Some pies for you on this fresh Monday morning

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The accounts distributing stake have changed a lot in the past year or so. Early on and prior to the rise of the apps, which have been kindly fueled by Steemit Inc and @misterdelegation, most of the stake was distributed by a handful of early adopters who had either bought in early or mined their stake at the beginning.

Nowadays we have the apps. Many early adopters or large stake holders delegate to these apps, but for the most part this stake currently sits in the hands of the Bid-bots. So in the past, to get a nice vote for your content you needed to get spotted by a whale, whereas nowadays, you can either buy a vote or get involved in an app like @fundition or @utopian-io.

However, if none of these apps fit your Steem-style, the other option is to steadily make your way by engaging with fellow members of our community and hopefully pick up some friends who will support you along the way.

As a new user starting with little to no investment, you are 'looking up' to almost everyone. As time progresses, and hopefully your SP grows, new users arrive and are in the position you once were. This is where things start to get interesting, especially if you are trying to be a good Steemian, and distribute stake to a variety of content and accounts, in the hope that the good authors (high and low SP), will stick around and in turn help grow the network.

At the beginning of last year, I reached 5000 SP, and found myself (easily) in top 1%. At 16000 SP, I'm now somewhere in the top 0.01% of accounts by SP on the Steem blockchain. We are seriously bottom-heavy, but it is what it is.

So now what to do?

In reality, the only accounts that can seriously impact my earnings are those holding around the same SP as me, or really, those above. I've just checked and I'm the 850th largest account on Steem. Frightening really. Anyway, so without seeking an app, and with much whale stake out to the Bots, those wanting to grow their account need to attract the active community members still holding the majority of their SP, who are still looking out for new and interesting content/authors.

However, what about the the new people? I was a new, 0 stake-holding account once, and I was fortunate in gaining support from accounts much higher than up the tree than me who knew that i'd never be able to support them in the same way they could me. I should be seeking to support new, keen, engaged people too, right?

This is the end of a rather long introduction to a pie chart :) A pie chart i'm willing to provide to anyone else who's still awake at this point.

The chart shows the number of votes I gave to accounts in 2018, grouped into those with less SP and more SP than I/they currently hold today.

There are a couple of large caveats in that my SP could now be higher than it was when my my vote was cast, and there is also a chance that the account I voted on has now grown larger than mine. Also, if you are a 400,000 SP account, the pie is probably going to look rather skinny on the votes to larger accounts - not many accounts that large actually produce content.

I was hoping though, that the chart would still give me a little insight as to whether I'd been supporting lesser accounts, whilst still doing a bit of 'looking up' at the same time. Although now, I'm at the point in the blog where I'm considering trashing it going for a shower. Oh well, let's continue...

So this is my chart for 2018.

19% of my votes going to larger accounts. That seems 'OK', but considering there are only 849 larger accounts (by own SP), perhaps it's not that great?

This is another chart I produced for those that asked 4/5 months ago, and this time it covers the same period at the above graph - all 2018.

Well it's more colourful than the first chart, and perhaps a bit more interesting?

Is anyone interested in having one of these produced for their account?

Is this content at all interesting, or should I be sharing something else today?

What do you think about the idea to try to 'look up' and down in order to grow your account and help support the new people?



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Hi Asher.I would love to see a pie chart that would show the influence of the dapps on our accounts. What percentage of votes comes from Steemhunt,Musing and so forth.

Vote value isn't really my thing, it's a pain to work out. However, this might be of interest:

Thanks Asher. Looked there before and don't know why they don't show up. Wasn't after vote value but percentage. Just a thought for future pies.

hmm, utopian-io and dtube show up for me. Do you think musing should appear for you and isn't?

It's easy to do a vote count, but tougher to tally 'how much' each account has given.

I thought it would be at the top and isn't on the list. Just weird that it doesn't show at all. Steemhunt doesn't reflect either.

I wonder if that site only looks at posts, and not comments - which is where there partiko value came from i guess?

That would make sense. Would have been interesting to see as I reckon dapps counted for over 30 percent of rewards, maybe closer to 50 percent.

Hey, @cryptoandcoffee.

