Reason # 49: Why Steem is the best!

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Alright!!! So, this marks the 7th week of posting these "reasons". So, I should not need to introduce these like I have been introducing these. It is time for a little bit more razzle dazzle. Steem is awesome and I am going to tell you why, just a little bit, each and every day. So, let's get into it!

Reason # 49



I am sure many of you remember, or have collected the byteball airdrop. I am holding out until I reach 60 and hope I can still get in on it... it is risky, but it is also a double my rewards scenario. If I miss the boat on this one... that is ok. There are plenty more on the way.

The byteball airdrop was just the beginning. With SMT's on the way, there are going to be many tokens created and distributed. Likely, steempower holders will receive airdrops related to how much steempower they are holding. There are many ways air drops can be done, but being here on steem is a good thing bacause there will be more airdrops.

I just read this article, that is awesome --->

It is about dlike creating an SMT and distributing it to steempower holders. Many other SMT's will likely follow suit.

It is not just SMT's that are going to be airdropping though. Byteball did an airdrop because the steem community is a vibrant, crypto enthusiastic community in which byteball was smart enough to recognize as a good ally. Steemians that didn't just sell their byteball for more steem (cough) will be cheering for and perhaps even plugging byteball. It was a small price for them to pay to get a whole bunch of crypto-heads to download a byteball wallet etc.

Free money is nice, and we seem to be getting a bunch of it by hanging out here on steem. Why not get some more!!!

There you have it, another reason why steem is the best!

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