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RE: Don't use vote-selling bots: use @promoted instead. A bot that upvotes you when you burn money!

in #steem4 years ago

Hi @heimindanger - where can I find more info about this bot and its current upvote rewards? I just promoted my latest post for 10SBD and received way, way less than what a 100% vote's value should be according to

When I check, I see I only got a 33.34% upvote, so essentially running at a huge loss.

Would be great to hear from whoever runs @promoted (is it @fabien?) on how we can get greater returns. I'm happy to delegate some SP to the bot as well, as I like what it's setting out to do.

I am concerned though - in the case where almost everyone is promoting their posts, does it not mean very little benefit for those using it? And a reduction of SBD if the @null account really is just a black hole for any transfers sent there getting eliminated from the Steemit economy.

Thanks for explaining! :)