Eos and Dan affect Steem again.

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Now don't take this the wrong way, but over the last few months I have been diversifying my holdings of Cyrptos. Not saying I am not a homer, and still think steem is the one with the most potential, but my second biggest holding is Ethereum. 18hu3k.jpg This in not my pic, found it on internet, but it does some up our platform.

Well 5 days ago, when the whole market was down, and Eth was down twice as much, I stumbled upon this story. https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/05/28/eos-crashing-ethereum-300000-eth-sold-just-binance-lists-eos-usdt And low and behold not only has Dan gone off and made a competitor of steemit, they have even crashed the prices of the cyrptos market. At least according to this article, and I can see how. I never knew the ICO was on Eth and that EOS did not even have a block-chain. Talk about the ultimate speculation move, and also they did have like 5 billion in funding, so I think there is enough money to get something working there. But I just found it ironic that it was EOS selling over 300,000 eth and causing havoc not only with Steem, but the rest of the market.


It is amazing to sit back and observe just how easily the markets can be manipulated. Just overnight there was a huge transaction on Hitbtc that caused a big spike in the price of SBD. It hasn’t been registered on the internal steemit market yet but coinmarket cal shows SBD at around $2.30 this morning. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Ya, I saw that, but I believe one of the places is trading at 8 dollars which is being averaged in, but so easy to manipulate any of these with enough money.

Large upward movement in price is the best marketing you can have for a crypto coin even if its just from manipulation. Look what happened when the price of SBD was above $10

Ya, that brought in a ton of people to steemit for sure.

I have EOS and almost no Eth. Yes Eos holds so much eth during their long ico and supposed to have a better blockchain too

Ya, I will probably get some EOS, it is just funny that they launched on a competitors platform, that they are trying to replace.

Is ethereum is like SBD..
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I see I got some researching to do, I am like very new to cryptocurrency, like since March this year new.
I am a stock market investor so I understand the importance of diversity of your portfolio.

Was surprised when I heard EOS had no blockchain. Even heard some say many apps will be launched on it but now, owners are being threatened that they might their coin if they don't have registered address

Ya, that is the definition of the internet bubble, things be worth billions, with nothing behind them.

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To be honest never thought that they would release that much hand from their fund .They sure are thinking sth behind the curtain.

It is crazy that EOS is so big, and doesn't even have a blockchain.

Binance started it when they put EOS on their platform. EOS is known to have multiple purpose as they say but I am not sure about it.

Ya, I just hope steemit INC can get SMT's out fast and get a jump on the EOS team .