Guess I'll just chime in and add an observation to concur with Asher's possibility. I just checked my list at steemfriends and musing does show up on the two answers I actually made into posts. So, apparently, comments aren't being counted at all, which is a shame, since musing turned out to be around half my SP earned last year. :)

That's a good idea. It looks like @actifit gave out 256 votes yesterday - a further reach in one day to more smaller accounts than I could do on my own (I delegate to @actifit).

We're at a similar level, SP wise. I do vote up people above me, but I don't feel they need much from me, especially if they self vote. The growth of the 'bid bots' has skewed things more than ever. I hear that people mostly just make a few percent by buying votes, but the sellers really win every time. If users delegate to the bots to get a return then they can give even less with their own votes. I have delegated to one small bot that supports runners and I get about 1 steem a week from that.

I think it is harder for new users to build their accounts now. Part of the reason I delegate to lots of people is so they can support more of them. My votes are all manual, but my time is limited.

I'd prefer to see more manual voting based on real interaction, but many people will just play the system for profit. The freedom of Steem allows that.

Buyers gain little, but they are buying promotion, and so should they profit at all?

The delegators take the most. But would you rather have them doing a haejin, or letting them sell their vote? The other options include distributing their stake selflessly, or (and this is not implemented) locking it away from voting and 'earning' 8/9/10 self-votes a day.

I think it is harder for new users to build their accounts now.

Very much so, there is much less manual curation and the only way to grow at a reasonable pace is via contributing to an app I think.

I hope we will more ways for people to earn. Maybe someone could set up a microloans business, but that's a whole mess of legal to deal with. There are clever people who will come up with new ideas on here.

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I've heard 'microloans' touted in the past actually, similar to what @neoxian has been doing for a long time now. There is certainly scope there for sure, and a site (like to help the loaners/loanee's organise this could see this as a growth area.

I do love me some numbers if you got the time. Always great to see how my longer term habits of voting is fairing.

I have some time, although need to get to the shops as the cupboard's looking a bit bare!

Yes, hit me up with a (chocolate) pie!

Looking up is good if you want to 'reward' those who have clearly been sticking with the platform, and the fact you CAN reward them means they apparently are still posting :-) That in itself is worth an upvote no matter the wallet size.

Looking down is just as important though, I see amazingly loyal Steemians still earning shit and I might just give those a bigger upvote from time to time because it might make more of a difference.

No idea how my pie looks like though, might surprize me, it might not.

Yes, good points :)

Wallet size shouldn't really matter, but in reality, it does. Remember hearing at Steemfest about the people scanning bar-codes and heading straight to that persons account? SHAME!

Lots of small account support :)

Well it looks like you are super supportive of the little guys, great job!

Ha, YES, I laughed hard about that 'check the wallet' behaviour :') People can be so transparent.

Well, I'm indeed quite happy with my upvote behaviour! I think it's mostly in the percentages I give to different 'classes': giving a 10 cents upvote to a 10 dollar post... Doesn't feel that powerful. Giving a 10 cents upvote to a 50 cents post... That actually makes a difference.

Thanks for sharing these with me!

Yeah, ridiculous behavior!

Your charts stand out thus far - go treat yourself to a real slice of your favourite pie :)

As always, I will have one! I imagine I need to make more adjustments towards lower as many have grown this year! Thanks!

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That's it. New folk arrive, although not at the pace as certain periods last year, and so these need some support too.

More votes to those below, not quite at the %'s of the few charts I've produced so far but hey, it's only pies :)

Not as bad as expected! I guess Inam so lroud of us Dolphins! But I will need to adjust for sure as the redfish and minnows are an important element of the ecosystem.

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Oooh, the only thing better than a nice chart is the actual spreadsheet that generated it. I love spreadsheets. I make them for everything, just ask @mrsbozz. I started (and never finished) a spread sheet the other day where I was trying to determine the percentage of votes on my posts that came from actual people vs what came from groups that I had delegated to. I think it was only about 20% or less of my post rewards came from actual people. I don't personally buy votes anymore, but I understand why people do. If it wasn't for the SP that I have delegated out, I would make practically nothing on my posts. That's pretty crappy for the amount of work a lot of us put into our posts.

