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RE: FINALLY! An Update About Steem Community Feature (Hivemind)

in #steem3 years ago

Awesome! I used to browse the overall trending page, but haven't for months. I basically only stick to the photofeed tag and page, since photography is the main reason I'm here. Excited to see what all this could mean 6 months down the road, once it's been established a bit and people are used to using it!


Totally agree.

That's a shame the trending page is really the collective waiting room where the remnants of community pray for the platform to finally become something.

It looks like we will all get our own community soon where we can finally be left alone. So much lipstick you don't even see the pig anymore.

I'm hopping it will be like a football channel, as a kind of containment field for that type of program but I fear it will be more like a ceremony where our residential robber barons finally crown themselves into royalty.