Steem Monsters Animated Video v1 Creation - Sound FX Added

in steem •  5 months ago

Hi Everyone,

At for Steem Monsters we have created and added in some sound fx to our Animated Storyboards.
Check out our latest progress video update and see how animated videos are created at our studio in layers.

Have any questions? Email us at to discuss your project ideas.

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amazing stuff you got there with these cartoons @austinvisuals

this is great work, keep it up. I want to make animations, any advice?

"Yes man,Now thats what I call ridiculously awesome”

Very good work...
Keep it up.

Ha ha This is great!!!! Wonderful job!

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lol I love it! "YOu better win, bud. My wife's gonna kill me when she gets home!" HAhahaha NICE!