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.


@guard I would like you to review my post, I have mentioned my experience on it and tried to aware my fellow users, not to click on the links like these...


Maybe you should deactivate the link to the site.
So nobody can click the link... But everyone sees, what´s going on?

I appreciate this information. I have felt so safe on Steemit but now that I have taken a look around I see that there are those who want to game the system. And now this. What a miserable thing to try to do.

it's so bad.some of my friends are cheated by scammers.steemit family should bring some rules and punishment for them.they try to spoil our happy steemit life.

I have also seen many such spam comments on various posts, the only way to fight with them is to flag so that they have zero visibility.

Thank you for that!
As always... when money comes in the game, people become "creative"...

Entering your Account-Information is always something where you should stay alerted.
Watch out and have a good time!

Let´s kick the scammer´s balls!


The best way to avoid being scam is to verify links before trying to access it.

thx dude for the warning for us

Thanks @bunnychum for making us aware or this. Previously they hacked one of my friend's account robbed all his wallet SBDs but good enough he appealed to steemit inc earlier and it was restored back to him.

Surely we ought to be very careful and senstive while online.

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Thanks for the great information. We just need to be alert all the time.

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫
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Thanks for this great information.

ay Dios,quedé impactada ya uno no sabe que hacer ,gracias por la información

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@upgoat Please consider the post content. It's not abuse


It's unfortunate, but hard to argue with a bot. It's obvious to humans that you post isn't SPAM or abuse.


Some advice - perhaps make the scammer's link a screenshot?


@furious-one thank you for considering my request. I do think your advise is very valuable. I should consider posting scam links in a screenshot

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That was also my idea I just shared.
It´s just less dangerous for those who don´t read carefully... :-)


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this information is very valuable to me.
thanks @bunnychum

thanks for sharing the information and spreading the awareness.this will be helpful especially for those who are technically not sound.
like me :).
resteemed your post.

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Thanks for the heads up. I've always been wary here in the site when I learned all about this thieves. Thanks for fellow Steemians posts like yours @bunnychum. :) Be a extra cautious everyone. Resteemed for my friends to be warned as well.

Thanks for your

Just a moment ago I read your other post, checked your profile and noticed that we share similar passion towards crypto and blockchain technology.
Will be following you closely.

You should also try to join @originalworks contest. I like your bloging style.

Hope we can stay in touch. Cheers, Piotr