Steem 2.0 is coming like a big wave and if you can read this you're gonna catch it.

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Ok, I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated that even with all the hard work this community of people is doing we're still sitting on a coin that's resting at around one USD per Steem. I have a hard time believing that bitcoin is literally 10,000x better than Steem. It's slower. The fees are enormous. It can't fork. It does fewer transactions. It has a evil twin that might be trying to collapse it. It's amazing to see a crypto doing that well but I find it shocking it's bitcoin.

Ok, next up we have ethereum. they figured out how to start tokenizing the internet. We on this platform had our first interaction with it too. @neoxian and his crew linked an ethereum token to @vote2ico and his posts caught a lot of attention. I saw at least one post from @noisy saying it was bad and scary, but I look at it I think it was awesome. Tying Steem to a token is the future of this place. I went through the work of getting my ethereum wallet up and running and able to accept alt tokens. It was a giant pain in the ass and sending transactions around was gonna cost me $3-4 bucks. I'm glad I could make tokens, I'm glad I can tie those tokens to Steem, but that experience was still overall a pretty shitty one.

Steem 1.0

Seems like investors don't really trust Steem. If I had to guess the reasons are they don't like us I'd start with the "ninja mine" at the beginning. They don't like the distribution, and they don't like that this platform has occasionally had network issues. They also don't like that it isn't ever really worth more, has a hard time getting worth more, and when it is worth more there are a lot of whales putting downward pressure on price. It's too hard to time an investment with a 13 week window to get out. Hard to pull out in this case also means hard to put in.

So, look I'm not complaining here. I'm just trying to make sense of what I'm seeing in the market, what I'm hearing, and what I think through as a newer crypto investor. Some of these real concerns and perceived concerns are holding down the price of steem. For right now that's good news for you because some really fucking big things are coming.

Steem 2.0- Communities and SMTs

Here's the skinny on the two next biggest things.

Communities: You can form your own personalized community and simultaneously allow people in your group to post to the block, and also not post in the feed of your community. This let's you highly tune your feed and allow multiple posters to a single thread. The Minnow Support Project has had some success doing this, but it's been a challenge and we've had to build tools to make it sorta work. When communities are launched it's just baked into the platform. Should be really exciting!

SMTs: These are Smart Media Token. Key letter there is TOKEN! We're gonna fucking tokenize the internet people. Instead of 523450klj234g230flk2345ou as your address it's gonna be @applecoin. Instead of waiting minutes to know a transaction has occurred you're going to wait 3 seconds. Instead of wondering what your wallet value is for different coins and having to work through multiple programs or keep a full wallet up you just click "wallet." A year from now a person will know more about you from looking at your Steem wallet than you're dating profile.

Wow, this dude likes his homeschooling community, organic gardening, free trade commerce, and lesbian porn... interesting. You'll tell by the tokens that they keep because they'll basically represent the attention that they donate to any given online community. And, they'll be worth money. Instead of complaining about the asshole whales you'll make your own community token and give yourself whale power. It'll be epic!

Steem is going to be at the forefront of that. Steem is going to make it easy. Steem is gonna have the largest active community in the crypto space. And we're not talking years we're talking about months.

Personally I think you have about 3 more months of cheap steem. So get'em while you can. Cause this shit's hot.

This is where we're headed. So, buckle your seats, work hard, and it's coming!


@aggroed a nice write up. I keep reading about the whales and the downward pressure whenever steem goes across the 1 dollar point in value. Do you have any insight into why this is the case? Because when i read about investors not finding it interesting due to the 13 weeks why would they bother keeping the price low then? I have trouble connecting the dots.

Autobots, roll out!

Or all this could be a very positive thing....

When the price of Steem starts trending up pass $4,

The wonderful complexities of our 14 Weeks Vest, Steem To Vest Depreciating Ratio, SBD Interest Rates(Did somebody say negative interest soon?), Interest for SteemPower Annual Inflation(Which secretly hides growth), Complex % Curation Payouts Decay, Downvote Flagging Micro-Battles, and our (in)famous variations of upvote agendas which includes assortments of Circle-jerk, Self-jerk, Whale-jerk, Orca-jerk, Dolphin-jerk, Minnow-jerk, Bots-jerk, Swarm-of-Fake-Russian-Accounts-Following-Curation-Jerks, etc, Etc, ETC...

