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RE: Steem Investing - Have You Ever Thought You Had Bigger Profits With Your Steems - Come To STEEMINVESTING and Make Your Steems Multiply - Earn 15% Profit Fixed! AND HAVE MORE 100% Return For Delegators - Join STEEMINVESTING!!

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This post and general concept is so awful. I just can't NOT make fun of it. Please, voting bot delegation schemes are so overdone.

Think we the people are ready for something different and it's not another damn voting bot. Whitelist or not. They are shit for Steem.

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People. Do not give your money to this man. Instead, you should invest it in my Clinton Foundation. For the low low price of your soul, I can guarantee you use of my private server in a super secret bathroom in one of my mansions. You can trust me, I have been Americas most admired woman for like 17 years only getting beat out this year by Obama's wife. I have a feeling a couple of those judges are suicidal though so no doubt in my mind that I will get my title back next year. I will go ahead and guarantee 1 million x returns. Why waste your time with only 100 x returns. If that is not enough I will throw in a couple of Bills slightly used interns to sweeten the deal and maybe a pre-loved cigar to celebrate with.

I absolutely agree with you @anthonyadavisii


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