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Steem's Value vs Newbies's Resources Credits (RC)

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You are exactly on target. I wrote an anniversary post--looked back over my year on Steemit--and came to a similar conclusion. The post has paid out, so I've nothing to gain by referring you to it. I think I offered a reasonable alternative to the current operating model. Several very sensible people thought my analysis was sound. Please read Steemit on Dopamine: a Way Forward. I want Steemit to succeed because I'm having a really good time blogging here. But there is a greater reason--people in struggling economies need this alternative. You never know--one day we may need it also.

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Dear @agmoore

I would like to thank you for accepting my invtation to Juan's post and for dropping by. Appreciate your reply.

We're received more comments than I ever expected and reading it all will take me some time :)

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And drop a vote on SteemChurch.

I would absolutely appreciate it.