OFFICIAL statement from @dStors.

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Hello everyone, @kaliju here. This post is regarding the recent announcement by @dcommerce where they've stated that "dStors project has a brand new name". I would like to clarify and share some of my own plans and aspirations for the one and only @dStors and explain our relationship with @dcommerce:

@DSTORS has NOTHING to do with @dcommerce.*

*But It's an honor when you can inspire ideas and have others obsess themselves with those ideas! We need even more people to build various eCommerce channels on steem! Where are you guys? This blockchain is good for it and I've been saying it since this time last year.

It is true that the dCommerce "description" was used by me from the beginning of September 2018 to apply to dStors when I started brainstorming the ideas for an ecommerce solution platform on steem. The letter d in dStors and branding identity that would go with it came from there. I was inspired by a Forbes article as well as this Quora response when researching long-term marketable id's:


The definition of dcommerce is nothing original or something that I have come up with on my own, no. As a matter of fact, it's a very well-established noun and even a registered trademark used by a certain entity:


Point is: @dStors is the original idea and concept that @derangedvisions and I are sole proprietors of. The white paper we presented and most of what's in it, on the other hand, was a contribution that came from the persons that I had collaborated with to devise a business plan for this "for-profit" company. There's a lot more to the story than I'm willing to reveal as I believe that the truth will come out on its own if or when the time is right.

It's important to give you this background and establish some facts in order to minimize confusion from the community about dStors.

As you all may have noticed, there has been some issues with dStors over the past few days. Comments were made with the main @dstors account by someone other than @derangedvisions and myself. That wasn't a good look for us - damage was done and I will never forgive those people who tried to take advantage of me and eventually steal my project. After some careful considerations and observations of certain trends and patterns, I have decided that it would be better to part ways with ex-members of dStors due to, in my opinion, unacceptable engagement and communication with the community from their side and the fact that I was losing control over the direction of where it was all going. This morning, I woke up to witness a new venture started by the ex-members of dStors called "dcommerce". This new venture has nothing to do with myself or @derangedvisions or @dStors.

We felt it was important to let you know some of what's been going on up to this point.
This post is the official dStors statement regarding the latest events surrounding our project.

Delegators were asked by ex-members of dStors to quickly remove their delegations from @dstors and transfer them over to their @dcommerce account instead. Lying to them and saying that we re-branded.

That's fine.

Why are we cool with delegators leaving? It's simple.

The delegation campaign wasn't even my idea and also...

1 - Because we do NOT depend on delegations and the steem reward pool to make @dStors a functional success. If you are still delegating - then you are supporting the idea and the development of having our own native circular market that matches willing buyers and sellers that will allow them to utilize STEEM/SBD as the ideal crypto of choice for trading against any goods and services. You're delegating because you're getting STORS SMT tokens in return and want to support us this way.

These SMT tokens will have their own reward pool and will carry value based on their usage through that will fuel parts of the website. This was the original premise upon which the dStors platform was to be built on. Fiat payment and other crypto options notwithstanding, the statement about steem and sbd use as the preferred currency is still true going forward and the SMT component will be even more valuable than the whole Bitshares idea. We will not rely on the steem reward pool to suck it dry (as we so blatantly described in the whitepaper using fancy words) just to give it to buyers and sellers who won't even care about anything else except getting their hands on steem and liquidating it. Could be a good thing, but I digress. Anyways...

Many have asked how is it a steem blockchain based project? I read @markkujantunen say:

"Having read the whitepaper, it is still a unclear to me whether or not DStors was going to use the Steem blockchain for storing transaction data as Custom JSON data or as posts or comments. If they were, then using DStors would've created demand for Resource Credits regardless of the method of use of Steem as a data storage. In case Steem would've been used, the traffic generated by the use of DStors would've created demand for Resource Credits and thus Steem Power.

See that in bold? That was the idea all along and is being built as we speak in adherence to that idea. I have always said that all the product listings and transaction data would be stored on the blockchain. That's how. As for the what was in the old whitepaper...well, keep reading.

