Bought more steem and powered it up.

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With some investment money lying around and Steem dropping to the low threes, it’s just too tempting not to pick up more Steem. This money was supposed to go into some stock, but they all seemed too pricey (not to mention a possible correction coming up soon, like today?) Also , no other crpytos has caught peaked my interests as much as Steem.

I’m not throwing the entire set of funds at Steem(just yet?). Not knowing how long this correction is going to last, I’m only buying up enough to satisfy my appetite and to say that I’ve managed to pick more up in the low 3s. If the prices continue to drop, I’ll average down and continue to pick up more, but if they rebound before I pick up more, then I’m still satisficed that I’ve added to my position. Not worth questioning the ‘what if’ I bought more scenario. Consider it a partial missed opportunity and move on.

More Power!

Naturally, the right thing to do with newly acquired Steem is to power it up. Instead of holding on to the voting power, I’ve delegated the SP to big bot to earn some passive income. Confused? Check out this article written by @Investingpennies. .

Please remember that buying Steem (then powering it up) is not required to succeed on Steemit and does not guarantee it either. It should be done with money that you can realistically invest. Though speculations of Steem’s future appear optimistic, nobody knows with great certainty on what the future holds. If this is too risky for you , focus on earning SP by contributing to the platform with quality content. Invest cautiously. Invest wisely!


Great post! Good to know about steem power!

STEEM is going to be the gift that keeps on giving right along with EOS. My top two holdings.

Would have done the same if I we're in your shoes. It's very tempting. Given everything else seems to be on a free fall at the moment.

I guess there is no other option but to go for the option you know has true potential to pickup. Great choice my friend!

either that or its all going belly up while we head into the post zombie apocalypse!

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