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RE: Ned is Now on Space Force 1 - New Contest 1k Steem in Prizes !

in #steem2 years ago

I appreciate the kindness shown to us sir, i humbly accept the cash out order you have handed to us . As an SF7 member i know  i am entitle to 1/6 of my SP which is 100 steem, but i humbly plead that an increment be made  to my payout, i worked tirelessly along side everyone and also i participated in every activity done in my department, so being handed just a 100 steem does not seem fair to me.  I may not be as favoured as others in higher SF Groups, but i know deep down that i can be favoured by you. Thank you boss, thank you @dimimp.  


Yeah @dimimp
I agree with her.
She worked tirelessly to assist the steemjet community and should have been given a pay raise. I recommend you add an increase to her 100 for her efforts. Thank you

Your contribution towards the success of project steemhigh headed by @peterakpan is what I can't forget in a hurry. You have given in so much towards the success of Steemjet and I know that our boss @dimimp being an impartial and a generous leader will love to kick you something way higher than a hundred steem. you need such kind gesture for a successful youth service yea. Goodluck

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