Steemification of Social Media Panel Discussion: Steemit, Dtube, and Dsound join media personalities with Millions of subs of many media types. Saturday 11am EST (1600UTC) in PALnet Discord.

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I've been able to assemble an exceptional crew of people to talk about spreading the Steem blockchain across many other social media platforms.

@andrarchy (Steemit), @heimindanger (Dtube), @prc (Dsound) represent the technology side of what the Steem platform is capable of.

@theywillkillyou (1M subs on youtube), @world5list (800k subs on youtube), @davidpakman (400k subs on youtube, syndicated on radio and satellite tv/radio), @doghaus (tv and radio is Canada), @careywedler (100k subs on facebook, 40k youtube, and editor in chief of the anti-media) represent social medias success stories that are in various stages of migrating towards Steem as a sustainable revenue model.

This panel discussion focuses on aligning the Steem platform need for external exposure and growth with media personality needs for sustainable revenue and scalable technology solutions. Developers are on hand to talk about progress and plans, and the various shows can talk about requirements and experience so far.

Steem is growing

There was a price surge.

It drastically impacted usage.

It led us to new all time highs.

Let's pour gasoline on this fire and send us all to a golden moon!

Show Logistics: This Saturday, January 13th, 11am EST (1600 UTC) in Discord!

The show will be broadcast from the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network and from The show starts at 11am EST (1600 UTC). It will run for 60-120 minutes.

To listen to the show in Discord click here:
To chat during the show with other listeners click here:

For panelists and folks with questions

To test your audio before the show click here:
If you're coming on the show please test your audio in here a little before it starts: The show will likely start with a little music, and I'll mute the guests after I pull them into the room. You can listen while the song plays to know when we're going live by opening up


It is a nice trend for steemit! Thanks for your sharing.

All postitive signs for the steemit community. Nice work with the graphs and links. Plenty of info and easy to find. Thank you for this post!

Steem for Steemians ! Next meeting at $ 10.70

Small cap crypto picks that could +1000% very soon:

  1. Airswap
  2. Lamden --> Huge potential (new)
  3. Loopring
  4. Elf
  5. Lux
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Nice statistics!
Also from me thanks for this post 😌🔝

Nice one and steem is trying to stabilize for this year, let no man panic but rather keep his steem

Steemit has come to stay that is why facebook don't want to loss his position. No matter how hold on to your steem . @aggroed thanks for the detail analysis. I have upvoted you and follow you not to mise your next post.

Awesome work with this @aggroed, it's all about user-centric development, we want to solve the biggest pains experienced by exactly these types of users. Thanks for taking the initiative for making this happen!

Interesting post.

I hope you guys tackle really engaging with some members of the youtube community because i see demonetization happening on more channels and I'm sure if there was a more aggressive campaign to recruit some youtubers, it could help the platform a lot.

that's what this is about!

You are right about this. And your thoughts are made too much hope. @aggroed

Good to know

Dtube is getting better everyday, and it is boosting the steem price!
The community in general is doing so well! I´m glad to say I´m a part of this early stage!!

I'm really happy for Being here

@aggroed I love the creativity and desire to bring something strong to the Steemit community. I would like to invite you and all who read this to stop by my page and join in on a contest I am doing called "Together We Build" It can be a great way to get everyone involved and keep our community strong. Thank you for all you do on Steemit.

Short, Simple but yet very informative. I reckon the demonetisation that's been happening on platforms such as youtube could contribute to the increasing popularity of Steemit in the future. Keep up the posts!!! HODL.

Very informative
Steemits for better future

Steemit blew my mind when I first came across it. Then, I find DTube, instantly fell in love with it. It's like I have finally found the alternative FB and YouTube. Everything about steemit continually blows my mind.

Just in my short 3 weeks on steemit I have seen it continue to evolve. I am addicted to steemit. I have spent the last 3 weeks on steemit more than I have on FB in the past 3 months.

It's a successful panel discussion.

