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RE: Justin Sun Conversation with Witnesses Is Online. @Ned Sold Out The Community - Failed to Disclose.

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Quite likely the TRON team promised the exchanges that once they had control they would implement a hard fork to allow them to re-liquify their stake.

For me, and many others, trust is gone. The STEEM community has no obligation to make good on the sale of Steemit nor to facilitate or compensate the exchanges who have acted in bad faith.


The exchanges have been cought out let them take the fall out.

Bittrex didn't. The legends

All support for Bittrex is warranted in this regard but I wouldn't call them legends merely for doing the normal thing that all exchanges should be doing: Not misappropriating customer funds and then claiming it was a 'mistake'.

Agreed for sure.

What I meant was kudos to them for not caving to pressure from Justin Sun if he asked them to power up and vote witnesses in. I know you shouldn't have to congratulate some company on doing the right thing

What he's saying is this is not "the right thing", it is simply what's normal. They didn't go out of their way to do something good. "Not doing something bad" isn't "doing something good".

Indeed. I am still quite shocked that a market leader like Binance has trashed it's reputation for a few shekels in payoff. It was an incredibly poor business decision.

It's a you scratch my back, I scratch yours rich boys club. The exchanges are corrupt but will still prosper (probably) unfortunately. They think the masses will shrug their shoulders and forget about their treachery but I think the peasants are PISSED.

In the grand scheme of everything this is minor for him. And he publicly took blame on him.

The "onwards" hashtag he used in his tweet will be the reality. One can but hope he will audit how things went and design a better decision making process but that's probably slightly too idealistic. But who knows... he and huobi may have learnt from this?!

No, I'm not downplaying his mistake but life is fast-paced for those decision makers. Dan's celebrating DPOS` resilience, Vitalik's probably sniggering at his position on DPOS being validated... just another day in crypto & life goes on.

And he publicly took blame on him.

No, he claimed it was a 'mistake' and they thought it was a normal hard fork update being pushed by the devs. Except that one does not lock up customer funds for a normal hard fork update, so this is a lie.

Fools do business with fools, liars, and thieves.

No one that cares about their money will.

exactly - new video coming up soon regarding this - in my own subtle way of course.
(endcoding as I type)

that I'm psyched for and am surprised after some shenanigans by Ned in the past people are surprised he did this, Cognitive Dissonance is a thing I guess O.o
this is proving a hard lesson in the cryptoverse on how DPOS cuts both ways, yikes

Freedom of the community requires eternal vigilance by all. Fortunately the witnesses had an inkling of this and had the SF. Ned sold his soul for his pound of gold-good riddance.

Indeed. For many trust is gone, and for people who were optimistic - trust is very shaken :/

Agreed, trust is way gone, they are villains.

Is there any proof in writing that Neds stake was not to be used for voting ? Is there any proof that the exchanges use customer coins and not their own? They did control large amounts of stake of their own. At the end of the day if this was done with stake that rightfully belonged to Ned and Tron and the exchanges. I stand by it. I'm more troubled by the witnesses shuting down an account to redirect power to themselves. Whos next? themarkymark Blacklist? Where will it end. ? All accounts are now clearly in danger of subjective opinion by the mob. I guess i should be careful of what i say. I could be next . Right? Im now watching people upvote (buy) witness votes. THe very same vote buying bot people. HOw centralized are they with Witnesses? it ok if i upvote my own comment? i dont want to anger the witnesses in case they regain control. They might freeze my account. Should i ask The black list god father the markymark for permission first?

A sock puppet account if ever I saw one.

Please do better next time.

Actually, been around since Paycoin. Used bitcoin miners to heat my house when trading them a $200.oo dollars. This was neds legal property. What lawyers did the witnesses talk too before freezing more then 10 million in legal property?

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