All will make predictability (including all future forks aka SMT, Oracles, Tokenizations) of Steem for future traders almost impossible (Think Game Theory & Chaos Theory had a love-child in the token market) and will result in steady year-after-year of macro-incline of price per new user until we exceed 1 Billion Users and $10,000 per Steem Price.

Yes ....


You Heard if First Here on @aggroed post :D

Steem: Worth The Wait ......Don't Become A Ronald Wayne
source: pinterest

Go Ahead Sell.....I Dare You To Sell.....And Have The Biggest Epic Block-chain Regret of Your Life.\


You know, I'm getting that same feeling. We're in that "shake the tree" period where the ones that stick with this amazing community and platform, will be glad they did. You know Ronald Wayne is kicking himself right now... Don't be that guy.

Ah... a kindered spirit. Sorry I miss your reply above.

Well if its any amusement or re-inforcement to your hard earn investment in Steem go check out these replies:

My reply to @taskmaster4450 post Newcomer Issue with Steem Payouts - You are looking at it all wrong and an example of how Steem is going to create incredible wealth

My reply to @steemmatt post: Are you a Steemit taker, matcher, or giver don't be shy

I like your optimism :) I might send this wishlist to Santa ;)

Well, that's an optimistic approach @geekgirl, the right question is.....have you been naughty or nice :P

Well I hope it holds off until re-up

Yeah you said it bud, it has so much going for it it's hard to believe more people aren't jumping on it now around a buck! Like your last post pointed out I think investors are putting their money into coins that have quicker fluctuations to earn money faster. Lucky for us were all accumulating on the cheap thru our blogging. It will blow and then everyone that believed in Steem from day 1 will reap the benefits

Exactly right!

I wish I had known about it since day 1.... never too late

hope you are right

Going to have to go to college to use this site...
Sounds complex and confusing.
Pardon my lack of tech,computer skills,and cyrpto ignorance.
I'm trying to figure this out,but it is ever evolving ...
but hey if I ever figure it out I will be able to post articles to help people learn too.
Know what I meme.

Not to mention - dividing 7000 active people up into groups will kill the pitiful interaction here. No one's post will be seen unless it goes in a group. Then the group only has a handful of people so the only way to vote is in a circle jerk.

Interaction dies - no one can succeed.

I'm so sorry to see this happen.

Interest perspective. But already the circle jerks are happening with auto voting and the trending page. In communities curators will be very important to bring in new members and help nuture new users.

If there are 50 groups - there will only be 140 people per group. That is not enough people to sustain a community or be inviting to anyone from outside.

where do you come up with dividing people into groups? whats getting divided? SMTs are completely different from steemit. their for different ventures to create their own platforms. steemit will still be the core as the tokens will need steem power for their bandwidth.

I was referring to communities dividing steemit bloggers.

I've been in many Facebook groups with less than 50 people and seen constant interaction, why wouldn't people do the same and get paid instead?

Using this site is better than going to college. Tune in, turn on, drop out! :P

Well said Timothy! :D

I really am looking forward to the evolution of the SteemIt platform, I really believe we have a lot to look forward to in 2018!

Seems like steem 1.0 is being a #%!^#^ and I can't catch it xD image

Steemrush all the way!

It's too hard to time an investment with a 13 week window to get out. Hard to pull out in this case also means hard to put in.

Dude, believe it or not, I was having that same exact thought today, in a moment of reflection about Steem in the crypto space! I was thinking about writing something about it, but you beat me to it. I agree, it's a very important aspect of this platform and big investors are surely be turned-off by that. In a moment of crisis, investors must act fast, but with their capital being tied down to 13 weeks, it's not appealing for them at all. Steemit needs to rethink this strategy, if they want to focus on investors; or focus on the regular non-wealthy folks to increase the user base and activity on Steemit. When the user base is huge enough, perhaps it would convince the investors to put their money (and faith) in Steem for the long term.

