Evangelizing Steem to Pillar, a Crypto Venture Capital Firm, Fidelity's Crypto Hedge Fund, Flipside Crypto a crypto portfolio managagement company, A Korean Newspaper, And Devs

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I had a fun evening tonight. I performed my Witness evangelizing for Steem to the best of my ability. I visited a networking event in Boston hosted by Pillar. @pillarvc is an account I made Russ, one of the partners, so they could talk about crypto on a blockchain! They currently use Medium, and It breaks my Steem heart.



Sarah is a partner at Pillar and seems to be in charge of social media and social events along with more traditional investment concerns. She also seems to keep some of the other partners in line, organized, and on time.



Russ is my main point of contact at Pillar. The same day I finished the post about why my friends and family should invest in crypto specifically Steem and other DPoS coins I gave Russ the same pitch. It seemed well received and I'm hoping that as we finish the correction Pillar is going to invest at the bottom. Should be fun, and hopefully this audience responds well to a crypto VC from Boston being on Steem promoting their projects, social gatherings, and investments here.


Fidelity: Matthew

Meet Matthew! Matthew works for Fidelity on the bleeding edge of finance by serving as a PM for their crypto hedge fund. I didn't get a lot of time in with Matthew, but I did an elevator pitch regarding Steem and showed him blocktivity.info. I swayed him enough that he invited me into Boston to talk to his guys the week after next. I'll be there. Hopefully they make a sizable investment into Steem at the bottom of the dip too, and hopefully I can share some of the awesome projects we have going on at Steem with this mega fund.

Flipside Crypto: Dave


Meet Dave! Dave was a very funny and gregarious sort who had already purchased Steem. He runs a portfolio management company for crypto. My dad probably wants to own some, but may not be ready to do all the day to day management. These guys get investor groups, run an algo to find a good mix, and then purchase. Steem keeps making it high on their purchase list, but being avoided by one of the other partners. I'll try to get a word in with my next target and get him to repent his Steem heresy!

Korean Newspaper covering crypto, Hankyorah: Shinjae

Shinjae works for a Korean newspaper. He's working on putting together a crypto news stream. I'm going to try to connect him with @clayop and @slowwalker so he can get embedded in the Korean Steem community. This is a main contributor to Steem growth in dollar terms and having better and more favorable coverage from a Korean insider in the Steem community could be yuuuuuge.


STUTO: Giuseppe

This is a developer group that's working on implementing a zcash and bitcoin merger to create a more private bitcoin. I believe they also do some open source development too. I'm hoping they keep the crypto community abreast of their work by sharing it on Steem.


The last thing I did which I did a few times was to introduce some Devs to Utopian. Many thought it was too good to be true to be paid for opensource work. A few took some photos to store it on their phones. The guys I met represented Dev collectives so I am pretty excited that teams of folks might sign on.

I'm running a forum on Saturday to learn how to invest in cryptos


If you're ready to buy the dip, but don't know how this is a great opportunity to learn.

a small ask

I don't ask for much, but I'm going to send them all this post. If you could kindly upvote and resteem I think it could have a nice impact.


Great post! Steem keeps growing by leaps and bounds! Amazing!

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"Love in the mind controls the heart, Love in the heart controls the body."

Hey Homey!!!! These Big Banks are killing me!!! Good Post though.... I cant believe these idiots... Haters will hate... it's a shame

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Great news of the steemit community!

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Thanks Aggroed, Pillar is one of my favourite projects in the cryptospace. They should definitely start posting here on Steemit as they are more likely to find their potential userbase here. Steemians are very active investors and crytpto-savvy so not an audience for them to ignore.

I like this post The news from that would cause institutional FOMO, and that's the best kind of FOMO there is.thank you

your post is very knowledgeful excited for you and hope they buy into Steem week after next! We are a virus that will be of epidemic levels for the industry.

The world isn't ready for what's about to happen. Network growth will be neck braking pace... hold on!!!

@aggroed Thank you for your continuous contributions on Steemit. You're appreciated and your insight on investing in crypto will help a lot of perople and I thank you for that. I invite you and all who read this to please stop by and join a contest I am doing called "Together We Build 4" winner gets 10 SBD and it's a great way to interact with others and build our Steemit community. Thank you.

Amazing work @aggroed!

As a fellow steem promoter, thank you for such great visibility to both steemit and utopian :)

As a utopian supervisor, I definitely confirm to your words; yes the payments are real, and we are more than happy to award great open source contributions.
Utopian has given out thousands already, so open source devs/contributors/guys... you're all more than welcome to join and contribute!

PS: self-upvoted for visibility

Fantastic job @aggroed. Some of these folks might be interested to know that @goldmoney-inc, a publicly traded company with nearly $2 billion in assets in 150 countries is now on Steemit.

first of many I'm sure.