I will definitely listen @aggroed! Saturday will be a huge event since big personalities will be on air! ♥☺

This is exciting!☺☺☺

We have to keep this platform growing. I'm sure more and more already established internet people will start noticing Steemit and I think this is just the beginning. I thought that I was late coming on this platform last December but I realized that I'm not late at all. Also, Dtube with its new features is going to grow big too. Youtube will soon be a thing of past, with that demonetization going on and a lot of other stuff. Hop on the Steemit train, we're taking off!

Wow....this is really good....and i cant want to see the broadcast like ro know what discord is? because have been kinda seeing it around on steem it and dont really know what it is....please dont mind me for a newbie trying to navigate my around steemit....waiting for a reply.....thanks

I didn't know about Dtube or Dsound until yesterday, I'm amazed i've not heard people mention it more on various crypto subreddits. This makes me feel that the awareness is still xtremely low. I'm all in on steemit baby! platform of the future woot! haha

I checked today on the dtube today, really nice

This information is more than exciting for the business mind as well as the creative and social folks! We have a daughter who started a social media page over 6 years ago. My wife and I are admin with her and we have over 300K followers and we are determined to start bring the info over to Steemit for the freedom of expression you all have here. What an ingenious digital model this is! Learning mode of this platform makes it difficult for me to sleep! Thanks for posting! Regards, Jeff

Be sure to come during the show. Have her talk about her experience too.

Sweet. Great to see more push for DTube content. Unfortunately I'll be out of town that day, but I'll work to keep my eye out for additional opportunities to get involved.

Social media panel discussion with media type.

Asabhdfjkasgf kasfhkalfakl klahfkla

The community is really growing, but it can grow even more than it is now. More of the major Influencers on other social media needs to be enlightened, because i personally think they are being under-valued, and not properly rewarded for their efforts.

Tebrikler başarılarının devamını dilerim bilgi için teşekkürler

The community is really growing, but it can grow even more than it is now. More of the major Influences on other social media needs to be enlightened, because i personally think they are being under-valued, and not properly rewarded for their efforts. #resteem @aggroed

Good news to me and the steemit community! I'm going to retweet. I'll fully participate, not to be missed!

Steemification is nice word.

Awesome post! Keep us updated! :)

Such great big content creators here on Steemit! So inspiring. This is what I working towards here on Steemit and also on YouTube. I love blogging/vlogging connecting with others and furthering my education. I look up to all mentioned here and hope to have similar success.

very nice and informative post

Looking forward to learning from everyone's expertise this Saturday. Thank you @aggroed for being the brainchild of this discussion panel and for the invite. I'm humbled.

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Thank God things are trying to surface for better. A better judgement should be tackled between YouTube and D.Tube i see D.Tube to be better as it is part of the future of steemit.

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We are waiting and I hopw that we will learn a lot...

this is really good !

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Wao Amazing!!!

@AGGROED GREAT POST!!! We are in this together Steemeian Family, as the pioneers of these decentralized platforms it's up to us to set the tone by spreading the word and sharing our content. Keep building everyone !!!
giphy (24) (1).gif

This is good to know but I'm not sure if I can get on to the show at that time, Will there be a recording available after for people who could not attend?

For some reason I can't get my $ up with Dtube posts. Any tips on reason why this might be happening. I'm probably not doing something right, lol. Figured I'd ask since you seem wise on subject matters

i hope that it come true. Demonetization is coming around almost the world... We have the answer in our hands, in our future, we have to work together, inviting, telling, talking everybody about steemit. Good night.

Please help in using steemit esteem and others, because I am new here and many things I have not understood,
Asked once for help and promotion,

Thank you very much

Wow....this is really good....and i cant want to see the broadcast like ro know what discord is? because have been kinda seeing it around on steem it and dont really know what it is....please dont mind me for a newbie trying to navigate my around steemit....waiting for a reply.....thanks

It's a chatroom.

Cool, looking forward to it.

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable post on steemit. I am start to following you so that I can upvote your all post on steemit.


It really still blows my mind to see how quickly this entire ecosystem continues to evolve with people like you pushing forward. Most blockchains are sitting at concept phase and this is a functional platform (not perfect but leaps and bounds beyond anything I’ve seen)... Great organizing!