Funny, because I was just reading the opposite argument a couple of hours ago coming from a post suggested to me. Don't know which way to look at it is the good one though.

At time of writing, 70% of Steem is circulating as Steem Power. As you need 13 gradual steps to convert Steem Power back to Steem, there is less volatility in the price graph of Steem compared to other altcoins.
Your fellow investors are not the fearful investors I was talking about in the first part, there is underlying value and commitment here.
There are currently around 30.000 active users on Steem who already own 70% of Steem. It is a growing community and I think it will be very interesting to see the moment we reach +/- 50.000. The demand for new Steem will be more than the 10% inflation supply, I don’t have to explain to you what that means, the price will go up.

I too believe in attention is the future asset. As we can already see Facebook monetizing it. So who can make it more efficient, who wins. Steemit has the capability to share the revenue with the users while Facebook does not. So yes, Steemit

basic attention token is doing this. the creator of BAT also created javascript and cofounded mozilla and firefox. its one of my top investments.

Thanks for adding a lot more information to the trickle I've seen about how SMT's and communities are going to work. It really does seem like this might spur much higher growth, and that will jack the price up.

And, this presents a concern for me. Steemit votes are stake weighted, including votes for witnesses, which means the witnesses can be promoted, added, or replaced completely, by someone with enough stake.

On BTC, and PoW cryptos, in order to take over the blockchain, and potentially corrupt the chain, you need control of 50% + of the miners/nodes in order to do that. The witnesses determine what code runs the Steem blockchain, so all that is necessary to takeover the Steem blockchain, Steem, SMT's, communities, and all, is enough money.

There are people who could spend enough to buy every Steem that exists today, and not even notice, and some of those people directly compete with Steem and it's ecosystem, Steemit, Busy, Dtube, etc... Adding SMT's to that will both increase the threat to competitors, and the profitability of a potential buyout of the big stakes.

When Steem takes off, they'd be stupid to just let it replace their cash cows. The Zuckerburgs and Schmidts have the money, the trend will be up, and their $B's being earned today from Alphabet, and Fakebook, will be on the line. They saw what happened to Myspace when Fakebook took it's users, and Ebay when Amazon did.

I have been raising this issue with folks as can address it as I can. I've not had any answer that made me comfortable this was even a flaw, as the stake necessary to control the witnesses would be purchased by the Sybil attackers in that event, and the holders of all that mined Steem would float off into the sunset of free speech on golden parachutes of cash.

How can Steemit become secured, so that it doesn't just get bought in a hostile takeover, and all our accounts be simply transferred to Fakebook and Youtool?

I'd appreciate any substantive response you can give.


I’m sad you didn’t have a funnier tag along with your post. C’mon aggy #ethwalletsetupwastheworst #steembeatsbitcoin #bitcoinkilledbyevilcousinyouhearditherefirst

Will steemit ever be available in other languages? I tried to get my students involved. They are Mandarin speakers, but having the entire interface in English was an obstacle for them.

Condenser, the web interface, has a few language translations that can be detectable depending on the computer's locale. More languages can be added, it's an open source code, so all contributions are welcome to be submitted on github.

Also, Golos is the russian equivalent of Steemit, with their own blockchain developed based on steem's code. There's also a korean website (don't remember what it was) that is using condenser, to access the blockchain, with their own translation.

We can already choose between English, French, Italian, Russian & Spanish in Steemit's account configuration so I guess Mandarin should also eventually find its way to the platform.

I can see posts in different languages, so why not let them jump in now 👍

I'm sure if you can teach them how to use this site or use Google translate to help them. I see posts in spanish and Korean in on this platform and I'm located in the US

very informative post

Everything you pointed out about Bitcoin is accurate. It's not 10,000 times better than Steem, but it does currently have seemingly better propagation (as in more people know about it) because it's been around for 10 times longer than Steem.

Bitcoins so-called superiority is an illusion created by the fact that it was first, and has had a ridiculous head start.

But you're right, the next year is likely when it begins to lose it's lead. There's a good chance that it's price will continue to climb (it's inherently exclusive and deflationary, after all) but Steem and SMT's will hit a breaking point where they're in so many hands that the net utility of Steem will begin to skyrocket in the eyes of the normal person.

