Confusion solved. @dStors hard-forked. @dStors and @dCommerce are different.

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Confusion solved. @dStors hard-forked. @dStors and @dCommerce are different.

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2018.12.26.Wed.03.58, by @accountSale.


There were confusions and critical issues around @dStors and @dCommerce,
which was summarized at

What is happening in @dStors ? Renamed or Split to @dCommerce ?
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2018.12.25.Tue, 23:30 by @accountSale.

Now, official announcement was made from @dStors too about the confusion.


There were 3 key team members who were shown in @dStors whitepaper.

They were
CEO @kaliju ,
lead developer @morning,
and head of social medai @derangedvisions.

Now it seems that
@kaliju and @derangedvisions are in @dStors,
and @morning left @dStors and making @dCommerce.

@dCommerce is split from @dStors, and both seem to go on.

Some confusions are solved now.
What's next ?

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원래 dstor에서 팀이 나눠진건가요 ?

그리 보이네요.

Oh, there were more people, but for the whitepaper only listed three (to protect identities). Next is bigger, better team to deliver a better product based on 100% SMT.

Thank you @dstors for your information to prevent misunderstanding.
I corrected to include 3 KEY members.

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