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Good job and Nice posting! Mr @aggroed. I believe with aligning, Steemit growth will be more powerfull.

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Thank you very much, my dear friend. I really want to work with you all the time. Actually, you want to work with your partner to get directions. If you want! Friend !!

Such a amazing post.

I get really Happy when i see such a suggestive post which proves to be really helpful ❤❤❤
Thank u sooo much ❤❤❤

Did a facebook post to my 18,000 followers yesterday, will post about it later. Let’s put some gas on that fire! 😎

Rock on dude!


This is an all important information. Thanks boss for sharing.

Hope day by day steemit will improve .

Very informative.Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing graphi, I was finding graph since a lot days..

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Top Beitrag,weiter so

thanks for sharing


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great statistics. nice post. wow wow wow

I'm seeing a crypto empire on the horizon 😍

Yeah!! Lets reach the golden moon please. I was loving the surge on Steemit after so many months of hardwork. Has been decreasing recently but hope it gets back on a bullish run and never stops. Steem at $100 by the end of 2018, how does that sound?

oh.. so you are still around I see...

Dtube users are facing problems, We decided to help them to solve all the problems of dtube :)

No no no my friend.. you are pretending to be Dtube, yet there is no affiliation... Hence why your account's rep is (18). I guess I can't blame you from trying to make a penny, but this is not the way you can make money, and It has already backfired.

By all means, continue your little venture, a lot of work for no money, tends to get people tired quickly.

Please let me clear i am not Dtube, I am Dtube users and i have all the knowledge of Dtube so i can solve problems of Dtube users.
Yes you are right, I have original profile but i am unable to earn i thought i will earn little bit from this account than i will close it because i have hard time right now, No earning i am student and i don't have family support. I am trying hard to earn little bit so that i can live good life :)

Nice work man!

Make Dfacebook or Dface...anything...which brings facebook down..else he will eat steemit..greedy mark

What an excellent idea, I see a future where steem will become more popular than the Google of today.

nice work , i can see your hard work in this post, keep it up

Thanks a lot for sharing @aggroed. You are always on point👍.
Would surely be there at the discord room

If you have great power do not hurt to give to a weak person like me. please vote my vote :)

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I trust you folks handle extremely captivating with a few individuals from the youtube group since I see demonetization occurring on more channels and I'm certain if there was a more forceful battle to enroll some youtubers, it could help the stage a ton.
Every postitive sign for the steemit group. Decent work with the charts and connections.

Steemit revolution is yet to hit India. Steemit will be big hit in India. So many journalists, so many writes, publishers, and so many content writers. India has a huge readership of English content which is growing daily. M sure Indians will make millions frm steemit revolution...

yeah steem it is growing and growing fast .
my prayers are with steemit community to grow more and more ..
i love steem it community .

my friend hello. Would you like to support me by giving me an upvote? I need to develop my account. thank you.

I wish that I could join this session on the discord channel. But unfortunately I’m a starving South African child, unable to afford the expenses of being livve on discord.

Please help those like me in need of the funds to be able to go live on discord!

Katrah 🖤

great info............. Steemification of Social Media Panel Discussion: Steemit, Dtube, and Dsound join media personalities with Millions of subs of many media types. Saturday 11am EST (1600UTC) in PALnet Discord.

kudos to the organizers...lets make this event really big

Awesome! I'll be there for sure. Thanks for putting this together.

this is so amazin loved the research and i think it will gonna work thanks for sharing

YouTube has now blocked downloads unless you have an account. I believe this will GREATLY help both those of us without internet at home (I get my internet at a public place and download mostly YouTube materials for later viewing at home), and content providers to move and be done with the bias and the attempted control of all the truth getting out to the masses to decide for themselves. The truth will win in the end! And I hope this platform is the start.

This is really exciting, I'm glad I came into Steemit when I did.


Steemit community will continue to grow, will be interesting to see what happens to Steem and Steem Dollars....

This is so exciting 🙂🙂🙂

Yeah, definitely!

This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?

very nice and informative post.i followed you because u always share valuable content.good job and keep posting such contents,appreciated.

Am new here and i need friends to help me grow

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