This is when the tide will likely begin to turn. It all comes down to a propagation game. Think about it only 1 person had every U.S. dollar. Worthless. There has to be circulation of some sort. Bitcoin corners the deflationary market for exclusive participants, but Steem will fill the niche for widespread appeal.

If you type in Steem to Google now, you'll mostly see niche articles and Steemit blog posts. It won't even directly list the price if you type in 'Steem price'. You'll know the storm is about to hit when this changes.

In short you're correct - buckle up, folks. It's likely that 2018 will be the year that the Steem will take the world by storm.

Yes this is one of the problems Steem is facing. Lack of promotion. The Google search will also lead you to articles from people who have no idea about it saying it's a ponzi. It's just not a good look. More work has to be done to promote Steems strength so the masses or cryptocurious can learn about it

When I type STEEM, I get results about valve’s game distribution platform - Steam !

I'm sure glad I follow you and you're in my feed! @aggroed is keeping that glass halfway filled at all times and that is always encouraging!

I feel you @aggroed, we have plenty of people mining Steem every day that believe in the future of Steem ecosystem, eventually the tide will have turn and then strong hands will reap the benefits while weak weep. The initial ninja mine has sure hurt the Steem in the eyes of many, but over time the effect of that will fade away.

I can also confirm that technical analysis looks like buying time in a long timeframe view. In fact, I powered up some Steem Power, as my goal of 5k SP is closing in fast and I hope to reach that before it gets too hectic here!

Even Litecoin got up to +50 dollars after being around 1-2 dollars for a very long time. Everyone said it's dead except select few.

LTC is also easily available to purchase thru the coinbase app. That's an influx of cash pouring into the coin.

You're right about that.

@aggroed STEEMIT will be HUGE !!! I think that people that just consistently post and comment each day are the BIG WINNERS here.

Shhh!! Please stop telling people until after I get my tax return and can buy more...

Bitcoin is actually only 684x more valuable than steem. You have to look at marketcap, not coin price. ;) Still ridiculous...

The current problem with steem is people join the community simply to make money. It should be community first, self later or it will all turn into the grab and greed mentality that wolves of the web have reduced bitcoin to. The fiscal value should NEVER be important, but the sharing and humanity should.
Humanity over hustle always!

Sounds great! Please, don’t get me wrong: I’m new here and I like the active community and especially the project, as I like bitShares and EOS, and hope all of them will succeed. But, there is also this weird side to the community, which for non-steemians might look a little too sectarian and profit driven - posts, comments and upvotes often don’t make sense and don’t add value, and it seems like everybody is for himself trying to figure out how to make the quick buck. I worry, that if this will continue, it will eventually destroy the great project itself, as there will be no incentive for others to try to compete in this complicated reward system. Hopefully won’t happen. Go Steem 2.0!



It's so crazy that I was thinking the exact same thing right when I clicked on this post. I've been on steemit posting EVERY SINGLE DAY. I've spent countless hours on here with almost nothing to so for if you check my wallet.

Today, my motivation levels are really down. However, I am pretty sure they'll be back up again. Let's see what happens with Steem 2.0.

Cheer up @omarf


"Personally I think you have about 3 more months of cheap steem. So get'em while you can. Cause this shit's hot"

I'm all in with Steem too mate, what makes you think we have about three months before the big bang!

The thing is, everybody knows BTC. Well, just about everybody. Its THE original crypto currency, the first one. While Steem is only one of many, swimming in the pond of alt coins.
Money has always a lot to do with faith and trust. People want to know that their investment has a future, before they go in. This kind of trust is difficult to earn.

It sounds like I should turn more Steem dollars into steem and power up from what I understand over the next 3 months. Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

You have to make up your own mind. But I think we're gonna have a great 2018

I believe you only need to hold Steem, not necessarily power up with it unless you want to uleash its real potential. Holders of Steem tokens will see their value appreciate just the same.

ive powered up all of mine thus far. the more people power up and keep out of circulation, the igher the value will go as there is less to move around thus creating more demand. :)

Hay what do it mean does it is going to make an another Facebook. Where you make friends and only your friends can see it....

