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So today is #spud (steem power up day) so in honor of that I'll be powering up some Steem and hoping to see some others do it as well. It's not about how much you are powering up but how many accounts are doing it on the same day. The idea was started by @streetstyle and if he doesn't then I'll be checking with a dev or someone that can pull data from the chain to see how many accounts powered some Steem up today.

So spread the message around and let's see how it goes. :)


Have not done mine yet but will when I get home! Bought a bunch today for the occasion!

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I can't wait to see the reports on today

@abh12345 is going to be looking into it afaik after midnight but, I think he might want to wait until it is midnight on the west coast of the US?

Yeah let's do a 48h check just to be sure. :D

I am not sure how it works, is there a 'chain time' ?

chain time is UTC

drugwars payout are at midnight UTC but on the west coast that's actually 4 PM

Thanks. I remember seeing it somewhere but wasn't sure. I think soon it will be called UCT.

Universal Coordinated Time. Sounds legit.

I was going for Universal Chain Time. Perhaps a blockchain hooked up to an atomic clock that all other chains can loop through to stay in sync :D

Btw, does drugwars still payout something? :D

It stopped on my alt what seemed a little abruptly. :p

I see you are a comedian as well lol. Last I checked it was only Future tokens and abandoned the game at the same time. The one good thing is the feed isn't full of drug war battles and has died a slow death.

Future tokens. Which are largely worthless atm .

I actually powered up 54 Steem yesterday for SPUD lol. I wasn't sure which date everyone was doing it on because I saw a lot of people powering up yesterday.

Powered up a couple, wished I had more Steem. In between nice initiative.

I'm looking hard today, but its tough to find a non spud post. To say @streetstyle's idea worked.. would be well... accurate.

Steemians may be entitled and complainy but we're efficient once we set our mind to something. :D

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i'll powered up! SPUD GOOOOOO~ \o/

Interesting. It's possibly done with steemsql but I think there will people who powered up may not know about #spud or wrote a post on it.
I did mine about 10 minutes before 2nd of May my time but I guess it's still 1st of May in half the world not.
I have a Sunday contest which I cut off after Sunday 2359h Honolulu time because I think that is late enough.

People are really going to find the report soo

Go on brother. Hope I may have more steem and in the next #SPUD I must be one of you.

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