I hear you @bozz, it is tough going these days. Have you ventured into the apps (while they still have delegation!)?

There are not many large accounts manually curating these days. I think it says a lot when I'm the 850th largest, yikes!!

A bit more looking up than down, can't really fault anyone for that though. Cheers!

Yeah, I have actually started to delegate away about 70% of my SP because the rewards are just better. Everything I make gets powered up to SP so I don't really feel bad because I am still supporting the blockchain. There is the occasional time I will take some Steem and delegate some SBI shares to someone or buy some Steem Monsters cards, but that is about it. Like I said, everything else goes to SP. I was pretty involved in Musing before during and after their delegation. I am just now starting to get into Steemhunt and I have been using Tasteem for a while. I'd love to do more on Utopian, but I continue to see it as pretty intimidating and although I have been working in technology for 20+ years I don't feel my skills are good enough for Utopian. I am doing some exploring with Dlike as well. I am still on the fence about it, but I have delegated some SP to them. Thanks for making these charts for me. It is very interesting to see where my votes are going!

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Me want to see 😆 though I know it will be less colourful than yours @abh12345 😊 my votes seldom on comments while most plankton friends are my great supporters too

Btw, why is the percentage of the first pie are so big in number?


The number is the number of votes and a comma, and the %. Make sense?

Very even looking here..

But the vast majority to small accounts :)

Thank you Asher 😊 I love my plankton's friends .. I don't really vote on many orcas or whales, because they don't need my dusty vote and they don't have a time to check on me too😂😂😂 better stay with my fellows and grow together if we could.

Uh, I'm in - can I have some pie, please? :)
I have a rough feeling on how this distribution will look, let's see if I'm right...

Certainly :)


I think I account for a few % of those dolphin votes, thanks!

thanks! "Better" than I expected, actually... You certainly have a well-deserved spot in the dolphin section. I guess I have to work on my whale support, lol ;)


As do many, but they need to create some interesting content first - blocktrades one of the few doing this still I think?

98% to haejin and sweetssj? :p

argh, you know me too well and the blockchain can't hide it... :p

Hmm. Perhaps I should have taken self-votes out :D


May I have my votes please? Thanks upfront.

Certainly can sir :)

The 25/75 split between larger/smaller accounts quite common, and a nice spread amongst the redfish-minnow-dolphin there.

Was a bit what I thought and "hoped" for. Hope that with the rising value of Steem, more of the lower class comes back and starts posting again.
Thanks again Asher.

Yes that'd be good - we need people, unique individuals and less shit-posting alts :)

I remember that second pie chat.

All interesting stats to me. Thanks for sharing.

Yes I thought the pie today was a bit weak so thought I'd better bulk up the work a bit :)

Seemingly pretty focused on the little guys ;)

Thanks for the charts :)

Hit me.

Just to clarify, these are up-votes only :D

Haha I imagine my downvote pies would look very ugly.

The bigger the better with those pies.

This is a, do me hard request.

2 crusty pies on their way....

Very generous looking pies - plenty of little fish support.

Not bad for a manual voter :D

I'm sure 4/5 months ago when I ran this data that my pie looked more like yours than it does today. Perhaps the people i've auto-voted for the past year have grown :)

That is a good thing and that is something you have lot to do with.

There are many whales and dolphins that only vote for dolphins and whales ... however there are still many of them that are generous and support small fish, I have had that happiness and it has helped me a lot, the first few months I was desperate because It was difficult to get good support and talking about the fact that steemit is my source of income, I was a bit disappointed, even to reach 15 SP many months passed ... however, thank God I am already having support and it is motivating , also that has allowed my account to grow a little faster.
I really am very grateful to those who have supported me. and those who support small fish, that motivates them to move forward.Those are the whales and dolphins that help a lot with the steemit ecosystem.

Do you have some numbers to support these claims? :D

Just kidding. Yes there are still some good fish in the sea, I'm glad you have been spotted by a couple of them.

Do you have some numbers to support these claims? : D

I have seen several but I do not have statistics, hahaha. I do not know many steemit tools, only steemworld and one that they mentioned to me last month but I do not remember the name.

