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KARATCOIN allows open and known authentication of all asset reports kept in a decentralized database through our Proof of Asset (PoA) process, developed in the EOS Blockchain stop, by developing IPFS (InterPlanetary Data files System) to monitor the entire authentication path through its string of guardianship.

Our objective is to build a system for trading precious metal certificates, exchange KARATCOIN bridal party, as well as save and transfer currency using expensive metal cards.

The decentralized world can be fresh unusually. The birth of the blockade times back again to 2008, but in latest years it has created just with the help of real-world applications (specifically with Ethereum). Hence, it is discovered as a project that is in its infancy still but offers tremendous possibilities for advancement in all sectors of the overall economy nearly. But staying in a constant condition of progression and modifying the process also opens the door to continuous and raising attempts to defend any idea that exceptionally rarely turns into a specific task with long-term viability.

Our objective is to create an innovative organization that combines centralized and decentralized sides ideally. Our goal is indeed to produce a multi-purpose project designed to become a significant player in the market that will support continuous and evolutionary development.

The UN Suggestions will establish the Karat Basis on Business and Human Privileges, which emphasizes more effective supervision and monitoring work to ensure that gold is responsible and ethical.

All associates and workers of the Finance are very well conscious of the effects of illegal magic mining not just at the local level, but also that the use of labor and extortion by organized lawbreaker groups also affect the silver market at the global level.

Our vision is to increase low national mining operations and also to make sure that very much of this production is devoted to significant sociable and economic adjustments.

As part of its moral and interpersonal commitment to the growth and development of gold deposits, the Fund will work to protect the environment and protect human legal rights. More attention will be paid to those in severe poverty in areas where there are severe instances of the exploitation of kid labor and the abuse of women.

The KARATCOIN System is directly linked to operating gold mines, which will receive funding to help increase gold production. The even more financing for Karatkoin increases, so will the aggregated creation of precious metal in our mines, which, in turn, will raise the cost of circulating markers of karate. All mines chosen by the KARATCOIN specialized and legal group had been carefully analyzed for their creation capability, work knowledge, structural precision, and their financial rating (intermediaries are not included in the inspection process). These mines will pay interest due to the physical extraction of gold (old silver bars, yellow metal nuggets, gold dust, etc.) that will end up being stored at the formal refinery and change into gold pubs on our behalf.


No restrictions in geography. There are no limitations on geography, as platinum works into crypto magic shortly, you can buy it in any sovereign country *. The costs linked with transportation and related taxes are minimized, departing the raw components in their place of the source.

Keep real magic. You can adequately shop a physical magic asset in the vault and store it in the kind of platinum accreditation in your wallet on the Carat stop chain, money is undoubtedly safe from political impact and will save and increase its worth over time.

Dpos Consensus - duties will end up being used as income for interested parties, not for miners. This means a faster scan period (10 seconds), lower power intake and greater protection.

With the support of Real Asset, KARATCOIN is less unpredictable than other cryptocurrencies, because it is related to a real advantage with an owned blockchain indirectly.

Earn a fixed income - Magic certificates are a safe and sound purchase. Our guarantee gives you two semi-annual coupons with revenue up to 6%.

Increases from the Gold Ore - Election for the magic mines to end up being funded and participate in the active interests that can end up being received from the financing provided to the selected mines.

Customers may support the kind of cost savings, while good seeing that expenditure in crypto terms. These investments fit their individual needs, from the many great types who desire to trade our cryptocurrency, to the many conservatives, which wants to accumulate secure haven possessions such as platinum. Also, in purchase to go beyond inflation, our clients will be safeguarded by our Certificates, which possess both a fixed maturity and semi-annual coupons paid in KCG,KARATCOIN.

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