My fav. part of this post was the moon ;)
Jk, all of it was SPOT ON!

I happen to enjoy the part where Steem keeps the advertisers away! Advertisers and their "terms" are strangling creativity on the web as a whole. I'm tired of companies deciding what content is acceptable!

Maybe i understand steemit worng, but we are all creating money out of thin air here right? there are no ads or anything that bring in money. So the only way people can make money is if new people buy into steem. The fact that everybody is basically printing money here leads to the fact that people are constantly withdrawing as long as people withdraw money the value of steem is getting need way more moneys coming in than you have money being withdrawn in order for steem to go up. Am i mistaken?

That’s definitely something to think about. I have also my little worries, but more concerning the community and the motivations. In a previous comment, I wrote:

Sounds great! Please, don’t get me wrong: I’m new here and I like the active community and especially the project, as I like bitShares and EOS, and hope all of them will succeed. But, there is also this weird side to the community, which for non-steemians might look a little too sectarian and profit driven - posts, comments and upvotes often don’t make sense and don’t add value, and it seems like everybody is for himself trying to figure out how to make the quick buck. I worry, that if this will continue, it will eventually destroy the great project itself, as there will be no incentive for others to try to compete in this complicated reward system. Hopefully won’t happen. Go Steem 2.0!

I no fan of all these voting bots

Yes, and no. When people withdraw money, I think you mean they are selling their Steem, and this does produce downward pressure on the price. We don't create Steem when we post. New Steem is created through inflation, not any kind of mining, anymore.

As long as Steemit creates more users of Steem than are able to be satisfied by the amount of inflation, the price is pushed upwards, in theory.

Also, as people power up, or just buy Steem for HODL, the price is pushed up.

The competing pressures create the price of Steem, and it's been pretty stable around a dollar lately. That's the basics of it, and why Steemit 2.0 is likely to see the price skyrocket.

the problem in terms of crypto what steem2 and so on will be known only for insiders who registered in steem, usually cryprocurrency are known in coinmarket cap for volume and price change, because steemit cashouts are mainly through blocktrades we are invisible to people who are not in steemit already, and because we havent celebrities and news department like in other coins we are suck at this. So for short term we can make x2-x3 but if we dont fix that shit ( like list blocktrades to coinmarket cap so peoople see volume ) ( or attract some celebrity and so on and boost news every day ) then nothing happens on long run

Correct me if I am wrong, but when you power-down, you are basically converting SP to Steem (or SBD), right? It is then reflected in the Steem market cap until traded or sold.

no its not reflected people dont see it if its not trading in exchangers , and usually after power down we use this steem to send to blocktrades and its not showing too

Okay, so it stays in your Steemit account until disposition. But isn't the main purpose of a power-down to extract one's equity? ... Meaning it will likely wind up being sold at an exchange soon thereafter?

ye it should be, but people sell it via blocktrades so exchangers dont see this numbers thats the problem

Ah, I guess I'm not that familiar with Blocktrades. Where can I climb down that rabbit hole? Thanks.

just press wallet and sell buy button and you will be redirected to blocktrades

This alone is a game changer in crypto:

Instead of 523450klj234g230flk2345ou as your address it's gonna be @applecoin.

I agree, Steem is way undervalued at the moment, can't wait for Steem 2.0!

A username as a wallet address is not a new concept in crypto, it is at the core of Dan's first creation in the BitShares DEX. Cross-platform user issued assets trading on the DEX are the originating idea behind what SMTs will be. So having Steemit's SMTs using this model is not a game changer in itself, it's Steemit Inc playing catch-up to these concepts and trying to jump out in front of the EOS bullet train at the same time.

I agree with 'some' of this post. SMTs will be huge eventually, but honestly I've been a bit disappointed with STEEM so far... I think a lot of people have, which is why you're seeing the price drop and drop and drop.

I think the price does have A LOT of potential to go up, but STEEM needs to solve some basic basic issuess... like website building 101. The current community is so basic in functionality, that it is hard to see them revolutionizing the world/internet, when they can't build a well functioning website. So that leaves me with mixed feelings....

If they get their act together... we'll go to the moon with Steem. If not, someone else will eventually eat them up.