Just kidding. Yes there are still some good fish in the sea, I'm glad you have been spotted by a couple of them.

yeah God is good. :)

Oh go on, I have a feeling that mine will be heavily weighted in the 'wrong' direction but may as well see the awful truth :0D

Nothing wrong with these pies boom :) Will be interesting to see an 'older' account...

Plenty of support for those with less SP, and at fish sizes that wont really grow your account in turn. You've passed! :D

Holy shit! Awesome!! I'm still in the game!! :0D

Would love to have an update of my chart(s) since the last you did for me, please.


Another set of pies that look supportive of the smaller accounts :)

Thank you!

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Hello there Asher.

Could I have my pie too?? 😊😛
Whenever I ask for a pie or a graph I really don’t know what to expect...might be frightening...or super cool

Two pies coming right up...

Looks good to me :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow have I really casted 18k upvotes?

Or that number is indicating something else??

Yep, just shy of 18k in 2018. They stack up huh :)

Damn...considering the fact that I joined mid January and for the first couple of months I was "lost" since I had no guidance then I think I spread some love around :P :P

Monday morning pies? Thank, @abh12345. Seems especially appropriate this particular Monday morning, since today marks 30 years of marriage for me and my wife. :)

So, maestro, if you please, serve me up!

Yep, the naughty weekend food spilling over - waste not want not :)

30 Years!! Congratulations to you both!

Thank you for the pies and the well wishes. :)

re: pies

Doesn't seem to be too much out of the ordinary here, considering the bottom pie is more or less what it was the first time around. I kind of feel like, based on what we're seeing here, that there's a lot of feeding of the minnows/plankton taking place, but it's being done (mostly because of the sheer numbers) by the same minnows and plankton.

Which is great for the sake of the community, but it's going to take a while to grow stake. A long while.

Which is pretty much why, in addition to lower prices, and trying to spread my ever shrinking vote around, is why I invested, and why I feel investing in general, if at all possible, is a key component to growing stake.

We're just not going to get there waiting for whales, and not all of us are going to benefit from healthy dApp upvotes. As much as our plankton/minnow brothers and sisters (of which I was nearly all of 2018), wish to upvote and help one other out, and do their utmost in the process, I'm afraid that throwing fiat or other alt coin reserves at STEEM is going to be the only way we see a bunch of dolphins (like 10 times what we have now), within the next five years. Otherwise, it's going to be far longer than that. Unless, prices don't do what we want them to do. If they stay down where they've been or lower, there will still be a chance for many more to grow their stake.

If it's offset by $1,000 USD STEEM, maybe it won't feel so bad. :) Barring that, the sledding will get harder without the value behind it.

... there's a lot of feeding of the minnows/plankton taking place, but it's being done (mostly because of the sheer numbers) by the same minnows and plankton.

Yes I agree, the pies don't tell the full story, the accounts and SP held is very lob-sided, it's actually quite hard to find a whale producing content.

Investing if that is an option growing more important as time passes. Gone are the days of curating whales, and it's more and more down to individuals who've got the SP together lower down the ranks to try to grow the network and distribute stake. As you say though, it's going to take a while.

I'm surprised and impressed with the growth/faith that some smaller accounts have shown - the power-up leagues giving us a weekly look at just how much SP is being loaded up by redfish and minnows. Some of the accounts (not a part of the leagues as such) that I have checked today have flown past me, taking advantage of the 'cheap' prices. It's great to see :)

1000$/STEEM - dream on!

Well, I threw that last one in there because that's about how a minnow on the low end starts to get some fiat value out of their stake. :)

That's why I think this last drop has been a great opportunity for those of us who came in just as STEEM surged to its highs, and started buying then, not knowing what to expect. Many more people should have taken advantage of it, because who knows what it's going to do in the future. Not me. So, anyway, we'll keep keeping on here for as long as we're able and hope that STEEM takes off so that those of you who have been looking to live off STEEM can go back to doing that, and the rest of us can actually look at retiring before we're 70. :)

Yes please Asher, thank you :)'ll be great when upvote values jump with Steem and it can be spread it around like butter!