2 - Because the token model (based on BitShares tech!) was a direct influence and insistence to be used by the ex-member(s) of dStors. But that is NO LONGER the case. And I'm glad it left with them. I'm much more interested in SMT's and the adoption of STEEM, not the other way around. We're here to attract users to use the steem blockchain - not abuse the steem blockchain by being similar to a bidbot. At least that's how I felt the model in the "white paper" was positioned. That said, the white paper token flow chart and economic model will be re-written and simplified into a single infographic with the aim of being sophisticated, yet simple and transparent at the same time where even our grandmothers can "dig it".

So, the token model will be replaced by something far more tangible and functional. If you remain a delegator you will receive the native SMT-based STORS token as originally intended but at a much better 5:1 ratio for the delegation series A that we will have to continue form here as many withdrew their delegations in panic. The distribution of STORS tokens will be reworked and I will gather expert advice from the community professionals to present their ideas and consider ALL input from you guys to make sure that we all benefit equally well. Since the original white paper WAS NOT written by me - all contents therein, including their token distribution model, will remain the rightful property of their respective owners.

4 - Because I love open source and starting from here on out - @dstors will be fully open source and we will be sharing our ideas with the community and implementing your suggestions and feedback, so that we can finish building a truly unique shopping channel on the steem blockchain and be proud of it! I feel good about this one.

5 - Because STORS tokens are not designed to be "redeemed" for upvotes - not anymore. No need for that extra layer of complexity. I was never a fan of it in the first place. Assuming every buyer and seller will be a blogger and care about "upvotes" is, to me, questionable practice promoting such an idea. So, we're moving away from that. For delegators to @dStors- I see direct profit sharing can be an option with @dstors. No need for an ICO - after all, we're not a separate blockchain and DON'T have plans to conveniently ditch steem at any given moment, like some have expressed their concerns already saying that we might. No. The ICO space isn’t the quick cash-grab that’s been advertised. Don't get SAFTed! and do your due diligence and research BEFORE supporting projects that have ONLY profit in mind, especially here on steem - where many call this virtual space their second home.

You're not part of that profit picture with those types of projects, trust me. Back to the future...where was I...oh yeah, so, a percentage of what we earn from transactions can be given back to the users through special dStors programs and community initiatives focused on the buyer and the seller, instead. Proof of business is a concept that aims to monetize YOUR time and effort as a buyer or seller, first. You perform transactions and let the consensus reward you as deemed appropriate. More on this to come.

6 - Because through all this, in the end, I'm more than confident that the smart delegators will stick around, get involved and be some truly happy people in profit and spirit if they continue to support meaningful projects that aim to give back. @dStors as a circular flow marketplace is one such project, I can tell you that much. And smart delegations is what I'd rather see circulate within our ecosystem - for gravitational stability, reliability and dapp development sustainability. So let it rain, let it rain - flush away and let it drain!

What's next?

  1. The main developer @morning left to "work" for "dcommerce". He was a good guy to talk to. All the best to him and I hope he understands that it's not always about the code. I'll be looking to rebuild the team - talk to me on discord if you want to get your hands dirty and do something cool. We can take it to traditional funding routes after the demo if you're interested in "getting stoked by wiifm".
  2. Remember that @kaliju, @dernagedvisions and a few good friends in various communities that support us are the only ones who are directly associated with this project - let's make it so that everyone can be a small part of it - discord us or us!
  3. Looking forward: I was told that I would need two developers to produce/finish a kick-ass demo based on what we have in place already. I think with what little SP raised - we can interest some. Basically, we're building a variation on the theme of eBay, and will reward buyers and sellers with tokens for transactions.
    Large enough prospective user count from my research.
    i) "ebay" with token rewards (default),
    ii) "ebay" with token rewards and infrastructure for "amazon web services" type rewards,
    iii) more or less complex rewards ... ?