Who remembers MySpace?

I agree Steemit must shed this generic and organic looking site, develop some easy navigation tools, and the fb'ers and reddit guys will all show up. What do you think about an entry-level tutorial that one must complete before being cut loose as a Steemian?

Very excited for 2018, but I feel like there is still a lot of work to do around improving steemit itself, managing incentives around vote buying better, better systems for separating spammy posts from bots selling votes, identifying scams, etc.

I think that steem is going to move lock and step with the success of steemit, and the user retention stats for steemit itself aren't as good as I think they need (yet) to be for things to really take off.

Thanks for the post @aggroed, pretty informative.
I've been on steemit since June this year, however i also noticed steemit is not gathering enough attention required. Would love too see steemit touch


About vote2ico IT is not great not only regarding terms of steem economy but also neobooster ico which will not be a ico because their contract does not handle crowdfunding creator od that contract assigned all tokens to himself. Also you dont need to pay 3$ fee on eth. About being better than btc well no point in jumping to the steem for a user without knowing some whale who can promote his posts

Good post and very important information .
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Man, I've got chills. SMT for social/proof of brain. IOTA for value transfer/currency?

@aggroed Any concern with over proliferation of various tokens? Fiat is (somewhat) valuable because there are only so many governments in the world. Cryptos are spreading attention/values with each new ICO. Will SMTs thin out the proofs further?

I am so excited and happy that I found steemIt 15 days ago, I am ready for lift off.

While watching videos of Steemfest, visiting PALnet and listening to the Steemit Growth Forum I heard future "communities" mentioned and that excited me ALOT. Now here you are addressing that very topic.....Universal Synchronicity at its finest @aggroed !

I also heard mention of "widgets" being a possibility in the near future. How great would that be? Just seems Steemit IS in beta and is getting ready to explode.

Guess it is time to settle in for the winter and let peace be the journey!

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"It's too hard to time an investment with a 13 week window to get out. "

I am amazed there are not morepeople just buying steem and not turning it into steempower and just holding it waiting for the right moment. On that note external wallets, are there any? You can only hold it here? And need to register for an account to do that. It's a bit of a hassle, i have a wallet exodus that handles 15 different coins but no steem. I want to see steem take off

I'm surethere are some that HODL STEEM as an investment. I hold some that I have not powered up with, just for liquidity's sake.

I think you're right and I also predicted it with my drawing at ArtSteemFest :)


  1. Though STEEM has very Low fee, the entry barrier, ie the wait to get an account is longer. While earning is not possible, getting started with even bitcoin mining has no barriers like this. May one reason new users and thus investors are not coming in - with high engagement and retention rate STEEM is more like a cult

  2. SMT does looks very promising for communities like us ( PAL)

I believe steem price will go up , just a matter of time!

I'm excited about it @aggroed ... Hope steem goes to the moon :)

Exciting times ahead 😃

I heard you @aggroed. I am practically new in this community but I am investing several hours of each day here to learn and do my post better. I am 100 % Steemit on!

that's what it takes!

We are headed to the moon soon,am happy to be alive at this moment of transformation of the internet.

We're gonna fucking tokenize the internet people.

I keep telling people we are taking over the internet and it's coming.

Steem is gonna have the largest active community in the crypto space. And we're not talking years we're talking about months.

This is indeed the biggest crypto community.I have learned a lot about crypto in this last 4 months I have been here..

I am proud coz am spreading Steemit and the crypto info to my folks here in Uganda.

I agree it has the major potential, I just hope it has the rockstar team that can deliver the potential.
The current value of the coin reflects the dev arrogance that it doesn't need to get into the bigger crypto community and spruik the hell out of steem.
A shitcoin gains value by its creators giving it value, not waiting for its community to fluff around doing it.
I really hope all the new innovations aren't in vain, that would be a real shame.

Can’t wait. Thanks for the info, @aggroed. Resteemed.

Should be fun!

We are about to launch to the Moon named Steem 2.0 :)

Good! It's about time something upped the value of Steem. The content we share will earn more and that suits me just fine. I work hard on growing my account organically, no bots. So this is going to help me a great deal.

