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I admire your work for the indigenous group. However, whilst Justin Sun is Chinese, as am I ethnically, he cannot be held responsible for the dams, political censorship and human rights breaches in China 🙏🏽

Thanks for stopping by, Fleur. I'm in no way holding #justinsunsteem responsible, but I AM drawing a correlation between his destructive anti-community style and that of the CCP. We are blessed to have many forward-thinking and progressive chinese friends and customers, so it is in no way a comment about being chinese. Mostly it's a comment about old-style cultural methods and how destructive they can be.

The community is very divided and remains divided unfortunately. Not everyone agrees with the pre-emptive actions of the witnesses which has led to the current situation.

It's the nature of a decentralized community that not everyone agrees. And yet once the elected leaders have acted, it is also the nature of community people who believe in the greater good and higher purpose to put their personal 'thing' aside and support that community. I'm appreciating that and learning a lot.

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