STEEM QUEENS- @stellabelle, @allasyummyfood, @gringalicious, @rhondak, @patrice - cohosted with @crimsonclad

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I'm super pleased to present to the community the next panel- Steem Queens!!! I've gathered up some of the best known ladies on the platform to provide what should be an extremely entertaining panel discussion.

The Queens

@stellabelle- Literally the first thing I did on this platform when I got here was follow @stellabelle. I'm pretty sure it was a post by her that got shared to my facebook feed that brought me to Steem. It's my absolute pleasure to bring my friend Stella onto the show! I'm sure we're going to hear how Slothicorn will grow and ultimately change the world. Maybe she can tell us what Steem was like back in olden times circa early 2016!

@allasyummyfood- It seems that Alla may have mastered the art of Dtube. She's entertaining, charming, and is trailblazing as a foodie on the Steem blockchain. She's killing it, which is great especially as she's recently turned full time Steemian. I'm very much looking forward to see just how much she'll grow the platform with her content!

@gringalicious- Another lady I owe a personal debt to. She was one of my first sizable witness votes on the platform. It's been fun to watch her growth with her photography and her take on food. It's fun to see someone who is part of an active Steem family blog about it. Gringalicious is a little worried about travel arrangements for the panel and potential conflicts, but I'm putting her on as a yes even though we may have a last minute cancellation.

@rhondak- I met @rhondak early on in the life of the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel. She came in as a spitfire story editor giving dagger sharp critiques. She built up a highly active channel, took on the moderator tag, and before long outgrew the Minnow Support Project. She started the Writer's Block, which has hundreds of dedicated and professional authors in it in with @gmuxx. I can't wait to see where it goes and looking forward to one day publishing some Steem Memoirs with her future publishing company.

@patrice- Witness turned crime fighter extraordinaire will be joining us. She's the highest ranked female run witness on the Steem blockchain, and she's the day-to-day manager of some of the Steem blockchain's biggest anti-abuse bots. We'll talk about her work and her rise in the Witness ranks. Grats on top 50. 51 --> 50 was the worst!!!

Muh Co-host @crimsonclad!

Crimson serves as a moderator on more Steem based Discord groups than you even knew existed. She leads the committee for PALnet Discord and watches over our digital home like a momma hawk. She's a talented photographer, an accomplished front end designer, a MSP Medal of Honor winner, and one of my dearest friends on the platform.

Extra Addition!

Looks like we're be getting @beanz to join us as well!! Beanz runs the Voices of the Underground podcast and Discord server. I've been lucky enough to be on the show and talk about the Steem network with her. I'm looking forward to her thoughts on what it takes to grow an account and a channel on Steem.


The show starts on Saturday February 17, 2018 at 11am EST (1600 UTC). Shows typically run for 1.5-2 hours.
You can join the show by joining the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network.
I typically start DJing around 10:30am to give guests something to listen to and to give panel members a chance to test their audio in Discord. You'll need a headset and a microphone ideally though a cell phone can work.
If you'd like to participate in the chat you can join us in the audience channel

Post show

Leaders of female centric Discord groups are welcome to come towards the end of the show to pitch their Discord Channels to audience members who are looking for that experience.


This show is airing on the MSP-Waves. MSP is the Minnow Support Project. Like many things for MSP this show is geared towards figuring out how to grow, and these Queens represent some of the best success stories that we have. While I believe the show will be educational and entertaining for everyone I hope it will be especially useful for our female audience members. I imagine the stories of those who have been successful will help others looking to do the same.


I've reached out via and on your wall. If you'd like to be on this panel I'd be thrilled!!! I'm eternally in your debt and want to sing your praises! I wouldn't be here and really neither would all of PALnet or MSP without your help.

Should be fun!

I'm looking forward to hearing success stories from these ladies. I've been entertained by their content and looking forward to getting to know them more and hearing about what it takes to get to their level.

Same rules apply here as to all the other panels. We have community standards in terms of how folks are welcome to talk to one another. Disagreements are certainly allowed and discussion may be warranted, but everyone is expected to stay respectful. Folks that can't abide by that will be removed from PALnet.

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quite the honour to be 'sitting' at the round table with these fabulous women~ really looking forward to the discussion!


We take pride in his remarkable potential to serve the world of IT.


@fangcan888 - I like your profile and followed you. Welcome and all the best!