The nice thing about rewards tokens is that suddenly there is a consumer level business plan for a currently hot business topic in the business side of computer science, namely, very fast databases that also accept very mixed information. High variability. Whereas B2B database product is high risk. And this is easy to position. To explain.
It's pretty easy to pitch, currently, to venture capital. At least now and at least for a few years. So, it's either we're going to do it or we're going to pave the way and many will follow the original dStors. Or both ;)

I will continue to keep the Delegation Option open for delegators and while we work on dStors - you'll be receiving traditional upvotes from dStors at 10X the value (scaled) that you delegate once per day. So if 5000 SP delegated gives you: image.png
at 100% self upvote - then it shall be multiplied by 10X and upvote your content once a day, bringing this upvote value to $1.20 for 5kSP delegators and so on!

The native STORS Token, which will have greater value than ever before due to its full utility use on (advertisement, premium, etc), will be distributed to all current delegators with the release of SMTs. I will publish reports about the current state of delegations a few weeks from now and identify our supporters going forward.

Stick around and hold tight as we focus on the future and not worry about what others do.
That is All.


500SP, 1,000SP, 3,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, 50,000SP, 100,000SP, 500,000SP, 1,000,000SP

Share your suggestions, ideas, and stay up to date with the progress of the project through our official channels:

We can discover our individual powers when we connect with each other.
dStors is here to connect people, empower them and create unique economic opportunities for all.

With ♥
@dStors 🛒ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ💱

There's only one dCommerce on Steem and that's!

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i like point 3. I had to rethink the idea of STORS used as an incentive redeemable by upvotes. I think dStors can find a better way to utilize the token other than take away from the reward pool.

Moving onward, I'm all open to the changes updated here. I wish your team and project the very best.

Totally agree, upvoting for visibility :)
!tipuvote for 1 steem hide

Merry Xmas, thanks so much for the clarification and sharing. I also delegated some SP to @dstors and I hope @dstors will make a huge success. I will help to spread the words and notify the people in the Chinese community. :)

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This official statement will solve the confusion that was created this morning. Although many had undelegated in a panic, this may not be a bad thing in the long run. Soon, everything will be back in place. Going open source might also be a good consideration. Let's move on to great things ahead of us on Steemit in 2019.

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I really appreciate the courage and honesty. Everything was a question of identity and conviction, now Dstors has a new identity forged by the vision of people who know that community should come first. let the community be part of this journey, and the community will protect and help the project to thrive.

Thank you and absolutely! We can do this together. They say people come here for the rewards but stay for the community. If they only come for the rewards and leave with the rewards then...? I understand it clearly and so does @dStors. Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for making this clarification. I have been confused about dstors and dcommerce last 24 hours.
Merry Christmas!

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I appreciate you @ericet! Thank you for everything, we will deliver. Happy Holidays!

Look forward to a kick ass 2019! @dstors is on the right track. Nothing great can be built without bumps in the road. All this has led to more clarification, and that's always good for investors and consumers of any product. I'm glad I supported with 1000 SP, and I'm considering upping it to 2000. Merry Christmas guys!

Look forward to a kick ass 2019! @dstors is on the right track. Nothing great can be built without bumps in the road.

I said that in their post yesterday, I didnt get a reply, maybe they did not believe me.

Trust us, we appreciate your support. It has been a crazy past few days for us while we have been trying to work through all of this. The timing with the holidays did not help at all either. Thank you again. Merry Christmas.

They have a lot of people wanting their attention. Difficult to reply to everyone. Nonetheless, i believe it's a true statement.

Yeaah it's terrible this all started during these days which should be all relaxing for us..

Ossu! We'll be good - it's a healthy challenge :) Merry Christmas!

Thx, what a difference!!! thumbsup

I am happy sanity and clarity prevailed!!!

Finally the controversy is over, at least for me! I am still with @dstors though because I am from eCommerce background. I believe the current team can pull this off and this was just one hindrance in the way to success. Looking forward to the usage of SMTs when they come out. ;) Cheers guys!

