Promoting steem on twitter; Steemit shun dictatorship, allowed freedom of speech

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This is another great task from oracle-d.tasks. the title of the task:Two Presidential Candidates Knocking Facebook on Twitter: Let's Get Their Attention To Steem [Earn Rewards], to join the contest here is the link follow the instructions in the link I posted, there is more for you to gain. image

Steemit is a platform that rewards its users through community upvote for their passion. I'm particularly happy because I know steemit will take over the world of social media in no matter, one of the reasons is that, it rewards which many people like, no one likes wasting his precious time on internet without getting anything for it.

Steemit connects people from the nook and cranny of the world. It is decentralized enough as every users find their way on steemit without being forcefully influenced by autocratic authority. Every is the boss. Each and every one of us; opinions, view and perception count. image

Freedom of speech and after speech is maintained, you have right to your words. There is no censored at all. Steemit is censored resistance. Users have right to express their mind and opinions without be threatened.

Another important thing to note here is that, every users activities is recorded in blockchain. This is to ensure foul playing by some users who might be too powerful because of their stake and status. Steemit accounts is easily followed. Every users have information about our one on steemit, nothing is hidden. Steem to the moon. image

Here are my tweets on twitter image image

Join steemit today and thanks later, together we achieved excellence. Steem to the moon. Here is the link for free account. Powered by Sign up now.

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