All the steem queens which are mentioned here are very inspirable .The other womens or girls in our community should learn some things from these steem queens


Wuao !! something remarkably, for a woman to feel proud of what the genre is doing nowadays!


good reply Crimsonclad


Good luck and may the STEEM be with you!


Incredible choice @aggroed... I'm a follower of several on this dream team line up...

going to follow now the ones that I missed... Thanks for the feature!


nice post


yeah nice @aggroed :) good ide to me! ...


You deserve it.


Yes, you are welcome.


Awesome, nice to know there is a strong woman presence here! New to steemit and getting the hang of it. Where I can see this panel?

Thanks for including me in the list! I'm glad we talked or else i would have missed this! Thanks again and will look forward to tomorrow!

Yeah really they are the queens of the steemit.
Now the nice idea would be to make list of Kings 😆


Kings and Queens of whale world!


I think I am in support of that.

@gringalicious is my favourite one! :D

Hmm... I'd like to join this panel of awesomeness! Gonna tune in and listen in any case.

“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. 'Time' for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.”
― Roman Payne

all are legend of steemit and queen too! All those are helping much the the community!


Thanks @aggroed for this posts. i joined December and almost five of these Queen legends are on my "following" list. No one introduced them to me. I just came by them. i guess even the steemit algorithm can identify them as movers and shakers here.

Keep it up!


They are definitely easy to spot! Very active and popular with quality posts.

Nice! Can't wait to hear more about these awesome Steemit queens. Thumbs up for @crimsonclad & @gringalicious whom I do admire! After a month on Steemit, I am certainly looking to learn more and how to grow :)

Very good family steemit, I use the term family because this post of @aggroed I feel charged with a lot of sensitivity and emotion. In his words feels the one that tells a story that grew and that has no end and that its actors in this case "Queens" of this movement that puts in the hands of the majorities the power to vote and create makes it special.

Thankful that the invitation is made to the community I would like to propose again that we can open more the power of coverage of the msj that you promote. Because there are still many people that can be reached in the use of thousands of free digital platforms. I understand that the event will be open for the community. I would like you to authorize me to try to place the audio of the stemmit platform of this event in the city you want.

A big hug and I continue to congratulate you for wanting to consciously continue to make a steemit family more than a community of actors.

I apologize in English use google translator.

I have been a follower of @kaylinart & @allasyummyfood for long.
@kaylinart is really a great artist. Unlike youtube only few have managed go fulltime on steemit.

Steemqueens killin it! Kudos, ladies!

Sounds like these will be great interviews :)


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It indeed should be fun, will be interesting.

Where's @techslut in that list btw? :D


Good question!

I congratulate you. a sincere and sincere sharing @aggroed


Woohoooo, I’m excited for this power house. I won’t be able to make it, but look forward to listening afterwards!

I @eunireal1 and my sister @chiomaeze love @allasyummyfood, actually I got to know about this nice lady through my sister she is a very big fan of you @chiomaeze. Through you breakfast, lunch and dinner look transforming and palatable. Thanks for teaching us via dtube wonderful dishes. I am a big fan of you and definitely you have so much content and art to provide to we steemians.

Thanks for this - it will hopefully educational and inspirational hearing the thoughts and attitudes of these lovely people.

Sounds like quite the panel of guests @aggroed ! I will try to tune in.

DAYUMMMM its finally OUT yaaaaaaaayyy!!!


Good luck 👍


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A very good initiative that I really appreciated.

The queens that you presented, I know some of them who I followed after my registration in this prestigious platform but after launching this post I will follow them all in order to learn from their experiences and discover the secret of their success in Steemit.

@aggroed This is awesome! I can't wait to hear from some of the ladies that bring encouragement. They're all great role models for this community :) Thanx! Your friend - @splendorhub


It would be a dream to marry a Steem Queen someday.

They are really iron ladies with a huge following. They always share good things to grow the steemit family. They are also helping hand to the beginners.

I appreciate your acknowledging of their selfless support and encouraging stuff. It's good we have so many talented and powerful queens.

They do a great job, they have quality content and amazing photos

This is a great post with reference to people who need to be recognised for their excellent work!

Awesome! I need to start listening to all these great shows!!! :)

This is awesome. this people deserve this.

they are assets to the steemit community.

congrats to you all.

good luck

let the games begin...

Hey steemians its so nice to see that steemqueens are helping to steemroll other social media sites.keep up the good work.

wow they are so great. I just know that with hard work, we can get there. Amen to that.