Thank you for your clarification and sharing. I believe you and your team will be better and better in the future. Come on!:)

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The positive thing is that the split happened now instead of a year or 2 down the road. I like that things are moving forward despite the team change. Sometimes events happen in life that might seem unfortunate but can then be turned around and used for good. I still believe in the vision and am looking forward to a bright future. -Ken

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Thanks Ken. You were there from the beginning. We'll manage!

Here’s to a fantastic year of innovation and great steem dapps like @dstors!

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A good write up @kaliju. Putting this out is imperative, nothing worse than silence in this situation like I mentioned in my post.

I commend you for putting this out there and letting the community decide. It will be up to each individual reading this whether to get involved or avoid the situation totally. Drama is never a good thing when trying to create a start up.

Of course, it is better to get this out in the open now.

I like that you are taking some of the feedback from the community and implementing it. That can be a major asset. There are a lot of bright minds on here willing to offer up suggestions. Listening to them will net a lot of positive results in my opinion.

Than you @taskmaster. Your input from the beginning has been amazing and unbiased. We are going to make it through all of this with the community's involvement and make this something that the Steem community as a whole can be proud of.

Thank you taskmaster, it hasn't been easy but I'll try my best to slowly move forward. We can have 10 abcdefgCommerce platforms and some will work and others - won't. But all will help us learn something - individually and as a community.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Dear team @dstors and my brother @kaliju @derangedvisions Wish you all Merry Christmas.
Friends always remember if the roads are smooth then definitely we are not on right track to achieve the goal, so always ready with plan “B” and never loose your confidence that yes you can do that and achieve the goal.
I am not a tech guy but yes what I know about you and @dStors both are super crazy to surpass all the breakers and will show the world success is ours.

I am with you always, no matters what will be the result.

God bless you dear friend and @dStors

I'm also considering upping my delegation like some folks. I'm ready to use it! codecodecode ;)

A solid response after all the confusion and back and 4th via various posts and comments! I wish both projects the best of luck! While we might not agree on methodologies and processes or even the personalities behind various projects we need to realize that we need project like this to bring more users and of course cash flowing into the Steem blockchain

The more sustainable/profitable business models/dapps we have the more attractive we become for users, investors, business owners and developers! Each idea is a potential way to attract a number of the important people to the ecosystem

We can’t alway get caught up in the bickering and the minutia! We all basically want the same thing for this blockchain to flourish and be it one or multiple projects! Find one you like and support them!

I really hope to see a demo of dStors very soon and wish both projects the best of luck!

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There are ups and downs in every project but great ideas always succeed. dStors has that great idea and I strongly believe that it's postioned to be successful no matter what comes in between. Best wishes and looking forward to great news ahead. Thanks.

Me too had some complex conversation few days ago ...not sure who was their behind @dstors but it was kind of rigid talk. Not only that, @dstors removed upvote from my post after the conversation, and now this split off. .... This made me to part away as well...and for your confirmation i was not influences by other.
How can a developing busines module give their power of attorney to someone to entertain the queries and question?
The delegation amount started to recedes at a fast what??? Do @dstors keep the first round of delegation still on ? @dstors powering down??

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These have been many of our questions not yet answered and the white paper is still sketchy including the facts that whaleshares is heavily involved to include shipping costs. Did anyone read the white paper?

Did you read this post? No. I guarantee you that you didn't! I will not answer any questions about the white paper until you read this post. And when you're done, you can then go to "dcommerce" and talk to them about what you like or don't like about that paper BECAUSE THAT WHITEPAPER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US ANYMORE.

