Why Steem is a good investment

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Prompted by this post by @timcliff I thought it was worthwhile setting out why I think Steem is a good investment.
(This is not investment advice, just my personal thoughts).

I'm quite into Crypto in addition to my role as CEO of JPB Liberty, the world's first Crypto Litigation Funder
I GPU mine, I invest, I try out and use decentralised & crypto enabled applications as much as possible.
And I have to say that Steem is the most useful Crypto out there.

Unlike most cryptos who are mainly valued as a store of value eg (Bitcoin) or because of being a platform for dapps (eg Ethereum), Steem is something that has a real use, right now, today.

Steem is something I want for its utility, not just because I hope it will go up in price.

These are my top 4 reasons that Steem is the best cryptocurrency.

  1. Steem is valuable in getting attention online - this what people pay billions for in internet advertising. This is why I want it. Like everyone else, for both personal and business reasons I want attention to my posts, videos etc.

  2. Steemit, DTube, Dlive, Busy, Utopian make the Steem blockchain the most used blockchain for real transactions, rather than just speculation.

  3. An investment in Steem provides an income return, not just a capital one. Whether you post regularly and manually curate like me, or just passively invest with an upvote bot, you get income returns.

  4. The Steem Community - a genuinely engaged group of people that other Crypto projects are recognising as a valuable resource. Hence the quality projects specifically targeting Steemians with Airdrops etc. These include Byteball, Steemhunt and others.

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Well said! I agree with all of it! As for the attention part...haha I wish the price could tank to .10 just for a day so I could scoop up more "attention" haha


HaHa. I scooped some more SP around $0.90 so I hope that's the floor.