Update #3: Binance Crypto Exchange Doesn't List STEEM or SBD/Steem Backed Dollars... But they DO Run a Suggested Coin of the Month Contest. We Should Start a Mass Voting Movement . Community Engagement Series.

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Kinda wondering why STEEM is not listed at least of our 2 currencies here in the Steemit ecosystem.

There's about half a dozen coins there listed below, up for adoption next -- I've never heard of or hardly at all and I follow the crypto space.

STEEM has been around 18 mths, in the top ~35 coins give or take, has half a million users, a busy blockchain and a use case built in.

I WANT decentralized exchanges like BITSHARES to be adopted but until they are, we do owe it to every Steem holder (either coin.... both really) ---to lobby for the rest of the exchanges to get the Steem tokens on there for mass awareness and liquidity.

Binance from everything I am seeing is NOW THE LARGEST exchange -- blowing past market leaders like Poloniex and Bittrex - who both are closing doors to free and easy signups and use, and with nutty kinda fascist policies, not helping users etc.

Binance had disabled new user account activations as of late as we know too, they have been overwhelmed with volume.

See below screenshots from the Binance page recently I grabbed: Round 5 now closed and......


The latest coin added was RaiBlocks: The Jan. Community Coin Winner Announcement on 1/9/2018:

Are You Game to Help??

Comment if you are IN for co-ordinating a mass voting movement on there for Binance exchange to get Steem coins on there and I can draft something. I have to gauge interest, over a sample size of posts, thus, the series it has become.

I may run a series on this, until we get things co ordinated effectively. ... EDIT -- That is what this has turned into.
I hope to compile the names/comments/ideas here, and then contact the commenters in the posts, so we can attempt something organized. -- Ideas and comments all welcome, obviously as per the title!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day and remember...

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Be encouraged.

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They will very soon list it, steem and sbd are heading towards the Top 10 coins so they can't ignore them. First, they should make new registration opened and welcome new users.

Great initiative @barrydutton ... We definitely should push binance to include steem and SBD in its exchange...it would boost steemit usage and price...

Totally agree - thanks a lot for your initiative on this. It's a shames STEEM / SBD aren't listed on some of the major exchanges. It would make the Steem world a safer place.

Nice infrmative article.. Actually steem n sbd should be on each big market and platfrm.. Wish for their bright future


Read my comment below ;)
I'd stick to @blocktrades for Steem/SBD :)


Haha.. Good pinay.. I did not cashout yet.. I earn small and investid in steem power.. But if i needed i ll follow you surely

Upvote and resteem this post. Fuck Binance (:

I have been wanting to push for this to on Binance and Kucoin. I keep saying that Steem is the coin that has the largest community. It is so robust, there are so many overlaying websites, there are people who don't know how blockcains work that are on here.. I will take part in this push and post and promote the vote as well. Luckily we have @blocktrades that will easily allow us to sell or buy some Steem, but other people would be more likely to learn what it is and but it if it were on an exchange like Binance. I used to use polo just for Steem, but I closed my account after too many bad experiences.

Nice one there. I also agree with you for a push so Binance includes steem and SBD in its exchange. We can achieve!
Nice one@barrydutton

I think they would need a request from steem witness or one of the higher ups to consider steem. Also info on them setting up wallets. Great idea if there on board.

I’m on Board! Count me in??

I agree wholeheartedly and I am definitely in. Tell me what I need to do please.

I’m in. Let me know what I can do.

fully support this. Will sign petition and do what is needed.


Thanks for the information and we feel proud of your efforts.

Great idea - I was wondering also why steem isn't on Binance. Let's go for it and hopefully we get support from the witnesses


Nice to hear from you.

I have been posting on this to gather answers and feedback and interest to look at moving this forwards so we can collectively do something right here, as a community.

Thanks again for all your support and votes, I have never seen a comment here from you, so when I have said thanks, I have to either deposit to your wallet or go way back in your comments tab to give you a word of thanks LOL.

It is a nice surprise to see a reply from you!!



Update #5 going out in a few mins on this my friend just before I head for my self imposed physio for my injuries. So much injury lawyer paperwork and meetings the last week.

Your constant support has always been a blessing to me, I will say again.

I would definitely be in by promotig this community-movement to the german community - and we are big, alone in the Discord-Server we have way over 300 members ;)

Hit me up on Discord for details or mention me in an answere on steemit pls ;)


Great post tnx for sharing i just upvoted check out my new post steemitalltheway

Our community is getting stronger day by day. Stats show the strength we will have in the coming days so this strength should be converted to make ourselves even stronger by taking such initiatives.
I am definitely with you on this!

I am happy with @blocktrades so I don't think I'd buy/sell Steem/SBD from other platforms even if it becomes available there. We could buy/sell 1 STEEM/SBD with DOGE from BlockTrades which cannot be done from Binance. I could'nt find Dogecoin listed at Binance. Maybe I need eyeglasses. LOL

I like Dogecoin for buying/selling Steem/SBD because of LOW transaction FEE. Binance minimum buy/sell and transaction fees are quite HIGH for me. I will only use Binance to buy/sell coins that are only available at Binance. ;)

I would do my best to help that movement as well