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RE: What is your evaluation regarding the current situation ?

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Decentralization is very important, because there is a belief that the decentralization end up brings us mass profit.

Steem price(profit) and decentralization need to go together.

After Justin entering into Steem community, the price looks stable. For ordinary investor like me, the steem price is more important that the decentralization that had not supported the price.

What is the value of a DataBase? The value relies on its integrity. The market is discovering a new type of database, the "blockchain". It's only 12 years old.

"price" is just a market process related to value, but it's a discovery process. It's not a linear and immediate equation like "price=value".

You could learn the difference between price and value researching what Warren Buffet explains regarding that matter.

The technological advantage of a decentralized database ("blockchain") vs. a centralized database means that it is also more valuable.

If you turn a blockchain into a standard database by means of centralizing it towards 1 authority, then you are destroying value.

Short time price IS NOT value. An investing strategy taking in consideration only the price is set to fail in the long term.

An even more valuable STEEM community could be achieved if the DPOS protocol evolves into a REDPOS that is less vulnerable to centralization forces, that ultimately destroy value.

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