당신의 글은 읽을 만한 가치가 충분히 있습니다.

The Queens, some women who are successful on some steemit platforms, I think they are legend, dtube, discord platform
I think deserve to be a queen of steem. I hope this article contributes to us in steemit


Agreed, some women truly are queens.

They are really the true steem Queens.....I am really excited to see them together

Thanks for sharing

I can't agree less, this female figure has contributed far more content and encouragement to the Steemit community.

I'm setting an alarm so I don't miss this one!

more information

Nice post brother


From this post, Is @aggroed a male or female...


I always thought @aggroed was a male, but now I must be wrong.

Woohoo! I'm excited about this. And I really like the pic. :D

Good job man......great working......great thinking...creative mind...keep it up!!!

resteem done

Wow this great...Steem is always queen and I am really excited.

Wow amazing post

Reading your article, I am more and more curious. tq

beautiful post

“I believe in strong women. I believe in the woman who is able to stand up for herself. I believe in the woman who doesn't need to hide behind her husband's back. I believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don't play victim, you don't make yourself look pitiful, you don't point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart.”
― C. JoyBell C.

I have actually read this article, firstly I love the heading @STEEM_Queens, and second I have followed all the @Steem_Queens, upvoted and also commented.
I know that one day I'll also be among the @STEEM_KINGS..

Spread the community folks!

Congratulation for become steem queen😍😍@aggroed .
Wish you very successful in the steem world....
Go ahead....

its a very good inititive for steem ladies. wish you very good luck.

Nice post....

Really like the idea! Good to give the steem Queens a platform!

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They do a great job !!! you are really steemit queen

I am very happy to know all this, let's keep working hard so that all can be achieved perfectly. salute for queen

How cool is that!
And now where are the KINGS of steemit? Lol
You "Kings" should start coming out and take the lead for us. We the newbies are good follower-leaders. Let us jump in and get out from the silent corner. 🤗

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I feel like what you're talking about is a show somehow I like it

Voting is meaningless #norewards

All is legend at steemit
and I really appreciate you guys, I have a lot to learn from all of you to become a successful steemian.
I wait for the next post.

Very nice post!

You thought the biggest news this month is the reunited Spice Girls?? Oh no!!Steem Queens rules!!

Hey @aggroed

Its really wonderful stuff and good steeming about ladies stuff at steemit community networks
images (4).jpeg

Moreover its nice article written on legned and promoter of fellows.
Its good to see the information and important blogs, like it your stuff and note.
my support and fellow upvote always with your blogs
Steem on

my art 😀😊


Normally I discourage posting your own, irrelevant stuff on someone else's post, and I still stand by this. But this is really cool! If I thought you really made this, I'd upvote you and resteem. But alas, I am not feeling very confident based on your blog posts....

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kolay gelsin efenim.

Wow keren
Follow me

Such a pleasure to meet so many queens of Steemit! I'll be following the show (:

great your post and i will done upvote

I am so excited for these. Thank you @aggroed.

nice post

I guess, nice?

Queens with golden heart. You are lucky @aggroed to have support of such kind ladies

Exciting stuff! I do have to agree that as soon as I joined I followed @stellabelle.

Fantastic project, good luck, looks like it will go well!

👍♨️⚡ just followed you and upvoted

How is it possible please helf me.


We all need a little helf now and then.



select me friend

I just wonder why miss @sweetsssj was not included in the Queens of Steem or maybe she's a Princess...

Tremenda historia y trayectoria, es realmente admirable!!!!! suena divertido, seguiré tus avances a ver que talOK

I couldn't resist but resteem

great post excellent thank you for posting good luck

excellent post, I am an artist and I would love to draw such beautiful queens of Steemit!

Great post @aggroed, its a great way to recorgnise the effort of this hard working women that are balancing the scale for the saying "what a man can do a woman can do better". Just wished @sweetsssj had been there. Nice job all the same.

Wow..! Never thought that steem got this stuff. But I like the idea of steem development from this post.! Keep on producing more post. 😄

👑 always make it happen

what a great post i really i appreciate it.. im excited about this.
post for today

hallo sahabat steemit semua saya pendatang baru disini mohon bantuan untuk mejadi sahabat saya semua

Great post! I Upvoted and followed. Do the same and we can support one another.

always bring good work to us, we are waiting for it ....... We are always with you .... especially I am with you all the time.

wow. really deserved queens. congrats.

A good post, please vote my account @batman31