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RE: ANN Update: New Partnerships

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When will your exchange “actually launch”? You said it launched months ago but nobody has traded. There is also talk of being able to deposit and withdraw, but why would people do that if you can’t trade yet..?

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Been open for can deposit withdraw. People have been trading for a while now. was launched a month ago.

So you’ve been open for a month and not one single trader has made a trade? Not even the FreedomEX team to test it out..? The volume has been at zero which is concerning.

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You should actually go and trade...There have been many many trades. And yes, the team has been trading for a while now.

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Do you have to deposit to see the market data? Everything is screaming zero trades at me. All the markets have zero volume and no charts to see...

24 hour.. make some trades. or not. Also, we do not put in fake trade volumes which you are accustomed to seeing.

Well you are saying there IS trading volume (many people have traded— these were your words). If many people have traded, why does the trading volume say Zero in every market?

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Because you are seeing trades over the past 24 hours. And YES, there are many many trades over the past month...and also thousands for testing over the past 9 months.

Yes but I have been checking daily and I have never seen anything other than “0”. Or a chart of the prices.

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