Yea, it's time to get some really cheap steems

I hope it's coming. Very motivated post...thanks :-)

Looking forward to it! Thanks for the heads up @aggroed

I think smts might be a bust. Who wants to keep track of their NyTimesTokens, GardeningForumTokens, TechCrunchTkens, etetc. Honestly it sounds like such a hassle. Also, you could just directly is sure instead anyway. I really don't get smts at all.

i will be tokenizing information and trade in crystals and gemstones as a SMT community when it comes to the time -- excited for the future of steemit and steem - thanks for your blog it lifts me up to envision the future here.

i hope your expectation will be right

Well, let's start investing now!

Reading this is actually so motivating. I'm excited to see all of this happen. And it feels like its going to be quick too. AND we're at the from of it all...This is cool

I'm still pessimistic. No one outside of steem is going to want the MSP coin. I've only heard hints of one possible website working with steem to start it's own token.

There's too much Steem. I think it will behave more like Ripple then it will Bitcoin. Will it moon every once in a while sure, but it will more likely have slow steady growth.

Maybe I'm just hoping that I'll be a dolphin or whale before Steem explodes and am just negative on the outlook of Steem.

I get where you are coming from but I have a worry that these sub communities aren't going to be so seamless. From my understanding a person is going to have to inject a bunch of capital into them for them to work. Only time will tell.

I agree with every word.
On the first of December 2018, roughly the same amount of new steem will be available to content creators as there is today; and there will be 5-10 times more people competing for it.

As a new user to Steemit, I am excited to see where this will go. I can say that the value of this community is not just in the crypto, but also in the wealth of information and willingness of others like yourself to help out the new members. This willingness not only excites folks like myself to keep going with the platform, but will make the platform stronger, and in the end more valuable!

Can you explain why someone would power down their steem? There is like no interested earned.

To sell it.

Yeah I understand that but what is the point in powering it down? Why not just keep it liquid? How much is the interest you earn?

Well for an INVESTOR who has CAPITAL will prefer powering STEEM into Steem Power which will allow ONLY 1/13th of it to be at RISK of BAD ACTORS/HACKING per WEEK.

This increment of liquid CAPITAL should minimize THEFT or LOSS if ANY.

Just my 3cents worth being Frank

People power up their liquid Steem so their upvote has more effect and they also will gain a lot more curation rewards from their votes.

If you believe in Steem long term, Steem Power is a good choice. But just buying some Steem to sell later could be wise right now profit wise.

There is interest earned... My SP increases everyday on its own.

Thanks for the info of crypto @aggroed I appreciate your all post 👍👍

Looking forward to converting some of my NEO into Steem in the coming days. Should i convert it to SBD or Steem?

Yes, sounds good as you explained it. The speed of transactions is a tremendous benefit compared to BTC.
Now, we need the acceptance of the big masses and people who use it. This is something Steem or SMT has to achieve and this is the difficult part. The technology and idea is great. No doubt!

The fact that btc can be changed for any other token or currency in the world is what makes it king. Also, I believe we are preparing for 1.0 since we havent made it past .19 yet

Seriously! I've not thought much about steemit. But now i believe in it now that it is soon going be a super future asset

It has a evil twin that might be trying to collapse it.

I'm really starting to see the other side of it and think it's the other way around.

I'm not saying Core teams proposed solutions can't work or that Bitcoin Cash is "real BTC", but it sure looks more like btc to me than Bitcoin does nowadays.

There's no knowing where prices will be, but considering that many Bitcoin users have both assets, it's easy to see which one they'll be likely to use for actual payments and off-exchange transactions.

That's not to say that I prefer holding one over the other, or that they are anywhere near Steems capabilities of course.

Thank you for the post @aggroed.

I just wrote a post depicting how I think that the price of STEEM not going up and this blockchain not getting attention is a good thing. We are in stealth mode at the moment, which means nobody is looking.

A lot of eyes on a broken system is not good. Few eyes on said system that is working out the kinks and getting better is very good. The apps, so far, leave a bit to be desired. However, they have very good development teams so steemit, zappl, and dtube will get it together.