Yes for sure - not much butter on the bread at present if you are trying to give a good spread :)

Looks reasonable to me, thanks for the request!

LOL, switching to dairy alternatives atm, guess this is the transition period ;-)

  ·  last year (edited)

heh :)

Yeah, besides eggs, I don't stock dairy. To be honest though, I don't stock a lot else either at present! A good time for the transition for sure.

You surely find very productive ways to use your skill set for STEEM Asher. These are some interesting charts here. Of course I just voted your post, which will skew my results toward the above me side. LOL.

Keep doing the good work the platform needs man. You are appreciated!

Thanks Mike, much appreciated comment and vote :D

Looks similar to the majority of pies thus far - maybe they tell us more about the active user spread than anything else? Cheers!

If you are still doing the chart I would like to see mine, my whale freind. 0.01% did you every think you would rated that high. Talk about being bottom heavy

I'll be doing these all week I suspect :) And yes, 1.2 million accounts, and 16500 SP gets you to around 850 in the rankings, yikes!

Much love to the small fish here :)

Thanks Asher
I do have great people that I aspire to.

I dont do as much curation as I should and have most of my stake delegated. Its nice to see that its not all a bunch of circle voting at the top.

Whales currating is a much needed very unrewarded task on the platform in the short term, but is what guarantees sustainable growth for all in the future.

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Whales curating is a thing of the past, sadly. I don't think we can expect these large accounts who have invested to just give it out for free. Hence the rise of the bots, and the alts...

Not many with more votes for 'whale' than 'orca', interesting :)

I think I would like one of these to see where I sit. An interesting side note/question, who/or what SP amount, currently is right smack in the middle of all the active accounts?

  ·  last year (edited)

Will do :)

What would you class as 'active'? A post in the past week?

Using 'has posted in the past week' as the active metric, we have 19609 (I'm pretty sure this includes comments too)

The account slap in the middle of this list, ordered by SP owned, is mr 'gualterio' with......... 18.6 SP.

Wow, I8.6 SP is the middle of the road for this week? That is not very much at all. I thought it would be closer to 150 SP at least not that low. To be honest I am not real sure what to think of that number.

Hi Asher. If you have time please show me my pie. I have a feeling it will be the opposite of most as the people I engage with are way bigger than me.


Both charts pointing towards engagement with larger accounts. I expect you've grown reasonably quick compared to those around you when you started out.

I would think so looking at this. I suppose it will change when I get bigger and my vote is worth more.

Hey that's cool - would love to see my stats...very interesting!

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Oven still on, let's see...

Not too dissimilar to my 2nd pie - dolphins generally creating the content you find interesting it seems.

Must be my crew right there!

Pretty even seems to me.

I guess the >ratio is largely dependent on the size of yr own account!


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Hope mine is not too weighted to the big lads either, please feel free Asher?

Looks like the complete opposite with I think the smallest % out to those above we've seen so far:

But still reasonable support for the minnows and dolphins, telling me your SP is in the 10/15k range without looking... ooh, a bit more than that sir! Someone has been collecting on the cheap :)


That's better than I thought for the Minnows, and yes.. it's been cheap so you do what you need to ;) Thanks for the stats!

I would love some of your pie, Asher!

OK then :)

The same %'s as me for the first pie, but much more votes towards the smaller fish from you, respect!

That’s a nice pie
Big support for small fish . Big support

Yay, pies are back! Can I have my pie please? I'm on a diet but I promise I won't eat it all 😜

A small slice wont do any harm :)

Very generous looking pies !

Thank you Asher, please have a slice of cake 🍰 😀

I would be interested in seeing these graphs for my account.

OK lets have a look :)

One for the Redfish :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Should be my profile pic. ;-)
(patting my own back)


If you're still awake, I'd certainly be interested in looking at the chart for my account :)

First one of the morning :)

From the first pie it looks like you are looking up a lot, but the 2nd pie shows that its more likely you are looking around to those at a similar SP level - they just have a little more, not a lot more.