Its not fair.

Good to know

not recognizing the fundamentals at play here would be a fatal error.

Steem isn't going away. Great work @aggroed. Keep hustlin.

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Steem isn't going away!! Great job @aggroed, I started #SteemVangelism for the same purpose. Check my blog for my works.. Well done sir

Hy aggroed.....
Nice to meet you
Can you teach me about learn to steem

Agreed, Steem is part of the future. And we still got a lot of work to do for the future. It is up to all of us.

Steemit is the present and the future. Poverty is doomed. Steemit is its cure.

@aggroed this should be a great project. I wish you the best of luck if you like Crypto news and commentary give me a follow.

Thanks.I also!

Resteemed, upvoted and followed @pillarvc and will interact with his contact if he posts! Awesome job as always Aggroed!

Thanks Brian. Looks like I'm coming to San Diego on the 19th of Feb.

I'm happy for you now is the time to invest!Lovely post @aggroed!I follow you!


Ooooh 19th, awesome man! Keep me posted

Awesome you're out there talking about steem. Do you have a standard pitch you use for Steemit? I'd love to take some of my co-workers through something that explains stuff better than I can right now.

I have the post about telling my friends and family to invest. It's recent on my wall.

I had missed that one. Incredible post. Thanks for pointing me to it.

Oh great! I will have to check that out, too.

Very informative post. Well done @aggroed. I'm just new to the steemit community so this was very helpful information for me. Thank you for that.

My pitch is that Steem is Money Book as opposed to mere Face Book or Rob Book.

You go cuz!!

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Give them a small gift from steemians as an entry point, let them play out with steemit. What is better than promoting it to fund investors would be to promote steemit at, image makers and personal managers. People that promote other people as a job, those will appreciate our ecosystem way more than any others. It is their game in a new language, if that makes sense. Smart will see the possibilities. Great things are coming @aggroed the wise ones will stick around for the next 3 years cause we will lead the changes in the industry, in a means to stay relevant a percentage that will only grow will join forces with us. We are a virus that will be of epidemic levels for the industry.

Nice speech, right on!

Great speech...

@aggroed great work and we all look forward to seeing these guys in. I work in the finance sector, and I know Fidelity, they are quite big over there and have a strong tie with the traditional Finance, so it could be an excellent reputational effect to have them onboard.
I live in Switzerland and work in Zurich (my house is close to Zug also known as the CryptoValley); there are many VC opportunities over here, drop me a line if you would like to do something together in Europe to evangelize Steem. Other people reading this also feel free to connect for further information. We need to spread the word, blocktivity should be taken more seriously.
This significant correction is to be Darwinism at its best, only the most suitable technologies and projects will survive. As far as I know, we have the very best, and a working prototype ran through the blockchain.
All the best and Steem to the Moon!

I'm interested. Come find me Discord. If you can setup a meeting for some VCs I'll come out.

pedrito vazques emosionante y hermoso Pais Mexico.

Good to see @aggroed love your blog and great to see you expanding your connection. Get them all to buy steem or will Dave convince the rest of team?

nice post

I agree! <3

Good job!

just keep it up with the good work

Nice writing but you can't evangelize anyone.

Good work darlin!!!!!! WOW!

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agreed, spreading the word and the love of the future

Nice Work @aggroed!
keep it up man there are going to be cool times ahead!
Kind regards

I am starting to share about this amazing news about steem and reading this post of yours has been just a perfect timing. Thank you for sharing this @aggroed.

Steem is now on binance... steem got a B+ rating by top notch rating agency,,,, good news keeps piling up. Great time to be part of steemit.

I agree and I must say that being part of this amazing platform is just great. I am now more motivated to learn about how to improve here and by just reading some incredible post like this, it is really helping. 😊

Wow, you are doing big things @aggroed ! #aimhigh Do you ever sleep??? ;) I am learning so much about this platform from your content!

only during weird hours.

wow this is really awesome.. I heard from @jerrybanfield that you are doing steemit fulltime but I thought it just about witnessing steem blockchain and posting here on steemit. I never knew that you are doing this kind of meetings for the sake of steemit. I salute you for your works. done voting you as one of the witnesses I support. keep up na good work sir.

good thing

Oh wow. that's huge. I didn't even realize fidality had a hedge fund for cryptos.

Thank you for your work to promote steem to the people who can invest sizable amounts into steem.

Moar like this!


nice ride lol

Very good work @aggroed !!!!

Even though I am brand new to everything crypto and Steem and didn't fully understand your article. I am so excited for you and hope they buy into Steem week after next!

