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RE: Hate putting private keys into websites? Introducing Steem Keychain!

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I remember you and aggroed mentioning the wallet months ago on the msp show. Glad to see it has been tested and ready for use! Only downside for me, now I have to use Chrome 😕 .

Thank you (and team) for this awesome feature. The few seconds spent looking for passwords can now be better utilized battling. ;) In all seriousness, you've spent an incredible amount of time developing and in this case, writing out the specs for Steem Keychain.

Having spent countless hours reading and writing simple technical specs myself at work, I can attest that it takes considerable time to write down all the details so others would be able to understand. So thank you for gathering the methodology so it can be coded into this finished product.


Only downside for me, now I have to use Chrome 😕 .

You can also use Chromium, which is completely open source. Chrome contains some proprietary add-ons, but nothing I've found that I actually use.

Will this work with the Brave browser? I think that's the one we should all be using eventually

Apparently in the current version of Brave installing Chrome extensions is a bit wonky but this should improve with the upcoming Brave 1.0 release. More info in this Reddit post.

If you use adapters you have to trust the adapter too, not only the original application. If it's independent, sometimes cross platform opens the doors to vulnerabilities. You should be careful and use things in their intended environments unless you understand the technicalities of each change.

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Why do you think we'll have to use that browser in the future?

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We won't have to use it but I'd rather use a browser that can reward content producers and pays me for use of my data.

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Issue is more laziness with having to re-bookmark and install ad blocker, etc. :)

I should be moving over to chrome or chromium anyway since my GTM web sessions never want to work on firefox. Steem Keychain is a good reason to take that step. Thanks @dhimmel! I'll take a look at Chromium.

What is gtm?

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oh, the GoToMeeting online software. We use it for conference calls and screen sharing, but it doesn't want to connect on my firefox when I work from home. It's fine with chrome though, so all the more reasons to switch.

Is it better than Skype and Discord or is it just used because of corporate convention?

The corps I've been with use GTM and WebEx for online meetings. It's convenient for sharing your screen with others, especially for a training or tutorial session.

Discord and Skype is more catered for social media; DM, voice chats, video chat, but I don't think it supports screen sharing. Some companies use skype internally to communicate with each other, but when it's a conference call with third-parties, I mainly see GTM or WebEx being used.

(They both support screen sharing)

Seems like these are apps specifically designed for corporate use and I assume they're easy enough to use for the average user to approach. I imagine that this is tied to dedicated IT services and other corporate support that makes them attractive. I'd have to test them to see if they're better. Skype was particularly heavy. I've seen easier, faster and more effective screen-sharing software. I haven't tried Discord's but I read somewhere that it does have this functionality.

Huh, did not know that about the screen sharing. Never used skype and discord for anything else other than social media.

It is more for corporate use because it does cost to use them. I believe licenses have to be purchase for use. I've only used them at work. Oh, maybe webex a few times back in college for projects, but the privileges were given by the school then too.

Way back in the days when it cost money for long distance calls --the clients I worked with liked having the toll free number to dial-in. I think it's just corporate norm to use one of these now. It's reliable. Clients are not always the most patient bunch.

Hmmmm. I haven't seen a reason to switch. Is Chromium any better in any respect? It still requires a Google account to sync and things like that, so it's still very dependent on proprietary services.

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I switched to Chrome a while ago and I really like it. The hardest part wasn't my bookmarks because they synced. It was getting accustomed to things being in different places and behaving in unexpected ways. But now I'm accustomed so everything is fine.

I love that memory in use is better compartmentalised, so if you close a tab, you recover the ram allocated to it. Firefox is much more wasteful with your resources.

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I used both Chrome and Firefox years ago but can't remember why I stuck with firefox. Thanks for the input. I haven't had a chance to move over yet but it is on my list!

I've always been switching because both are really great! I preferred Firefox a few months ago because it was much lighter than Chrome, but then it started being slower, so I switched to the then-faster Chrome, and now it's the inverse. I don't know. Software is crazy sometimes.

I think that was likely my reasoning too. I remember it was chrome that was faster, then it became mozilla. Now who knows; I don't have the time to surf as I used to before. Definitely crazy softwares!

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