SBD Giveaway ( The Test )

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I am totally curious how well this works and so I wanted to start it here while I am away as the idea came to my head to apply it here. I run a huge amount of giveaways so I want to test the waters and see what type of response I get from this and how well it is taken.

At random times I am going to run a giveaway post for SBD and heck I might even do it for other communities from steem engine as well.

It Is Very simple to enter just complete the 3 tasks below. YES, all 3 tasks must be completed otherwise the script I run will not include you in the drawing.

This is a test run while I am away for the next few days but
YES someone will be walking away with 10 SBD at the end of it.

Complete ALL To Be Entered To Win 10 SBD When This Post Pays Out

  1. 🗳️Upvote this post at least 1%

  2. ↩️ Resteem This Post

  3. 👋Follow @bitcoinflood on steemit

  4. Optional but helpful - 💬 Comment below about what you think of giveaways and if this would be a good idea? Valued comments always get upvotes from me so don't rush it!



Upvoted, resteemed, and followed. I saw this since someone I follow resteemed. I am the contest queen here, and giveaways are even better, so please keep going, @bitcoinflood :)

My only suggestion is to say "Follow Me on STEEM" instead of poopy old steemit. A lot of the people here do not use it anymore and have gone on to any of the far superior dapps. I'm answering from esteem now since they give me points for many activities, and good upvotes when I use them to post with.

Other STEEMers are on steempeak, busy, partiko etc etc. So I think it is better to refer to the blockchain instead of the ugliest dapp we've got. I write minnow tips to help people start here, and one of the first things I do is get people off steemit if that is the way they wandered in the door.

Loving the idea of SBD for the prize. I have not seen any of that currency for quite some time. Thank you for the opportunity.

Giveaway is one of the way to make newbie survive in Steem, and attract them to stay. But long run we still need to encourage them to find their ways to enjoys the life on Steem ...

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One of the great things about giveaway and contest is that it helps to gather people from many different circles towards one topic.

That prizes from the giveaway provided incentive that glue people from different aspects to engage, review and take action regarding the motive behind the event.

I believe with enough incentives, lots of great ideas will arise because more and more great minds come into play.

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Upvoted, Resteemed and Followed. It is a good idea to do giveaways. It takes some time to get people on giveaways initially(as observed by me) but I think you will be able to manage.👍

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Upvoted, Resteemed and Followed

This is a good activity. Participants have more opportunities to encourage and support your good activity.👍🌺

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I hope the test will be successful. $trdo

Congratulations @bluemoon, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @bitcoinflood!
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"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

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Going to have to look into what TRDO is seems like a billion tokens already lol

I am not sure how to get or give TRDO. I’m just a plankton

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Automation can be helpful. You will save at least a little bit of time in the long run if you set up your giveaways ahead of time in bulk.

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I love giveaways!!

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