I just lost it at Utopian-io part as a Utopian-io moderator...
Let's show them what new world capable to... By donating them, By Utoping them...

@aggroed You seem authentically knowledgable and look forward to learning more from you.

Nice to read this post. in addition there is knowledge we become familiar personnel from Crypto Venture Capital Firm. Personnel complete with his duty to give me an idea to do the same with you.

Great work bringing more into our space, excellent approach. I have been trying to get some major youtubers I communicate with onto steemit since I signed up, working on permission to post their stuff here. I plan to post for them until I can convince them to join, with payouts being the incentive I will donate the earning to said owner of content!
Still waiting for permission but I’d like to bring more my style content here from people we all know and love.

Thank you @aggroed! Those guys are very lucky you came knocking on their door. If they buy this dip they are going to be sitting pretty by the end of the year... upvoted & resteemed.

You're looking very superhero-esque in these pics. I can see from your posture that you're doing the good work. Thanks for evangelizing our community to people in a position to help take this thing next level.

What an amazing trip! Take me with you next time haha. Seriously - keep this up. Once the bottom hits having these people on board will be huge.

Cryptos are a volatile market, and hedge funds love volatility

its remain to be seen, how this volatility will diminish and crypto can be used as an actual medium of exchange

As an HF Manager is really easy to lose a lifetime career because of a bad investment decission, Cryptos are by far the riskiest asset class. Try to convince not them but their clients to put the money. As said before we will arise after all the s**tcoins and projects leave the Arena, but before we need more stability for the long run.

I'm not sure it's the riskiest asset class.... high yielding debt during rising rates is pretty risky... mortgage backed securities aren't yielding double digits for no reason...anything in Venezuela or North Korea is pretty high risk... pharma with only one project is crazy risky... commodity exploration... import export in the middle east has gotten very risky.

But with these types of investments you have to have more than one pick, so if something crazy happens to your top pick you still have others to fall back on.

Thank you for preaching the good word steem!

@aggroed will there also be a recording of the forum posted somewhere? I would like to listen but will be unavailable at that time.


Thank you for your good work.

답변이 오게 될지 안 오게 될지 아직은 잘 모른다.

개선 사항이 있는데 이곳에 적어도 되나 의문이 든다.

Upvoted / Resteemed Great post!! This is amazing! Thanks for your hard work and dedication. You are the man!!

Congratulations @aggroed! The more people know about Steemit the more the community will grow and stronger it will be :)

This is the kind of thing that deserves a witness vote (which youhad from me months ago). Up into the top 10 very soon!

Steem is going away and never give uLEGEND_20180110_202548.gif. We want more better and the best.lovely.

I don't like crypto and mining bc thing.. it hurts the real PC gamers... :((( #RIP nVidia

you're all more than welcome to join and contribute!

Amazing work! and I think this post is very knowledgable for me.

Great job sir, thank you. I upvoted it and resteemed, I know you have a great impact to the Steemit platform as it will be popularized all over the world. Keep up the good work sir...God bless!

bon travail continuez, steem a la lune

Quite an interesting post. Love to see more..

I appreciate this. IT will solve the doubt about clarity of steemit.com. Wish better future of steemit.com. No more @beta future. Great job @steemit

OMG, good post. Great work.

Hi sir best regards from me @aggroed please vote me

good post. it is nice to introduce the key team members. this type of meetings and active participation takes steemit a long. i liked the post. voted, resteemed.

You are such a team player.I appreciate your critical thinking around this project.

Great job guys have fun with your friends 😊

Keep up the good work Man! Keep the @steemit's flag flying. Even with my little knowledge of @steemit, I have been evangelizing to people. This, I believe is one of the best ways to help people.

I have just upvoted u and resteemed ur post.
Is their anything else i could do
I m new to steemit. Can u upvote my posts

Very good post! I think this post is very knowledgable for me.

Very excited, nice post seen after few weeks.


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Good fantastic job @aggroad.
Amazing informative post.

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Upvoted / Resteemed Great post!! This is amazing! Thanks for your hard work and dedication. You are the man.
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Spreading the good word! 👊

How many Steem users do you expect a year from now?

I think 2M accounts is conservative.

This post for US many useful. All this topic should know. In particular, corrosion new user ☺

Kryptocurrency all the way.... Good job.

This post for US many useful. All this topic should know. In particular, corrosion new user

Many wonderfull faces there @aggroed FANTASTIC job and If I could I would give 1000 thumbs ups!

After I join Steemit, I learnt a lot of new things. Such a post can really help. Thanks

This is amazing. With sustained awareness and collaborations like this, Steemit would soon emerge a global Shaker and game changer.

W similar Steemit networking event in Ibadan, Nigeria yesterday. It was massive! I am so glad to be here.

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