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RE: Operation Clean Trending

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You already take much more than 25% when you sell your votes to the bidders.

Team Booster
We give everyone a chance

You remove everybody's chance when you throw in your own bid to upvote yourself.

We reinvest in STEEM to make more peoples dreams come through.

Only less than a week ago you confessed to stealing all your Steem from @adsactly.

Also dreams come *true not through.

we upvoted absolutely everyone on the steem blockchain for about a year

Voting for everybody with your stake had the same effect as voting for nobody. It was for one reason, which was to put your name in the upvote list of every post including the spam and plagiarists.

Heimindanger is a constructor. He has built apps that we needed right when we needed them. You on the other hand, only know how to be destructive. And that's the impact you will always choose to have on the world.


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