Which means when the eyes do turn to steem, there is a lot to show them.

2018 will be huge for this blockchain.

Duuuude, Love reading about how awesome Steem is, it gets me amped up lol

Forget the moon ! steem will blast by on its way to the outer limits of our Solar system. I can see good times ahead let the party begin. Upvoted & re-steem. We need more positive posts like this one.

Thank you for the nice inspiration. Briefly introduced the idea in Korean.

tip! 10

Ok, your post got me hyped :) I needed this as I was starting to feel a bit bummed about the price action the last few months. As they say "Be right and sit tight"

Just do what I do... Buy more Steem at every dip. You'll be glad you did!

Do you not know the reason why steem and steemit is unpopular?
Besides the pre-mine thing it's the arrogance and cold-hearted mentality. Besides that Stan was making drones for the us government and the people with large sums of SP can censor whatever they want.
It's also against the ideas of dan who believes in non-agression and real name necessity to find a real altenative to government. A product which is good doesn't need advertisement. There is no support in helping the people to get into business, doesn't solve issues which are relevant to most people with empathy like getting back homeless people into business. These things of which the powerful users don't have a sense for attracts the same people which then creates a large user base of around 10000 real accounts of 400.000 who are looked at with disgust.
Do you see any of the investors and creators use steemit for personal things or to change the world to the better? Why no captcha, real name, basic income, sharing rewards.
Then you have a alt-right heaven where really only idiots want to be a part of. The insane are flocking here. I thought in 2013 that the people were nice and innovative but they are so average and the only reason why someone listens to themis because they get upvoted by hese people.

what's a dating profile?

like eharmony or plenty of fish. You don't need to talk about yourself as much because the tokens will pretty clearly express what you're in to.

Good job! Thanks to @martin.mikes you have planted 0.13 tree to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Help me to plant 1,000,000 trees and share my Steem Power to the others. Selfvoting is prohibited, but that should be the reason to spread the world to protect our precious environment. Check out profile of our conservation association @kedjom-keku and the founder/coordinator @martin.mikes to get more information about our conservation program. My current SP is 14371.22. Help me to plant more trees with your delegated SP.

Thanks a lot,
your @treeplanter

do we know when the next version will come out?

Hey thank you @aggroed ! I love reading all about speculation, potential, and what is happening with steemit it. I am still very new here and I am trying to keep a daily presence. I may not be hot or trending, but I love seeing that even one person upvoted some of my perspective! I look forward to reading more from you, and trying to hold on for a great ride. Cheers!

Thanks for the interesting post, and it was great to read all the comments it generated. Steemit, as a concept, has much to offer, but it would be a lot more welcoming to new users if your website and interface was not so clunky.

Despite being a fan of steem and the two advancements you mention here, I don’t see a sudden rise in steem price. To your own point Steem lags as it lacks market cap in the social space.... I would certainly continue to participate in steem community, but I don’t see enough reason here to buy-in at this time.

Much more likely, imho, that Facebook develops their own blockchain.

And growing .. we will! Thanks for sharing :)

Im really looking forward to the Communities. I think we will see a real positive increase of quilty Users with that.

Thanks for the early heads up. There indeed some exciting developments in the pipeline. Now is the time to start sharpening those posting and networking skills. In a nutshell, adhere to the Boysouts motto and "Be prepared".

oh thank you for saying it so vividly.

I have a hard time believing that bitcoin is literally 10,000x better than Steem. It's slower. The fees are enormous. It can't fork. It does fewer transactions

YES YES YES. i mean, what are we doing wrong? what should we be doing? i'm doing a project to onboard audience from existing youtuber that's should be here with big networks. i think we don't do enough to push that it's the fastest blockchain on earth for a start but yes, we need more content out there about the good things.

maybe i'll start making some top 5 or top 10 things about steemit and the media assets to boot that people can use to get visability too -- how do you get someone to look at your stuff when they are looking at the king all special and sparkling rolling into 11k like it aint no problem! :)

I'm very hopeful for such a future. Ever since I read about SMTs I felt like STEEM was going to go through the roof, I just wasn't sure when.

We'll be prepared and at the ready once the Steem 2.0 era arrives.

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