ACOM DVT Dividend Day - 13/5/21

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Calling all ACOM DVT holders! Once again Dividend Day has come around and that means your weekly TRX payments have been made directly into your Tron wallets via your Steemit wallet. For those of you unfamiliar with the ACOM DVT token it is a token that if bought and held will generate you a daily share of the entire TRX generated from the ACOM Steemit account, with payments being made weekly.

All TRX payments have now been distributed proportionately to all ACOM DVT holders.

The total amount of Tron generated by the ACOM Steemit account from 6th May - 12th May inclusive, as at 19.30 HRS British time, was 269.50 TRX. This has now been distributed as dividend payments to 13 holders of ACOM DVT directly into your TRON wallets, accessed through your Steemit wallet.

The Top 5 Earners

Rank and NameACOM DVT Holding

TRX Weekly Payment

1. @darrenclaxton21959.02 TRX
2. @atimkaranezi9317146.08 TRX
3. @thejollyroger12734.22 TRX
4. @imagen10026.95 TRX
5. @backdm10026.95 TRX

Don't forget you can check your Tron wallets by clicking the link at the bottom of your Steemit wallet, as shown below.


Thank you once again to everyone who has invested in ACOM DVT and we hope you enjoy your dividend payments. We would also like to thank @steemcurator01 who has helped push up the TRX payments this week after we received two upvotes from them so thank you for that @steemcurator01, we appreciated you swimming by!

At the current time of writing there are no ACOM DVT tokens available to buy on the market. The next batch of ACOM DVT that ACOM will be listing goes on sale tomorrow. We will get out a post to let you guys know once the tokens have been listed for sale. Until then keep hodling to earn more and we're already looking forward to the next Dividend Day.

As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment below or contact us using are usual channels.

The ACOM Team



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Saludos que bueno que ya acom está pagando los dividendos a los titulares de su moneda.

Deseándoles la mayor de la suerte a todos.


Hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
I really appreciate everything you are doing for us, thank you very much for the dividend that you send me
Looking forward to tomorrow, the new release.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Amazing work team!

Saludos amigo de @acom

Excelente, vamos por más, esperando la nueva ofertas de Acom DVT.


Hello friends of @acom, this is good news for those who make their investments. Goodnight