Actually I did read your rediculous post-response and have plenty of proof of how you treat Steemians that ask sincere questions and posts you made as a sarcastic response. Aside from the unprofessional behavior you displayed in previous comments, as a CEO you are still responsible for anything released from your company. There is no blame in business. YOU still are not answering why you are using delegation money to support your posts and photography contest posts. Additionally, the white paper for DStors is still the same regardless of Haejin, Evening and Bernie leaving ... you may still have over 600k for now in SP but there is also a powering down occurring with the account. People need to be informed, especially projects being funded with delegations. There are many questions you haven’t answered that you told @inertia And @whatsup you would be answering in this post and you have not. We all want good positivity and working projects to come to steemit.
If one reads Dstors white paper it is heavily flawed and not in the favor of Steem.

But..but...there is no whitepaper! Read again. I will Mr.Miyagi you until you read it.

Walls of text are hard to deal with, I guess.



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Try answering the questions that matter. The in between not the part that you are a “ceo” NOT working with a white paper and taking peoples delegation without one. LOL
Can’t wait to see what happens the rest of this week and next when people finally realize what they signed up for.

NOTHING SIGNIFICANT that can happen that I haven't already prepared for from day ONE that can stand in my way or my goals and aspirations. You on the other hand, can continue to voice your little concerns all you want and not sleep over this dumb shit. Remember I'm also a person and can only take so much of it. So, unless you have something of value to offer or are willing to reach out and help with anything, please stop spamming me and following me. This is true for anyone else reading this that never knew of me, interacted with me, supported this project or showed their genuine interest in anything that I have been doing on my blog. You are NOT my friends or someone I owe my time to.

Still questions or nasty statements with nothing to show for it. Down to 400 sp ... lets see how “little concern” taking money from the reward pool is .. Steemians aren’t as dumb as you think they are.




In actuality, not losing sleep at all ...

The rest is history as they say.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

No you don't owe anyone anything and you said that the delegations will be used to Profit you so there's nothing to answer besides "DUH" "Yeah Like I already said" or "Of course, can't you see what I'm doing and what for profit means?!" or any other answers that would fall in line with the arrogant and dismissive comments from you (or your team?) so far like telling people that you don't owe them anything, as if you're indebted to respond, the audacious nonsense.

You need to clarify because you couldn't have been a polite douchebag and simply ignored the question all together? Excuse me, a respectable individual who responds to valid concerns with "who are you, you're not my friend so why should I even consider your question, I don't owe you my time".

Thanks for clarifying if that's the case, because in other words you deserve some kind of compensation for taking the time to clarify you don't owe intrepid inquiries an answer (paradoxically though, you gave numerous affirmative answers to those questions with silent acquiesce alone).

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Is there no white paper? Then, has been there no white paper for dStors?

Posted using Partiko Android

There was one but since dcommerce split off to do their own thing dstors is now stating they do not have an active white paper so no one can hold them to anything. 😂🤣 so upvoting their own posts the past twoish months and not showing anything substantive is “ok.”

You upvote with the delegation your own comments that shouldn't even be dignified with one cent to upwords of 8 dollars elsewhere and are powering down while you also upvote your other shit and respond by yelling at people and ridiculing them for what amounts to only an apropos while conveniently avoiding the intrepidity of their main point. You're a joke, no wonder the drama has barely began, I too cannot wait to see the clusterfuck that this will continue to be should you and your "team" continue to attack others and respond with such disrespectful nonsense. Tokenize muh ballz on your face.

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How can you make such guarantee you imbefuckingchildren?

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I mean how pathetic is it when we see a new idea, a new project going to succeed, and in the middle we see this stuff of team clashes etc.
I guess this is greed, and this greed is never good in a business or project.
Why not give the guys who work hard for the project the status of a partner by giving them shares from the business?
I hope this won't affect the ignition and success of @dstors in future.

Steem On

Thanks for clarifying @dstors.

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Thanks for clearing that up. If your app is going to use the Steem blockchain for storing data as Custom JSON objects, then it is clear that it is a Steem app as much as Steem Monsters is. I understand your decision to implement DSTORS as a Bitshares token because there is no certainty as to when the SMT protocol would be available on Steem. Bitshares is actually a pretty good choice for that purpose as it has the same architecture as Steem and it is decentralized as opposed to a traditional database the likes of which some other apps use.