Thanks for the insight. I entered a few contests in the early days that required upvotes (I still do occasionally for that matter). I do tend to try to support the little guys where possible, as I remember my own early days, but also some of the accounts that "grew up" with me (though my status is still comparatively low against a lot of accounts here)

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You know I love pie, I requested a few in My 13 months here, but now I dont know for sure.... I def do My part helping newbies dont need confirmation about that, I am afraid it Will show things i am not prepared for, on the other hand than i can Change My steem-course.
Hum🧐.... So bring it on 😬💪

About your question of sharing something else, the blogs with the Words ( or not using Words ) in comments have been a while so that would be fun to See ... again 😬

I’ll be waiting 😉

I'll have a think about a 'words' analysis post :)

Nothing to worry about here! :D

WoW Almost 50/50 ..... love it. Still with the New things on the horizon I could mand done changes. Going to think about that with this pie !
You could repeat the analysis post from last year
And do a compair-pie
Well just s thought from behind a desk in the office wathing Rotterdam turn white by snow

WoW Almost 50/50 ..... love it. Still with the New things on the horizon I could make changes. Going to think about that with this pie !
You could repeat the analysis post from last year
And do a compair-pie
Well just a thought from behind a desk in the office watching Rotterdam turn white by snow
Have a great day

Great stuff again Asher. I'd be keen to know what my pies look like if you haven't been inundated.

I think I'm up to date with the pies now :)

Plenty of support for the little fish, the 2nd pie %'s in order of size - smallest to largest :)

Are you likely to become a buyer again here, or have you seen/heard enough to give Steem a miss?

I was reading your 'why SBD will go to $1' again the other day, got to love those naysayers :)

Thanks mate. Reasonably happy with that 2nd pie. I'm on a pretty low SP at the moment so not surprised the 1st one is a bit skewed.

Not planning to buy back in at the moment. Big issues need to get resolved in the short term, but maybe after that.

PS - I hate being a naysayer but I call what I see and it's never all beer and roses. Reasonably happy to see SBD heading back to $1 now though.

Yeah I was referring to those saying SBD was unlikely to go sub $1 - wrong!

Things, price-wise anyway, look a bit more stable, even if the general feeling around here isn't great. I shall be watching your account for insight ;)

Gotta love when we all start asking LOL When you get a chance please @abh12345 I would greatly appreciate to see my little piece :D

Makes me happy - the post wasn't a waste of time or blockchain space after all!

Very similar to 'sparkesy43'. It looks like you are hunting for bigger fish from the first pie, but actually they are mostly the same size, just a little bigger :)

Actually, those are mostly voting for friends and people like you that I follow and support and probably since I joined #powerhousecreatives (steemitbloggers) too. Looks like we need to get @pifc growing in entries again since that is were 90% of my Less SP comes from .

Thanks Asher. I really appreciate this.

Most everyone I associate with has grown leaps and bounds and I took a mini break LOL.

@abh12345, It's an effective analysis and it's important to contribute to journey of users who hold the less SP because we all know how it feels in early stages. If it's not an stress for you then i want a pie chart for me and before you've shared many effective charts for my username those extra efforts are really appreciable actions always. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

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My pleasure @chireerocks, everyone gets a chart :)

Lots of votes for the dolphins, but you are also a dolphin now and so it makes sense to make connections with those around you for healthy account growth.

Have a great day!

Thank you so much for these charts brother. Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

Hi, Asher!!!👋
Can I also have my pie?
Thank you for your great job/engagement.
Probably from this point of view you are the best one on Steemit!!!

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Hi! Very kind of you to say so :)

Looks good to me :)

What do you think about this results? I am not a great lover of Orcas or Whales...😁

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Hey Asher, if you have time, I would love to know my percentage of votes (up versus down). Thanks in advance!

Sure !

A supporter of the smaller fish I see :)

Thanks! You have provided me with a ton of great resources (graphs) that help me see the past so that I can better navigate the future.

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I am a minnow, didn't know there were more ranks )

My one year anniversary is in April. I'd be very interested in seeing this at that time.

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Ok then :) You can set a remind me like this if you wish

Congratulations @abh12345!
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Oh dear. I have the feeling most of my votes will fall on bigger value accounts than mine as everyone seems to be flying past me anyway; unless they give up. I guess I'm a bit of a plodder.

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Correct, but there is not much in it.