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RE: Operation Clean Trending

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Flagged for Hate speech and discrimination against public businesses on the blockchain, in favor of the black market who also operate in the same space.

Why don't you instead make great content and ask us or your friends for sponsorship if you are new instead of making false accusations?

Make sure you also tell these people that you work for and that you make 25% off of peoples content without contributing a cent to their creation. Should we act the same way? give 25% less on our upvotes to our customers who use to compensate?

Also - We SPONSOR as well as selling marketing votes for the masses and a lot of other things you seem to not have informed yourself about.

I suggest you think really long before you answer me because your answer will be forever recorded into the block of the chain you post in.

Team Booster
We give everyone a chance
We sponsor great content creators in being better
We give away 25% of our earnings to STEEM OpenSource Projects to stay alive and updated
We reinvest in STEEM to make more peoples dreams come through.
Prior to this, we upvoted absolutely everyone on the steem blockchain for about a year which indeed helped expand the userbase from what it was to what it has become.

What do you do, making one post about and another about what we do is evil?

You Sir, clueless.


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