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RE: Justin Sun Conversation with Witnesses Is Online. @Ned Sold Out The Community - Failed to Disclose.

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Mr. Sun was very evasive on the important questions

He was the same right from the beginning. I really don't understand people that were expecting anything good from him, like getting involved in development and investing in Steem. It was crystal clear that he bought to trade. The whole thing became a nightmare when the funds got frozen and he had to ask for help from the exchanges to get control over them again. It was a buy the rumor sell the news strategy right from the beginning and I said that multiple times on my blog as well. The reality though is that both of them are low character human beings, Ned and Sun. The first one was a bit more clever I guess in negotiations...


You really don’t understand what steemit is to Tron. Trons building an eco system so everything will be under one roof. Dlive for streaming, vibravid similar to YouTube, BitTorrent for file sharing and storage and now steemit for social media. Steemit wouldn’t just be flipped and sold off to make money. It will make Justin money by evolving, more users and growing the platform. This is where the money is. This is why the Tron community is exciting about this.

I guess you don't understand that. Listen to the conference that ha had with the witnesses and see what he confessed and what he actually bought Steemit for. It was clearly a pump and dump action, or buy the rumor sell the news.

Like I said I don’t really know what’s going on because I’m too new but I saw the video and it sounded like Justin had enough with everything that has happened and was ready to sell up and get his investment back.

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