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RE: "Decentralized" YouTube Alternatives on Steem? Nope, Not Yet | A Detailed Look at 3Speak and Dtube

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I guess dtube/3speak should press the point that videos are less likely to be removed unless TOS is breached. It's just not quite as catchy in a Tweet as 'decentralized'.


I don't think the average content creator knows or cares about "Decentralized" in that sense. I think what they care about is not controlled by a huge corporation trying to determine which content can be viewed.

I could even take it one step further and say, they just don't want to be demonetized. While that can happen here as well... it would be for different reasons.

Yep I agree. I'd say there is less chance of being demonetized or having your content removed on dtube/3speak, just need something catchy in the advert :)

The funny thing is that while DTube or 3Speak can censor you they can’t demonetize you. Only the community can.

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Other front-ends would still display the post but I assume the above could break the link to the video leaving the content absent with less chance to pick up rewards?

Possibly unless the censored author raises a stink about being censored and Steemians decide to support the placeholder post out a desire to support the author.

Actually, if they are the only way to post their videos, they can demonetize you. No one sees the videos, therefore no one can vote them.

That’s the great thing about steem though, access from other front ends.. it’s just I see video differently I guess.

Just the claim that they can’t demonetize or censor you is false.. but maybe I guess they have a TOS that says they won’t.. and that’s good enough for most.

I was talking about a situation where you post a video and the video gets taken down after that. The monetization can still continue despite the video being taken down. That's because all videos on 3Speak are embedded in Steem posts that no one, not even the author can delete. That post can be viewed using any Steem front end even if the video couldn't. It is the post that gets monetized, not the video itself.

Yes that makes sense, even if the video doesn’t work there would be a post (with the broken link) still there that people could support. Good point.

There servers are owned by amazon, pretty sure there is a decent chance considering.

They can show they are an alternative and their TOS would reflect what content will be removed for.. and they could perhaps educate individuals to back up their content or provide back up storage as well.

Depending on one storage company means they don’t even control what happens with the content in the future. They just need to be clear with their users on this.

Many don’t care about decentralization, and that’s total fine.. but I’m not sure how answering the question of “what is a decentralized alternative to YouTube?” With “3speak” is extremely misleading and can hurt content creators long term.

Well, 3speak isn't decentralised but is built on a decentralised blockchain, so that still works out fine in the long run and won't be counted as a "lie" per se.

How? How does it work out? And how is built on a decentralized platform the answer, as the content they are advertising has nothing to do with the blockchain, as it does not store it.

It only is using the chain to post the link, utilize the comment section, and use the rewards. The video content, which is what people are coming for, is stored off chain in the cloud.

The is a discussion about possible IPFS or torrent storage, but tbh I don’t think anyone has solved it yet. I hope 3speak finds a way to improve it, but currently I think creators need to be backing up their content they want saved.

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