It's oh so quiet. Steemit devs, I got worried. And bread.

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Community is what I value about Steem the most, so I don't really check the STEEM price very often. It's easier to do for me because I do not invest my money to get a return from Steem. Instead, I contribute my time and get a return of:

  • interesting content
  • fun
  • community
  • attention (yes, I do enjoy attention)

What I value is a reliable, highly redundant environment where I can place my content.

What is more, thanks to guys like @engrave, I can just set up a blog and present it to others without mentioning the technical witchery that not all care about. I just get a domain, attach to their endpoint and then it's magic: is it @codelikeamother, or ? With the technical side covered (I don't know when @nicniezgrublem sleeps since he fixes things all around the clock; is he a human?), the only person to blame for poor reach is me. Nailed it!

I checked the price! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Well, price does not matter to me that much. It will one day, I hope, but at the moment STEEM in my digi-purse is a measure of recognition, and for that I thank you. But I scrolled the Live Coin Watch page to see this:

Screenshot from 2019-04-13 10-32-09.png

If you don't know what this represents, it's fine. This is the way of showing contributions to the code repositories that Steemit is hosting on a service called GitHub: The colour of the square represents amount of contributions to the code. White squares mean zero (or close to it) and this got me worried.

I understand drop in commits of code around the price plunge before November. I understand the break around Christmas. I am happy that people finally started getting their weekends to themselves (from the looks of it). But what happened two weeks ago that caused a halt on commits?

I checked some repositories with recent activity:

Screenshot from 2019-04-13 11-16-21.png

The stats look as if it all went very quiet for I checked recent commits:

Screenshot from 2019-04-13 11-16-40.png

That's not a lot. I moved over to condenser:

Screenshot from 2019-04-13 11-19-37.png

Better, but still not awesome. One commit this week and silent otherwise.

But now I thought: are the stats showing only main line of code on master? Let's see steem's branches:
Screenshot from 2019-04-13 11-23-18.png

Eight branches worked on in the last two days? That's not so bad.
Branches are used to gradually build a complete bundle of changes to deliver a specific feature. Could it be that...


Looks like I got fooled by numbers. Looks like the focus is on delivering MIRA and since the main feature branch has already been merged, fixes and improvements are being worked on. Yay!

Thank you @steemitblog for your work. I know it's can be quite stressful knowing that so many people rely on your work. Hopefully at some point I will build up enough courage and determination to contribute to Steem ecosystem with some code as well.

Time to bake some bread. Steem on!


Since you've made it that far, check out the #breadbakers community with the main caretaker account @breadbakers. Hope you will enjoy it!

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Bread is definitely needed after all that exploration :)

I agree with shanibeer!

I was worried that there'd be no bread in the post but there it was in the end. Lucky!

When I say bread, I mean bread.

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