The Trending Page is Making Me Question The Long Term Potential of Steemit

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When i joined Steemit a few weeks ago i was full of optimism, so much so that i scaled back on my content sites to learn and experiment on the platform. On face value Steemit looks full of potential for content creators to earn a fair amount from the time and effort they put in. However, looking at the trending page today i question whether Steemit has a long term future as clearly there is systematic abuse of the reward system happening.

The top 2 posts on the trending section as i am writing this are:

So i've been browsing to see what the deal is with @haejin. So far what i understand is that there is a war going on between @haejin, @berniesanders and others because of abuse of the reward pool. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone point me in the direction of full breakdown of what the deal is as most of us are only getting small snippets of the story. Just skimming the posts and comments on the situation shows there is some real scummy behaviour going on by some members.

The fact that this Bullshit is clogging up the trending page makes me think that steemit will fade into oblivion due to greed, antagonism and outright dumbass behaviour.

New users will soon be turned off by the behaviour of few and current users will lose the opportunity to be rewarded for their work.

This all opinion of course and as a minnow i certainly don't want to poke my nose where it doesn't belong. Going forward i would love to continue being part of this community and see it grow but as this whole situation unfolds there may be a point to jump off this ship and watch it sink from afar.

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