You shouldn't be afraid of getting too technical because you might leave out important details. By the way, can you point where the source code of DStors is so that anyone interested could see how it works?

I agree, it's not possible to be too technical. The more details about the "how," the better. Sure, going to that level of detail goes over many people's heads. I get that. If the only thing being talked about is pure technical detail, that alienates the average investor. There is a balance that takes skill to achieve.

To be honest, I have not seen that balance for this app yet.

Keep us posted. You keep my vote. I wish you all the best and hope you succeed. It sounds like a big scary adventure, love it!

@derangedvisions and @dstors I was a believer in dstors from the beginning, I admit I was a bit surprised this morning.. but I stayed cool and waited for this post.. for me I stay on board and hope dstors will kick ass in 2019.. merry christmas!!

Another YES MAN.

I still don't understand how dstor works. It would very beneficial if you made a short video of 4 - 7 minutes about what dstor is and how it works or is supposed to work.

Most people don't have enough time to research your project and read multiple lengthy articles to learn about it.

for sure it will be all clear when the time is there for the people who don't want to look into the proposal

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

I looked into the proposal and I'm not afraid to admit that I didn't understand how it works either. No mention of what the tokens are used for and no explanation as to how is this not founded directly and indirectly from delegations by the community reward pool.

Yeah they plan to use the blockchain to store data but why wouldn't people simply post items for sale/wanted under a communal tag of #selling/#requesting for example and forego the middle man and needles "development" that ultimately promises nothing more than being a bona-fide glorified middle man. Yeah the ICO sphere is mostly vaporware and noise and amidst the most impressive word salad there aren't simple explanations or simple redundancy checks that solidify it as a necessary or invaluable instead of completely gimmicky.

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I think I delegated a day before this whole separation was announced but it seems that maybe this will still be a good project. Like I said in my other comment, I am going to give you a chance and see what happens. I will keep my delegation for now.

This really clears a lot of confusion up. Thanks for the transparency @kaliju @dstors —looking forward to seeing how dstors continues to change dcommerce and bringing the Steem blockchain the value it truly deserves. Definitely will be delegating some SP to this innovative project initiative 👌🏼

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It is not about who wins, but there is competition. The market share is limited to begin with, and now that share is potentially split. It is good for us to have options and those options are competing against each other to win our patronage. Now, both competitors must decide how they will bring in new users to STEEM space because sharing a limited resource will not be fruitful for either competitor.

In other words, how are you going to grow a large userbase? Making Steemians happy will be a no-win situation as there are just not enough of us. In order to grow your business, You will need to have a plan to grow STEEM users well beyond what we have today.

I would like to see a plan explaining how you intend to do this.

The focus is on the interface, so that it's so easy, even people who don't know anything about steem or crypto will be "converted or soft-transitioned to the blockchain and then explore it on their own. But it has to happen through dstors and in a way that doesn't require them to do anything beyond supplying an email address at first. It has to be simpler than - as for growth, we'll market it. Everyone's trying. So will we. Business as usual.

  • Easy Interface - That is a no-brainer when there is competition
  • Soft transitioning - no difference than @dcommerce
  • Marketing - that is promising but ambiguous (marketing for dstors or Steem?)

What I was fishing for was what makes @dstors valuable to STEEM that sets @dstors apart from @dcommerce to create a user base of new Steemians that doesn't already exist on STEEM.

This may be a tough to answer. I understand. Maybe you need some time to ponder the concept.

merry christmas, hopefully dstors will continue to grow, and continue to grow

Great way to adapt to the needs of the community which is truly any project’s underlying asset and value creator. I look forward to seeing the progress in 2019 as it continues to be a space with demand. Thanks for taking the time to clarify some items.

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Hey, have you thought of using my project steem-state to run your token using custom_json? It makes it much easier to create custom_json DApps on Steem and I think your project would be a perfect fit for it! I definitely agree that BitShares should not be used and am excited for dStors' future.

