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If I may add a comment to what you said?

most people do not respond favorably to "negotiating" with a gun held to their head

Is that not what our position was thanks to Ned and Justin? All our witnesses did was respond with a strong 'No', you talk to us first.

I fully support their action and now am going to use up the balance of my witness votes. After all, it does not matter whether, in this case, they did it for us or to protect themselves, as our interests are aligned, so, will-nilly, they acted in our interest also.


Of course @arthur.grafo ...

"If I may add a comment to what you said?"

... as that is one aspect of the investment of our time "in here" for all of us. The freedom to speak our minds ...

If anyone cares to follow the links I have provided, to read all of what I have said, then it will be clear my concerns are based on trust. I won't elaborate further, as I really have nothing more to add.

I'll just close with "pointing" to what I replied above to SteemChiller.

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