We have been told about your project and will be looking into it. I think @kaliju and I will be in contact with you about it as we progress with the project. We want to keep @dstors as open to the community and get as much community involvement as possible, whereas before the split we were limited on what we could do as far as involvement from the community.

Wow, have missed all this drama going on!

Friendly suggestion, can you make more paragraphs in your posts, reading huge blocks of unbroken text is very tiring, and will cause most people (myself included) to simply skip over it.


This post actually increased my confidence in the project massively. I'm now more confident about @dstors than ever. I will be delgating some SP after gathering enough SP to claim STEEM accounts. Wish you best of luck!

Wish @dstor can bring value to the STEEM, looking for your launch!

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Guess now we see the resolve of the vision😎

Posted using Partiko Android

Well from my pov, one good thing about this controversy has been that I learned of dstors! Just delegated some SP to you and will join your discord. Great project! And yeah, this is a great improvement on the team. I would never have involved myself if you still had that first partnership with an effing psychopath.

I only learnt about you today and I wish you all success.

It is a pity you have set the delegation minimum to such a high amount - most people on Steemit do not have enough SP to invest, yet they are likely to become your customers.

I hope 2019 is a good year for you and all Steemians.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Now that you mentioned it, I think it will be a good idea if the minimum delegation is set at 100SP to give opportunities to more people who are potential customers.

Are you sure there is a minimum? I didn't see one listed. There is the set of preset amounts for delegation, but you don't have to use those. I chose a different amount, albeit more than what the lowest one showing was.

Good for you :) - and a Happy New Year.

Happy new year to you as well, my friend!

You are supposed to be out partying and having fun - to joyously bring in the new year, not sitting here answering messages from old farts like me. Come on, go have fun (do it for me also)

Sorry, can't hold down that front for you my friend. I was supposed to be going grocery shopping today then to a meditation event tonight. But I'm snowed in so doing absolutely nothing but watching videos and reading today. Thankfully my dog has learned to love the snow, so she had a great time on her walk today.

Hope you have a very satisfying mellow NYE!

Could someone use dstors to buy Steem?

i got pm of dstors too

Here’s to a fantastic year of innovation and great steem dapps like @dstors! Hope great luck wait for you and us..

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What do you mean by the sentence "1. Because we do NOT depend on delegations and the steem reward pool to make @dStors a functional success."?

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i just came in,
i hope some day i can qualify join dstors activity.

wish everyone happy new year.

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hello @dstors. I have delegated to you guys but I did not receive any upvote on my latest post. Any issues?

Once the account recharges, it should kick in!

Thanks for office statements for the current issues. Please focus on your original plan for dStors.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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Christmas Challenge - Send a gift to to your friends

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Christmas Challenge - The party continues
Christmas Challenge - Send a gift to to your friends

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I wish your team the best @kaliju. Sorry for the confusion that transpired with your @dstors profile. Thank you for posting and clearing thing up with this post because I was lost there for a bit.

I'm happy with this post @kaliju @derangedvisions, and you did a very good job writing it.

Some of your other posts are not written as well as this but I think that's due to your team being more focused on development.

If possible, you might want to review each post you write for 1 to 3 days and make edits to it within that time. I personally know what it's like to edit, and re-edit posts I make and the 1 to 3 days of re-edits can really improve your work.

I am sorry that you got pulled down by an investor and I'd like to wish you the best with @dstors I also appreciate the efforts you are making to help the Steem blockchain.

Good luck to you and all Steemians @dstors @kaliju @derangedvisions 🍷🎊

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Hang in there!

This is just a bump in the road and a great learning experience!

In real life, I have trusted the wrong person as well and have been falsely sued. After spending thousands of dollars in lawyer fee, all I had to do was to present the original documents that they forged to use to sue me and the case was thrown out without any further legal proceedings.

The lesson there - keep all important legal and financial documents in a safe place and don't talk without your lawyer present.

All the best!